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DG Botanicals

All You Want To Know About DG Botanicals

DG botanicals is an online Kratom vendor whose full inventory can only be accessed by directly emailing the company via No further information is provided on the website. This is an immediate red flag for many customers. In a market full of scams and gimmicks, customers feel reassured when a company is honest and open about who they are, where and how they originated, and what they provide. In other words, customers want to know as much as they can about a vendor before making a purchase.

According to an online review, the vendor is owned by an incorporation titled DGB. However, DGB is a home appliance installation service located in Colorado. Customers are even more skeptical towards the fact that the Better Business Bureau labeled the vendor as a trucking company that is in fact noncredited.

These aren’t the only factors that make customers a bit leery of this vendor. In this review, we will further examine DG Botanicals and help you determine if it’s worth checking out for yourself.

Who Is DG Botanical?

DG Botanicals

While it is possible for many companies to register under the same name, it isn’t entirely legal. Regardless, it appears highly unlikely that DG Botanicals has the certifications necessary to operate as a health and wellness business that sells supplements.

The biggest red flag, one that has turned many prospective customers away from this vendor, is their entirely inaccessible website. Considering the company is an online vendor that operates entirely on the web, it is a bit unappealing that customers have no access to their website. Many customers also find it inconvenient and would rather visit other vendors than take the time to email this weirdly secretive vendor before even seeing their product options.

Customers appear to be in the dark about why this is the case. DG Botanicals has been serving customers since its origination in 2016. However, this new website set up, whatever the reason, is not doing much to keep customers satisfied.

One reviewer decided to take took a leap of faith and test out some of these mysterious vendors’ products. According to this buyer, and several more, the product quality is below average and often described as weak or ineffective. When compared to the quality of products offered by competing providers, many customers claim that DG Botanicals just isn’t worth the trouble. Not all reviews regarding this vendor are negative, however, some customers believe that DG Botanicals may even write their own false reviews, pretending to be pleased customers.

Ultimately, due to these various downsides, DG Botanicals has a relatively negative reputation in the world of kratom. Several reviews claim that the products are ineffective, low quality, and possess a slightly bitter taste, all making their kratom less than desirable.

DG Botanicals Products

DG Botanicals

The majority of consumers appear to be displeased with the products offered by DG Botanicals, however, one review reports what many consider to be of higher quality. Depending on your preferences, if you do decide to purchase from DG Botanicals, you may want to stray away from the weaker strains and try out some of the products listed under the “reportedly higher-quality strains” list.

  • Strains (Weaker)
  • White Bali
  •  Premium Maeng Da
  •  Green Borneo
  •  Bali X

Reportedly higher quality Strains:

  • White Thai
  •  Premium Green Thai
  •  Red Indo
  •  Super Green Malay
  •  Red Kali
  •  White MD

Despite the question of quality, many customers are pleased with the variety of products offered by this vendor.

Pricing Of DG Botanicals

To many customers’ disappointment, DG Botanicals doesn’t appear to offer any regular discounts, promotional codes, member awards, or any other means for customers to save any money.

While there is some level of debacle over the quality of this vendor as a whole, one opinion that is relatively universal is the outrageous cost of the products. In comparison to other leading vendors, prices are unnecessarily high, and, according to many customers, the prices often do not reflect the quality.

Many customers have reported that specific products are better than others, meaning that at times the products are worth the cost and sometimes they are not. This sort of “luck of the draw mentality” is not appealing to customers who expect quality products regardless of the nitty-gritty specifics of their purchase.

Customer Service

Although they do have a generally negative reputation due to the lack of company transparency and a decrease in consumer trust, customers who were satisfied with their purchase did report positive experiences with the customer service team. One review described the customer service as efficient, kind, and helpful. Customers can directly contact the vendor, and DG Botanicals claim to work incredibly hard to respond to customers as quickly as possible, eliminating the hassle and confusion that can arise when dealing with several forms or sometimes frustrating customer service interactions.

DG Botanicals Shipping

The desired kratom strains are delivered to customers in carefully packaged, accurately dosed packs. This vendor is also known for its fast delivery, a quality that is extremely appreciated by many avid kratom users. Additionally, this vendor claims to put extra attention into efficient delivery by maximizing the number of orders they can process at one time.

Final Thoughts On DG Botanicals

While there are some obvious pros, such as name popularity, and a few quality products, DG Botanicals lacks the consistency and transparency that allows it to be trusted by customers. Many avid kratom users appreciate vendors they can rely on, not only for product variety and accessibility, but also for price, quality, and sustainability.

While some previous customers claim that DG Botanicals isn’t as bad as some critics make it out to be, many new customers are apprehensive about the lack of information and find it slightly intimidating and inconvenient to reach out via email when there are a variety of easily accessible online vendors they could shop at instead.

If you desire a quick and easy experience from a well-trusted, accredited Vendor that is reliable and easy to purchase from, you may want to look elsewhere.

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