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Club 13

Is Club13 Kratom A Right Choice For You?

Club 13 Herbals is an online kratom vendor that has been providing its services since 1999. They are now recognized as one the highest-quality kratom vendors on the market with some of the industry’s best capsules and powders. They claim to do everything in their power to produce top-tier, safe, and natural kratom. However, are they really as great as they claim to be? Is there where you should make your next kratom purchases?
In this review, we will be diving deeper into the origin, prices, customer service, and products offered by this vendor to help you decide if this vendor is for you.

Who Is Club13?

The Club13 company is located in St. Augustine Florida and is considered by many to be the pioneer of kratom brands in the west.
According to their website, all products offered by Club13 are independently tested in third-party laboratories to ensure the safety and quality of all products. They test for everything including yeast, fungus, and any biological pathogens. This is the first sign that Club 13 may in fact be a reliable vendor.

In an industry full of scams and gimmicks, kratom customers love purchasing from transparent vendors that include important information about the testing and manufacturing of all products. In other words, kratom customers simply love a vendor they can trust, and Club13 appears to work hard to establish that trust.


Club13 has a high reputation amongst the kratom community due to several factors, including their variety of quality products, customer service, and more. Customers are impressed by their wide selection of product types including Nicotine, CBD, and Kratom. They also offer other merchandise such as drug testing kits.

Customers appear to absolutely love this brand, and many recommend it to others. Their products are pretty popular amongst the industry and customers appear to be generally pretty satisfied with their product quality.

Additionally, they provide a well-designed, user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily navigate products and make purchases in a quick, easy, and simple manner. The website also provides important information that customers may want to know, as well as an FAQ section for any common questions or concerns.

Products Offered By Club13

As mentioned above, Club13 offers a variety of product variations. However, for this review’s purposes, we will be specifically examining the kratom items. Cub 13, while they do poses some select items, specializes in offering popular fan-favorite strains including Indo, Malay, Kali, Maeng Da, and Bali. Customers can also purchase natural, enhanced kratom colors such as white, green, red, or gold. The product selection doesn’t end there. Their vast product line also includes Alkaloid enhanced kratom, Kratom vapes, Extra strength kratom, and liquid extracts.


One of the major standouts of this brand is their kratom powder sample packs. These small, 3.75-gram packs allow customers to test out products before spending a bit more on the actual product. Club13 also gives customers the option to purchase bundles, or smaller packs of different strains, to decide which one works best for them.

According to several online customer reviews, previous customers love the variety of products, as well as the various, convenient purchasing options.

Prices At Club 13

The prices offered by Club13 vary quite a bit. How affordable your purchase is dependent on the size of your order, the specific kind of strain, and the form in which you purchase your kratom. However, several previous customers report that the prices are reasonable for the high quality of the products.

Additionally, customers can gain access to several deals and discounts. For example, if your order is over $200, the code DAILYDEALS can get you a 5% discount on your purchase.

Club 13 Social Media Presence

Although not much information is provided regarding an incredibly active social media presence, Club 13 does appear to be very dedicated to its blog. On this blog, they keep customers in the loop by sharing articles, research, and the newest company updates. Unlike other brands, they also have a Club 13 podcast that customers can tune into in order to improve their knowledge about the industry and the products. This extra effort in connecting with customers goes a long way in establishing their company reputation.

Shipping And Returns

Customers love the convenient shipping policy offered by this vendor. The standard, 3-day shipping is entirely free, regardless of the order. Additionally, all orders are shipped the same day that they are placed, as long as they are purchases Monday-Friday between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm Eastern time. Orders placed on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, are expected to be shipped that following Monday.

After receiving their products, customers have 30 days to return any items for a refund. Club 13 offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that, if customers aren’t satisfied with their products, they can return the unused leftovers of their product, with the receipt included, and possibly receive a full refund.

Customers all agree that the shipping and return policy offered by Club 13 is reasonable and efficient.

Customer Service

According to several online reviews, Club 13 offers timely, effective customer service with friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful company representatives. Customers can even request lab reports by filling out a form provided on their primary website. All customers have to do is provide their subject, product, lot number, and name, send in a form and expect a response within 24-72 hours. To contact the company for any reason during business hours, customers can also give them a call or send an email at

Final Thoughts On Club 13

After analyzing various aspects of this vendor and seeking out several online customer reviews, it is safe to assume that this vendor is authentic, reliable, and a great spot for your next kratom purchases. They offer a wide range of products at affordable prices without sacrificing quality and they appear to be one of the most intentional, transparent vendors on the market. If you’re in the industry for some high-quality kratom from a well-trusted vendor, you may want to give this one a look.

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