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beaufort kratom

Is Beaufort The Perfect Spot For QualityAnd Reliable Kratom?

Beaufort is a fairly new member of the kratom online market. However, despite only operating for a couple of years now, this vendor has still managed to build an impressive reputation amongst the kratom industry. This vendor is relatively small when compared to other leading vendors in the market, however; several clients claim that this vendor is the perfect spot for quality, reliable kratom at affordable prices.

In this review, we will be answering the question, is this vendor as great as they claim to be, and if it is, what is all the hype about? We will be taking a closer look at various aspects of the company including its products, prices, customer service, shipping & return policies, and so much more. By the end of this review, you will know if this vendor is the perfect spot for your next kratom purchases.


beaufort kratom

Beaufort is fairly new to the kratom industry, and, although they are working towards building their reputation and they are slowly gaining more recognition. However, because they are new to the kratom industry, there is a lack of online customer reviews, making it slightly difficult to determine the quality of this vendor.

However, some customer reviews do report positive experiences and high-quality products. Overall, the general customer opinion tends to be pretty mixed. One customer review compliments the Maeng Da strain, claiming it was high-quality and very effective. However, another review from a customer who tried the Green, Red, and White Dragon strains claimed the products weren’t the best, but they also weren’t the worst.

Overall, several customers claim that, while it is apparent that Beaufort is new and slightly inexperienced, they are a reliable vendor that is working to improve their products and services and establish their name as a vendor.

A couple of aspects that make this vendor stand out to customers is their excellent customer service and their free sample options. One downside, however, one that is a major red flag to many customers, is the lack of lab testing on products. With the relatively higher prices, this comes as a surprise to many customers, who wonder why the products are priced so high when they aren’t even tested.

In an industry full of scams and gimmicks, this also causes customers to question this vendor’s business transparency and the safety of the products they provide. This major red flag has caused many customers to question this vendor and even move on to vendors they feel they can trust a bit more.


beaufort kratom

Despite the lack of lab testing, several experienced kratom consumers have reported positive experiences with Beaufort’s products. Some previous customers have even claimed that the blends and strains provided by this vendor are incredibly high-quality. However, despite the promise of excellent quality by previous buyers, some customers can’t get past the fact that products aren’t lab tested.

Considering they are a fairly new vendor, Beaufort does offer an impressive product line, with a variety of extracts, strains, and blends for customers to choose from.

Their most popular products include the Super Green Blends and the Maeng Da Kratom items. Additionally, they offer vein and stem batches. Customers do feel reassured that the stem and vein batches are properly labeled instead of simply being thrown with other strains. This is one aspect of business transparency that customers appreciate.


When compared to the average prices amongst other leading vendors in the market, Beaufort’s prices are unfortunately on the higher side. This is most likely due to the fact that they are fairly new to the online kratom industry. In other words, they are experiencing a bit of a difficult time receiving huge discounts from the farmers on their orders because they have not yet had the time to establish that sense of trust.

However, with the lack of testing and little business transparency, reviews say you’re better off purchasing from a well-trusted vendor that offers products at a more affordable price.


Beaufort offers two shipping options that customers can choose from, standard and express. All orders are shipped three times a week using both UPS and USPS. This vendor is honest and transparent about their shipping policy, informing customers that, unfortunately, they cannot promise overnight shipping.

While customers do value fast shipping, they also value this level of honesty. Customers are thrown off at the lack of estimated delivery time available. However, when customers make purchases, they do have the ability to track their packages. Additionally, no free shipping is offered, an aspect many customers question because of the expensive prices.


Similarly, with too many kratom vendors, Beaufort does not appear to have much of an active social media presence, and if they do, there isn’t any mention of it on their primary website.


Despite the several negative aspects that customers discuss regarding this vendor, evidence shows that their customer service is superb. Free sample packs are offered to customers upon request. Additionally, customers can return orders, even if they have been opened, a feature that isn’t all that common amongst other kratom vendors.

This policy, in which customers can return samples they do not love, reflects a great deal of confidence in the vendors’ products and a concern for the satisfaction of customers, a factor many consumers appreciate.

Additionally, customers praise the customer service team, reporting positive experiences with professional, kind, and knowledgeable representatives. Reviews claim that receive responses to any questions or concerns very shortly after seeking help.



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Beaufort Kratom, LLC
PO BOX 6540
Beaufort, SC 29903


So, what is the answer to the ultimate question? Is this the perfect place for your next kratom purchases? Unfortunately, based on several customer reviews and a few very crucial red flags including a lack of business transparency and expensive prices, it is safe to say you may want to explore some other, slightly more trusted vendors in the market for your next kratom purchase.

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