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BKB Herbal

Is BKB Herbal A Trustworthy Kratom Vendor?

As any seasoned kratom user knows, it is extremely important to find a trustworthy kratom supplier. This applies both locally and online. However, if you purchase kratom from a local store, you run the risk of buying kratom that is not sustainably sourced. Or even worse, it could be tainted.

If you do purchase kratom where you live, find out everything you can about the vendor. One of the best ways to ensure the product is pure is to buy local kratom from a reputable online vendor that carries their supply in local retailers.

We have taken it upon ourselves to devote time to reviewing US based and international kratom online suppliers. This way, our readers can make an educated decision about where to purchase kratom. Again, as kratom is still awaiting approval by the FDA, it is up to you to decide if kratom is beneficial for you.

In this BKB Herbal review, we shall give unbiased input about this vendor. From online reviews to policies and procedures, we will lay it all out to help you narrow your search for a reputable kratom supplier.

About BKB Herbal

Known previously as Best Kratom Buy, BKB Herbal is located in Vero Beach, Florida. The name change took place in 2016 when the company dedicated itself to rebranding its image to stand out from the competition. At one point, their inventory included CBD products and kratom/CBD accessories. However, as of this writing, their current stock consists only of kratom powders, capsules, and tablets.


BKB Herbal prides itself on selling high quality kratom products at wholesale prices. A family-owned and operated business; they thrive on their familiarity with kratom as well as the ability to distinguish quality kratom from poor quality.

BKB Herbal Website

From what we have gathered from online reviews, BKB Herbal website is a work in progress. However, the site is easily maneuverable and contains some pertinent company information. There is no About Us section, in our scrutiny of the website, we were able to find information such as company history and philosophy under the β€œwholesale” tab on the website. As well, this section also contains their shipping information and other details about this vendor.

BKB Herbal clearly outlines their return and privacy policies as well as their terms and conditions on their website. They do not provide their physical address, email address, or telephone number. However, you can find their telephone number by looking online and on some of their social media sites. They do have a contact form on their website should you need to reach out to this supplier.


Visitors to the BKB website can find links to the companies Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube pages via the bottom of the home page of their website.

BKB Herbal Customer Service

There are no business hours listed on BKB Herbal website, however, you can contact them via the contact form on their website. Customers have stated that they have received timely responses to any inquiries they have made using this contact form. Overall, customers seem satisfied with the way they have been treated by the staff at BKB Herbal and have no major complaints.

BKB Herbal Shipping

BKB only sells kratom to those 18 years of age or older. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours of your purchase with the exclusion of weekends and holidays. Same day shipping cut-off is 3 pm EST Monday through Friday and 12 pm EST on Saturdays. They do not ship on holidays or Sundays.

Priority Mail orders most often arrive in 2-3 days while those who opt for Priority Express mail typically receive their orders by the next business day. Typically, larger orders are shipped via UPS Ground, but they have other shipping methods available at your discretion.
BKB Herbal will supply you with a tracking number once your order has shipped.

Currently, BKB Herbal does not ship to the following locations due to legal regulations:

● Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington DC, Wisconsin, Jerseyville, IL; San Diego & Oceanside, CA; Ontario, OR; Union City, MS; and Sarasota, FL.

BKB Return Policy

BKB is known for its rather lenient return policy Returns are permitted as long as the product is returned with the original seal. They will not accept returns on open packages. You must first email them to start the return process. They are committed to customer satisfaction and are willing to work with customers on a case-by-case basis.

Does BKB Herbal Lab Test Their Kratom?

According to their website, BKB Herbal has all of its products tested by a 3rd party lab. In addition, their products are fulfilled in a commercial kitchen. They are also registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture regarding the repackaging of spices and herbal products.

Is BKB Herbal Affiliated With The AKA?

As of this writing, BKB Herbal is not affiliated with the American Kratom Association. Nor are they on the list of those vendors approving AKA approval. We have no idea whether this vendor plans at any time to join forces with the AKA.

BKB Herbal Products

Kratom Powder

● Crisp Kratom
● Green Plantation Maeng Da
● Green Maeng Da
● Green Tawa Indo
● Super Green Horn
● White Original Maeng Da
● White Tidak Takut
● White Maeng Da
● White Horn
● Red Maeng Da
● Red Bantuan Maeng Da
● Red Horn
● Red Indo Santai

BKB Herbal also sells split kilos, kratom tablets, and kratom capsules as well as wholesale kratom. Be sure to check out their clearance section for discounted kratom.

BKB Herbal Coupon Code

BKB does not have a Customer Rewards Program at this time. However, they usually have items on clearance and their prices are competitive with other kratom online retailers.

You can search for online coupon codes for this vendor. Keep in mind that the vendor might not accept these offers, and they are often expired. Always check before using a coupon code for a third-party vendor.

Final Word On BKB Herbal

Overall, BKB Herbal is a respectable kratom vendor and has received positive customer feedback. While their selection of kratom is somewhat limited as compared to other vendors, they do offer unique varieties of lab-tested, quality kratom at reasonable rates.

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