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Carpo's Botanicals

An Honest Review About Carpo’s Botanicals!

In your quest to find the perfect kratom vendor, you will come across hundreds of websites claiming to be the best of the best. So which one is actually the real deal?

Let us help! In this Carpo’s Botanicals Review, we shall take a close look at this kratom seller and give you our professional and unbiased opinion. This will allow you to make an informed decision whether you should choose them as your main kratom supplier.

About Carpo’s Botanicals

Based in Vancouver, Washington, Carpo’s Botanicals not only sells high-quality kratom but a variety of other natural products as well. These include mushroom extracts, lotus seeds, and a line of organic jewelry.

Carpo’s Botanicals is dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of kratom. Under the About section on the website, you will find a link to Carpo’s Botanicals Website as well as a Facebook Chat group.


According to the owner of Carpo’s Botanicals, the company takes great pride in its kratom products. They promise that they will not sell any products that they cannot stand behind 100%.

Carpo’s Botanicals Website

Carpo’s Botanicals Website, while not as professional looking as others, is pretty straightforward and user friendly. Some of the links are broken, so they need to update their site a bit.

However, their policies are outlined, and they provide relevant information such as their business address, email address. We did have to search offsite to find their business telephone number. From what we have gathered, the company prefers to handle all of its business online, which can sometimes lack a personal touch.


If you need more information on some of their product line, Carpo’s Botanicals provides insight into products such as Nootropics, Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola Rosea, and Kanna. As well, each product category provides information about that product that customers may find helpful.

Carpo’s Botanicals outlines their terms and conditions and delivery policy on their site as well as other relevant information.

Carpo’s Botanicals Customer Service

You can reach out to Carpo’s Botanicals via their email address. As well, you can use the contact form under the customer service section of their website. No telephone number or business hours are listed on their website. However, they generally respond via email in a timely manner.

Jason Orr, the owner, states (under the Delivery Information section) that he does not respond to emails on Sundays or holidays. He does try to reply within 24 hours, with those expectations.

We have found mixed reviews of Carpo’s Botanicals when it comes to customer service. Many have praised them for their quality products and exceptional customer service. On the other hand, some have stated that their products are overpriced and often lacking quality. In general, they seem to have a solid reputation, however.

Carpo’s Botanicals Shipping

Currently, Carpo’s Botanicals does not ship to the following states in the US: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, and Wisconsin as kratom is currently illegal in these states. In addition, the company does not ship internationally at this time.

Carpo’s Botanicals does not ship on Sundays and occasionally on Saturdays, but in most cases, orders arrive in 1-3 days and are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Carpo’s Botanicals Returns

Carpo’s Botanicals offers a 30-day return policy. However, it is restricted to missing orders or in the event that your item is expired. Returns and exchanges seem to be conducted strictly on a case-by-case basis. In order to initiate an exchange or return, you must contact them using the contact form on their website.

There have been many complaints when it comes to Carpo’s Botanicals returns. Several customers have complained that this vendor simply resells products from other vendors at exorbitant rates. Some have stated that they never received a reply when they tried to reach out to the owner regarding the 30-day guarantee.

Does Carpo’s Botanicals Lab Test Their Kratom?

Nowhere on Carpo’s Botanicals website could we find any proof that Carpo’s Botanicals tested their kratom, or other products, for purity. This can be a sticking point when it comes to choosing a kratom vendor. Lab testing will ensure that the kratom is free from heavy metals and other contaminants. Therefore, we urge that you take this into consideration before purchasing from this vendor.

Is Carpo’s Botanicals Affiliated With The AKA?

As of this writing, this vendor is not affiliated with the American Kratom Association. Nor are they on the list of pending AKA vendors. The AKA was set in place to make sure that kratom sellers were following GMP (good manufacturing practice) when it comes to kratom. Again, if you wish to purchase the best kratom on the market, we suggest you choose a vendor that is affiliated with AKA and lab tests their kratom for impurities.

Carpo’s Botanicals Products

Currently, Carpo’s Botanicals only has Green Maeng Da Kratom for sale. Whether they plan to start carrying other strains, we cannot assess them at this time. However, a few of their most loyal customers have stated that this kratom is true of the finest quality and is worth the high price tag.

If you are looking for a kratom vendor that sells a large selection of kratom powders, capsules, extracts, and other products, this vendor might not be for you.

Other products one can purchase from Carpo’s Botanicals include Red Lotus Seeds, Mohawk Tobacco Seeds, and fungus, resin, and wood jewelry. There is a tab for Mushroom Extracts, but there is currently no inventory at this time. It appears at one time, Carpo’s Botanicals had a wide selection of products, but currently, it seems to be quite limited.

Carpo’s Botanicals Payment Methods

As of this writing, Carpo’s Botanicals is only accepting payment via check or money order but is looking into other options for customer payment.

Final Word On Carpo’s Botanicals

It is our honest opinion that there are many other reputable kratom sellers online from which you could purchase high quality, naturally sourced kratom. The lack of lab testing, AKA affiliation, and a number of negative reviews leave us to believe that they are not as serious about kratom as they claim to be. Please use discretion when purchasing from this vendor.

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