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Atlas Kratom -An Honest Review

Many kratom vendors sell their products only on their websites. Others may also sell their products on wholesale sites or sites that offer botanical herbs and products. Then there are those kratom vendors that mainly sell their product in brick and mortar locations, but also carry some of their merchandise online,

Atlas Kratom is one of these vendors. Their little US-based store has quite a reputation as a trusted kratom vendor. This Atlas Kratom review will provide some insight into this kratom vendor, so our readers can decide for themselves if this is a seller they should pursue.

About Atlas Kratom

Atlas Kratom is a brick-and-mortar store located in Hollister, Missouri in the US. Owner Jeremy Mercer founded Atlas Kratom to help spread kratom awareness in his local community.

Known as a hole-in-the-wall store, Atlas Kratom is quaint and known for its quality kratom. However, many customers feel that Mr. Mercer himself is lacking when it comes to customer service. Despite the warm and fuzzy vibe that other local kratom stores may excuse, Atlas Kratom is well-known for its low prices.

Atlas Kratom Website

As far as overall design, the Atlas Kratom website is pretty much what one would expect for a small, local business. It lacks the definition and dignity of an established online kratom vendor. This could be attributed to the fact that this company sells the majority of their kratom in their Hollister store rather than online.

Atlas Kratom does not have an online catalog for its products. They simply provide a “Get a Quote” link. This can be quite discouraging for those who are looking to purchase online. Not only are you not privy to their list of merchandise and pricing, but you have to contact them online as to their current stock.

With no clear-cut idea as to what kratom strains or products are available, it could take several backs and forth inquiries before you are actually able to make your final purchase.

Atlas Kratom does not provide its shipping or return policies. Nor do they provide their terms, privacy policy, or any other basic information on their policies and procedures. This might be okay if they intended to only sell their kratom locally. However, the fact that they do accept online orders indicates that their website needs some serious updating. This is especially true if they wish to attract a wider customer base.

Atlas Kratom Customer Service

Atlas Kratom is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 8 pm CST, Saturday 10 am until 8 pm CST, and Sunday from 11 am until 6 pm CST. The fact that they are open 7 days a week bodes well for this small kratom store as many kratom vendors are closed on weekends. Holiday hours vary so check their website for updates.

You can reach Atlas Kratom via their telephone number, provided on the website as well as the “Get Quote” form located on their website. They do have a Facebook page as well, but it appears that this is the only social media site they are using currently.

As stated earlier, quite a few reviews have stated that the owner of the company is lacking when it comes to customer service. Several have stated that while they are pleased with their purchase, they were not satisfied with their interaction with staff, particularly the owner himself.

Atlas Kratom Shipping And Returns

We could not find any information regarding shipping or returns for Atlas Kratom. As they do not list their products online, one would only expect that they would have to personally inquire as to these policies.

From what we can see, the company mainly sells their products in-store only. One or two reviews have stated that they were able to place an online order. However, this customer has also purchased from the actual store, so this policy may only be reserved for previous customers. As for returns, we have heard that they are done in person and on a case-by-case basis only.

Does Atlas Kratom Lab Test Their Kratom?

As they do not provide any information on their website, we could not determine if there are lab tests performed on Atlas Kratom products. As such, we could find no information online either way. Lab testing is necessary to ensure that any kratom sold by a vendor is free of impurities. The lack of such testing does not bode well for Atlas Kratom.

Is Atlas Kratom affiliated with the AKA?

Another indication of a reputable kratom vendor is AKA affiliation. If a vendor is working with the American Kratom Association, customers can rest assured that all products sold by that vendor adhere to GMP guidelines. As they are not AKA affiliated, there is no way to prove that Atlas Kratom follows those Good Manufacturing Practices on their kratom products.

Atlas Kratom Products And Payment Method

As we mentioned earlier, Atlas Kratom does not have an online store. One must either call the store directly or contact the company using the “Get Quote” form on the website. From what we have found through online reviews, Atlas Kratom carries both kratom and CBD products at reasonable prices. As for product quality and consistency, reviews range from both extremely satisfied to disaster.

As they do are not set up for e-commerce online, this vendor only accepts cash and credit card payments at their local store. We now know if they plan to expand their site to include online sales in the future.

Atlas Kratom Discounts

Currently, Altas Kratom is offering $10 off first purchase for a $20 bag with the code “Jesus loves me.” Exactly what this means is a bit confusing, but we assume it means your first purchase of kratom powder. And apparently, this is for local customers only.

Final Word On Atlas Kratom

If you happen to be in the area of Hollister, Missouri, it is definitely worth stopping by Atlas Kratom. Their prices are reasonable for what they offer. However, online ordering is not available at this time, but we can only wait to see if it becomes an option in the future.

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