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precious mitre

Precious Mitre – What People Has To Say About This Kratom Vendor?

Precious Mitra is located in California Bay Area and operates out a physical store that is well-known and highly reputed within the community. This vendor claims to offer pure, naturally sourced kratom, however, in an industry full of scams and gimmicks, customers have to ask the question, is this vendor really as great as they […]

mood and mind

Mood and Mind – Is It The Right Place For Your Next Kratom Purchase?

This vendor claims to prioritize utilizing the natural resources provided to us by nature. Mood and Mind have been in business for 10 years and claims to continue to sell a variety of high-quality, natural products, most of which are their own brand. This vendor has been able to build a solid reputation. They are […]


Why Kratomind Has A High Reputation Amongst The Kratom Industry?

Kratomind is an online kratom vendor based in Indonesia, the hub for high-quality, naturally grown kratom. As a result of their location, Kratomind is most recognized for being one of the few kratom vendors in the online industry that offers completely natural, fresh products. This vendor stands out due to a number of different factors, […]

beaufort kratom

Is Beaufort The Perfect Spot For QualityAnd Reliable Kratom?

Beaufort is a fairly new member of the kratom online market. However, despite only operating for a couple of years now, this vendor has still managed to build an impressive reputation amongst the kratom industry. This vendor is relatively small when compared to other leading vendors in the market, however; several clients claim that this […]

soul speciosa

Can Soul Speciosa Be Labeled As A Trustworthy Kratom Vendor?

In an industry full of scams, gimmicks, and a number of vendors claiming to be the best, it can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming to determine whether or not a vendor is trustworthy. For a kratom vendor to be labeled trustworthy, the kratom industry has established specific criteria a vendor must meet, including being licensed, […]


Yokratom Review

In an industry full of scams and gimmicks, it’s important to ensure you are buying high-quality kratom from well-trusted vendors. Customers are becoming increasingly careful about where they purchase their kratom. If you’re one of these customers and you’re wondering if YoKratom is worth your time, this review is the place for you. In this […]

Earth Kratom

What Is Earth Kratom All About? Are They Worth Your Time And Money?

Earth kratom is a fairly new member of the online kratom industry, originating in 2017. However, despite their age, this vendor has managed to establish a pretty high reputation amongst the kratom industry. Their fast rise to recognition is due, in part, to the advertising from their parent company, MBBR, a seasoned kratom vendor that […]

laughing lion herbs

Laughing Lion Herbs – Is It Right Choice For Kratom Buyers?

This online kratom vendor claims to prioritize providing customers with high-quality, trusted products, as a result of working incredibly intentionally to create an online business that would meet all customer expectations. They claim to pay special attention to caring about the customer, rather than simply prioritizing making a profit. According to their website, Laughing Lion […]

Dragon Herbarium

Should You Try Dragon Herbarium For Buying Kratom?

Finding a reliable, trustworthy, online vendor can often be a difficult task for kratom consumers. The only way to ensure safe, quality products is by purchasing from a good vendor. However, in a vast industry full of vendors claiming to be the absolute best, it can often be nearly impossible to determine which ones are […]

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