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Golden Rule Botanicals


Kratom is also known as Mitragyna speciosa is an herb known for its potential benefits on the human body. The main component responsible for the effects of Kratom is the alkaloid concentrated in the leaves, barks, and trunk of the Kratom plant. These include Mitragynine (MG) and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-HMG) that are found in the highest […]

Okie Kratom

Is Okie Kratom A Genuine Vendor?

When purchasing botanical remedies online, one cannot be too cautious. While there are many fake companies out there, there are also quite a few reliable kratom vendors. It is definitely a good idea to gather as much information about a company as you can before blindly purchasing any of their products. This is especially true […]

Kratom 5280

Kratom 5280 – Sincere Review

Those familiar with kratom can attest to the fact that high-quality kratom is not as easy to come by as one would think. There are a lot of shady vendors online, so it is wise to know a bit about a kratom vendor before buying any of their products. In this Kratom 5280 review, we […]

Boosted Kratom

Is Boosted Kratom A Genuine Vendor?

While searching online for quality kratom, you may come across a product that does not appear to have a vendor website. Oftentimes, these products are sold online via wholesale sites or locally in specialty shops. However, without much online presence, it’s often hard to determine if a product is worth the investment. In our Boosted […]

Zen Kratom

Zen Kratom-Truthful Review

Kratom vendors are a dime a dozen these days so choosing the right kratom vendor can present a bit of a challenge. With wholesale distributors, online vendors, and even local suppliers, there are many places to purchase kratom. But is it of the highest quality and are you overpaying? In this Zen Kratom review, we […]

Third Eye Kratom

Is Third Eye Kratom An Honest Vendor?

Nowadays, you can easily find kratom products online. However, it might be difficult to know which vendors can actually be trusted for quality kratom? As we all know by now, there are quite a few websites that either take your money and run or sell you a low-quality or even fake product. That’s why it […]

Sabai Kratom

Sabai Kratom – Unbiased Review

Are you tired of spending hours trying to find a reliable kratom vendor? Finding a vendor you think you might love can sometimes be disheartening, because, more often than not, more research or an unfortunate purchase reveals that the vendor actually isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That’s why it’s important to check on […]

Philly Kratom

Philly Kratom – An Honest Review

It seems as though every week, new kratom vendors are popping up everywhere. This might seem like a positive thing. And it is, in many ways. It can be an indicator that kratom use is becoming more widely accepted. However, it can also cause confusion for those who are trying to determine where to purchase […]

Valkyrie Botanicals

Is Valkyrie Botanicals Kratom A Genuine Vendor?

In the kratom industry, there are a vast number of vendors all claiming to provide the best products and services. However, in an industry full of scams and gimmicks, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which ones are really great as they claim to be. In this review of Valkyrie Botanicals, we will look […]

stan david botanicals

Stan David Botanicals – A Genuine Review

Stan David botanicals have become all the rave amongst the kratom industry, wildly known for their teas and other quality products. Customers everywhere recognize this brand for offering some of the highest quality kratom products available on the market. It is apparent that Stan David Botanicals has worked hard to establish a good reputation amongst […]

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