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Okie Kratom

Is Okie Kratom A Genuine Vendor?

When purchasing botanical remedies online, one cannot be too cautious. While there are many fake companies out there, there are also quite a few reliable kratom vendors. It is definitely a good idea to gather as much information about a company as you can before blindly purchasing any of their products. This is especially true […]

Kratom 5280

Kratom 5280 – Sincere Review

Those familiar with kratom can attest to the fact that high-quality kratom is not as easy to come by as one would think. There are a lot of shady vendors online, so it is wise to know a bit about a kratom vendor before buying any of their products. In this Kratom 5280 review, we […]

stan david botanicals

Stan David Botanicals – A Genuine Review

Stan David botanicals have become all the rave amongst the kratom industry, wildly known for their teas and other quality products. Customers everywhere recognize this brand for offering some of the highest quality kratom products available on the market. It is apparent that Stan David Botanicals has worked hard to establish a good reputation amongst […]


Is Treasure House Botanicals Trustworthy Vendor?

The use of kratom is becoming increasingly common, due to its assumed health benefits, and various other positive effects. Unfortunately, due to the rise of this industry, finding reliable, authentic kratom is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. Many brands claim to offer the best possible products at reasonable prices. However, only a handful of them […]


Choice Kratom-A Truthful Review

In a market full of scams, gimmicks, and several online kratom vendors claiming to be the absolute best, it can often be overwhelming. This makes it difficult for customers to determine which brands are actually reliable. In order to be considered trustworthy and reliable, a vendor must adhere to a variety of criteria. Some of […]

jackson's kratom

Jackson’s Kratom – Detailed Review

When searching for a kratom vendor, you need to find one that not only offers a large selection but also has good pricing and a solid reputation. It pays to invest in reading online and customer reviews before deciding on a kratom supplier. In our Jackson’s Kratom review, we shall provide an in-depth review of […]


Leaf Of Life Botanicals Review

Botanical remedies are all the rage, especially when it comes to products such as CBD and kratom. While CBD has been around for quite some time, kratom is still a newcomer. This could be why many people have a hard time finding an online kratom vendor they can count on for quality and consistency. In […]

Kratom Exchange

Kratom Exchange-An Honest Review

KratomExchange is an online kratom vendor that has been around for quite some time. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have the greatest reputation. In fact, the opposite is actually true. There is virtually little information about Kratom Exchange available online and customer reviews are nearly impossible to find. This is due to the vendor’s […]

Texas Herbs

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Review

As kratom enthusiasts hunt for the best online supplier of kratom powders and capsules, they are faced with hundreds of choices. As kratom is still pending FDA approval, and still illegal in some states, it is imperative to find a vendor you can trust. A true mark of a reputable kratom vendor is an alliance […]

Carpo's Botanicals

An Honest Review About Carpo’s Botanicals!

In your quest to find the perfect kratom vendor, you will come across hundreds of websites claiming to be the best of the best. So which one is actually the real deal? Let us help! In this Carpo’s Botanicals Review, we shall take a close look at this kratom seller and give you our professional […]

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