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Our kratom powder is made with fresh leaves that come straight from the best sources in Southeast Asia. All kratom powder we offer is made with premium grade leaves that have been dried as naturally as possible. We provide multiple varieties of kratom strains, ranging from Red Bali to White Maeng. When you purchase our kratom powder, you can feel safe, knowing the powder is free of additives, chemicals, or fillers. Lab testing is conducted on our products to pinpoint and remove heavy metals and solvents. Each kratom strain has a different appearance and smell, as they all have different alkaloid levels.


The texture of kratom powder can vary greatly. Some strains of kratom powder are ground finely, while others have more clumps. We only provide smooth kratom powder that is soft, intense, and brilliantly colored. The powder is thin in texture, but it has a thick consistency. You can easily push the powder in between your fingers. It will press against your fingers, and it will not easily blow away.


The color of kratom powders can also be very different. Some strains have a bright red appearance. Other strains have a pale green color. We offer powders from popular kratom strains that come in a wide selection of reds, greens, and browns. The powder will always have vivid colors, as bright colors are a sign of fresh kratom powder.


Each strain of powder tastes different. Some strains have an earthy flavor with a sweet tang. Every powder option we offer has a unique flavor that will delight your taste buds. The wide variety of flavors allows our kratom powders to be used in a number of different ways. The flavor of each powder will take your senses on a delightful ride of a lifetime.


The smell of kratom powder is strong, no matter what strain you use. The smells of each strain are all very intense. Sweet and succulent fragrances can waft from the kratom powder we have available. The smell of the powder will linger, as it can be very infiltrating.

Forms of Kratom Powder

There are many forms of kratom powder available at our store. We provide kratom powders and capsules that can be used to create teas, recipes, and other edible delights. Every form of kratom powder we sell is of the best quality. We use ethically harvested leaves from fair and equal sources.