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Best Place To Buy Kratom: Guide for Buying Quality Kratom

With the sudden influx of kratom vendors online, you might feel daunted when trying to purchase quality kratom these days. So how do you know which vendors are the real deal? What are the best places to buy kratom?

It’s not as hard as it seems. There are quite a few reputable kratom vendors that sell a large selection of Kratom extracts, powders, capsules, and teas. However, you must take the time to do a little research before making your kratom purchase. As well, it helps to have a little knowledge about kratom before buying kratom products from an online vendor.

Kratom Facts 101

Sold online or in specialty stores, kratom is sourced from leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, indingious to Southeast Asia. Historically, these leaves have been said to have amazing benefits but recently kratom has skyrocketed in popularity, especially in the United States of America.

Kratom is rich in both Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine and has a variety of different strains. The benefits of each strain are believed to come from the age of the leaves, with the more mature strains having more powerful and lasting effects. Mature Mitragyna Speciosa can grow between 80-100 feet tall given the right climate conditions.

The most common veins of kratom are red, white, and green. These can be sold as whole dried leaves, capsules, extracts, teas or powders. Each has its own benefits, which can be described in detail on any site on which they are sold. Different sites carry different strains of kratom and it’s up to the buyer to decide which one is right for them. Consume kratom at your own risk as benefits may vary per individual.

Kratom can be taken as a capsule, blended into smoothies, protein drinks, or shakes, or brewed as a tea. As well, some use kratom powder in cooking. Kratom leaves can also be chewed a whole in order to be absorbed quicker. As with any herbal supplement, one should use caution when consuming any form of kratom. Kratom strains vary in strength and the effects also vary from person to person. USe kratom at your own risk.


As the laws on kratom are constantly changing, it is best to look online to see if kratom is legal wherever you live currently. In most areas, kratom is legal for those over the age of 18-21. However, there are some areas in which kratom is illegal to grow, sell, purchase, and/or use.

As such, it may be legal in most of the state, providence or country in which you reside, but illegal in one or more areas within those parameters. So it is best to check regularly online to see if kratom is legal or has been banned where you live.

Local Kratom Vendors

If you are looking to purchase kratom in a rush, you might be able to find a local vendor. However, local vendors are not always the best place to buy kratom. This is due to the fact that they may have an extremely limited supply of kratom products. Or they may be sold by third party vendors that have little to no knowledge about the various kratom strains. And most importantly, the quality of the kratom is not as high as it would be from an online kratom vendor.

Most often, local kratom can be found at smoke or vape shops, local bars or pubs, gas stations and specialty stores. Never purchase kratom from someone that only accepts cash payment. Also, they must be willing to provide a certificate of authenticity as well as detailed information on the manufacturer. Do not purchase kratom that does not contain some type of informational guide and is not properly and securely packaged.

Online kratom vendors

The best place to buy kratom is from online vendors that have been approved by the AKA (American Kratom Association). As well they must practice GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Processes) which are enforced by the AKA.

It is crucial that you only buy kratom from an AKA approved website due to the fact that there is a high number of fake kratom sellers online. You can usually spot these fake sites in that they have a horrible constructed website with only a few options for payment. As well the offer either a very limited selection of kratom products or carry an extensive line that is too good to be true. As well, their prices are either insanely low or ridiculously high.

It pays to take a few minutes to read some off-site reviews from customers before you purchase kratom online. This will tell you the best place to buy kratom as these reviews tend to be less biased.

If the kratom website itself does not have customer support, that is also a red flag, It is recommended that you reach out to their customer service either over the phone or online via chat or email to get a feel for the kratom website.

A sign of a good kratom vendor is professional packaging. High quality, pure kratom is always professionally packaged and labeled. As well, it should octane detailed information about the product and instructions for use. In addition, the best places to buy kratom online often have blogs that contain useful and informative articles about the many uses and benefits of kratom.

Best Place to Buy Kratom Online

Online Kratom Vendors

1. Kats Botanicals

Not only does Kats Botanicals offer an outstanding line of quality kratom, but they also sell CBD products and other botanical oils. Their kratom line includes crushed leaves, powders, and even crystals. Their refund/return policy is excellent and their customer service team is top-notch. They offer discounts and promotions, including Refer a Friend and offer a variety of payment methods.

2. Happy Hippo Herbals

With a large selection of kratom strains and products, Happy Hippo Herbals has a high turnover so they guarantee freshness as well as quality. While they tend to be a bit pricey, they do offer unique kratom strains that you will not find elsewhere.

They offer a variety of shipping methods, including free 2-day shipping on orders over $100.
In addition to kratom, they sell a variety of other herbs and oils, including CBD blends. They offer sales and special promotions and their customer support team is top-notch!

3. Mitragaia

As one of the oldest kratom websites, Mitragaia, offers same day shipping if you place your order by a certain time (morning). As well, they have a wide selection of quality strains of kratom that are available in powder, tea, extracts, or capsules. They do have a money back guarantee but keep in mind this only applies to unopened merchandise. With lots of promotions for repeat business and knowledgeable customer service, they are one of the top kratom online vendors.

4. Buy Kratom Bulk USA

With an extensive line of top-notch kratom strains, Buy Kratom Bulk USA is one of the best places to buy kratom if you are a true kratom enthusiast. Their line of products includes high quality kratom powders and capsules from a wide array of kratom strains. They offer a percentage off on your first order provided you sign up for their online newsletter. As well, you will receive free shipping on orders over $50. All of their products are third party tested and free of contaminants.

5. Coastline Kratom

A newcomer to the kratom marketplace, Coastline kratom offers a fair price on their quality selection of kratom products and strains. What makes them unique is that they also sell live kratom plants so you can grow and harvest your own kratom. Their website is easy to navigate and their customer services are excellent. However, at this time they have a limited area to which they ship so check before you make your final selection.

6. The Golden Monk (TGM)

Offering up to 30 different varieties of kratom products and stains, the Golden Monk has indeed made a great impact in the world of kratom. They carry capsules, powders, and extracts that are high quality and tested in 3rd party labs for purity. With professional customer service and a variety of promotions and rewards, you can count on them for quality kratom products.

7. SA Kratom

Known as one of the best places to buy kratom, SA kratom offers an expansive selection of kratom products including high-quality powders and capsules. With many stains to choose from, SA Kratom offers competitive prices with special deals for returning customers. As well, you receive 10% off your first purchase just for signing up for their newsletter.

With unsurpassed customer service, free shipping on orders greater than $50 and a money back guarantee policy, SA Kratom is your one-stop shop for naturally sourced, finest quality kratom!

Contact SA Kratom today for high quality kratom that is naturally sourced and 100% pure. As well, every product is third party lab-tested to ensure that it is 100% free from heavy metals and other contaminants.

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