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Bula Kafe Kratom

Bula Kafe Kratom Review – An Insight to Vendor Shop

Bula Kafe Kratom is one of the few Kratom vendors with a unique sales strategy. The conventional method of selling this herb is through local specialty stores or online websites. And even though BulaKafe has a website, selling is not its purpose. You may be asking how they even make money. Well, don’t worry, because we will answer all your questions. So without any further wait, let’s get right into it and see what this Mitragyna Speciosa business is all about.

What is BulaKafe Kratom?

Herbal bars are now open all around the United States. And Bula Kafe Kratom also happens to be one of them. The current owner is Ross Kashtan, who took over this business back in 2014. After acquiring the original outlet, the businessman followed it up with two more bars. These are the Bula Cocoa Beach and Bula on the (Madeira) Beach.

At Bula Kafe Kratom, there is a desire to provide the best Kratom drinks and services in Florida (and the entire country). Ross traveled to many exotic countries like Vanuatu, Peru, and Costa Rica to learn more about tree leaves powder. Thanks to this exploration, the brand provides innumerable botanical teas and beverages.

Bula Kafe Kratom

What is The Bar’s Aim?

BulaKafe’s primary aim is to bring the community together in a place they can wind down after a long day and socialize. Even though you can make such botanical drinks at home, the experience of a public setting is unique. And thanks to their reasonable prices, people don’t think twice before coming down to the bar.

Other than that, the brand also arranges fun activities for its customers. If you go to Bula on the Beach, you can even check out their exciting drum circles around sunset. So if you want an escape from everyday life and try some exceptional drinks simultaneously, Bula Kafe Kratom might be the right place for you.

Why Don’t They Have an Online Service?

If you are familiar with the Kratom business in America, this question might cross your mind. Almost every supplier of Mitragyna Speciosa has an online business, which lets consumers order the botanical directly to their home.

However, BulaKafe decided against this approach because it goes against their philosophy. The whole purpose is to have an in-the-moment experience. So, even though this brand has a website, it solely advertises the bar name and goals.

Is the Kratom Lab-Tested?

When you go to a local pub, asking for lab tests isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. And even if you did, it might be an outright awkward experience. It’s because BulaKafe is not your traditional store that only sells Kratom. They provide you with the botanical in the form of beverages. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t show concern for your safety.

Even though it isn’t so practical to show lab test certificates in real life, nothing stops the brand from displaying them on the website. So, at the current time, there is no way to know if the supplements used in the drinks undergo testing for contaminants like microbes and heavy metals.

Are They AKA Approved?

The American Kratom Association registers all Kratom providers abiding by GMP rules and regulations. These guidelines show that there is safe production of the all-natural herb.

But if you look in the list of accredited providers, there’s no mention of BulaKafe. As a result, it is fair to assume that the brand’s manufacturing doesn’t match the AKA’s criteria. Therefore, it raises some eyebrows in people that haven’t tried this bar’s drinks yet.

Is the Business Customer-Oriented?

When it comes to business, success depends on customer treatment. And thankfully, this is one of the aspects where this brand unquestionably shines. First of all, there is a committed team waiting to serve you and tend to your every need. And if you have any complaints, they can also help you forward them to the higher management.

Secondly, the bar and shop also provide live entertainment for its loyal customers. So if you had a tense day, there is no better place to be. And last but not least, your first botanical drink is also on the house. This gesture by the brand is quite thoughtful, and regular customers agree.

What Are The Customers Saying?

If you look at online forums like Reddit, most reviews are positive. The appreciation for the staff and services at Bula Kafe Kratom is quite significant. Moreover, the customers believe that the tea powder beverages are one of the best in the entire market. Even though some people said the prices are a tad high, most Kratom fanatics would disagree. If you look at other botanical bars, it would be challenging to find the reasonable rates of Bula Kafe Kratom.

Are They Active on Social Media?

Even though it isn’t an online business, almost everyone in the game uses social media for marketing. And BulaKafe is no different. You can find this Kratom supplier on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The brand uses these platforms to promote its newest concoctions and cut-price deals. So if you want to receive such updates, make sure to follow them on the mentioned apps.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality tree leaf powder for the Kratom beverages
  • Reasonable prices in the market
  • A total of four locations for its bar and shops
  • Social media presence to provide updates
  • Live entertainment for the customers at every sunset
  • A highly-qualified and professional team always available at the bar
  • The first drink is free and on the house


Final Thoughts

Bula Kafe Kratom is a Premium Kratom provider because it doubles as a botanical bar. So if you are on the lookout for some high-quality herbal drinks, this might be your cup of tea!

Bula Kafe Kratom

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there such limited information on their website?

Bula Kafe Kratom is a physical shop and bar. Unlike other online suppliers, they strive for an in-person experience with their botanical beverages. As a result, it doesn’t have much information on the website.

Do they only sell Kratom in the form of beverages?

This brand is primarily a bar for the local people. That is why they don’t typically provide Kratom in any form that isn’t already a drink. But if you want to try out their powders, check with the management and see if they can make an exception.

What are the bar’s opening hours?

BulaKafe is open every day from 7 am till 2 am. But on some days, they might stay open till 3 am in the night.

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