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EC botanicals

EC Botanicals Review – Why It Is Considered As Trusted Kratom Vendor?

EC Botanicals is a kratom vendor that offers all-natural kratom products sourced from farms that refrain from using any chemicals or pesticides. They have partnered with the same small group of farmers for years and have experimented with a number of different unique kratom products such as resin, coffee, and even candy.

This vendor appears to have a high reputation in the kratom industry as a trusted company that prioritizes both safety, customer support, and quality. However, does EC Botanicals really live up to all the hype? In this review, we will be examining several aspects of this vendor, including their origin, quality, prices, customer service, and reliability. After reading, you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not this vendor is the right one for you.

Who Is EC Botanicals?

EC Botanicals is a well-known, highly trusted vendor in the kratom market. In the US, this vendor is run by a couple who has spent a great deal of time working to improve their selection of high-quality, organically sourced kratom.

Their website is interesting and stands out amongst other vendors on the market due to its informative “about” section that provides personal information about the owners of the vendor, as well as photos of management and the farmers. To many customers, this provides a sense of business transparency and creates a sense of trust between EC Botanicals and their customers.

In an industry of gimmicks and flashy sales, kratom consumers are often suckers for vendors who prioritize simple, quality, safe products without any funny business. According to several positive reviews, many customers believe EC Botanicals provides just that, and several past customers have reported quality products without any downsides.

There are far more positive reviews than negative ones, and, overall, this vendor appears to be doing pretty well as far as popularity. As a result, many reviews report that this vendor is a great place for anyone who is in the market for a wide variety of quality kratom strains.

EC Botanicals Products

EC Botanicals offers a wide range of staple pieces, as well as various unique strains that are harder to come by on the market. In fact, one of their major stand-out quality is their comparably wide variety of strain options. Additionally, customers have reported that all products are of equal, high quality, applauding the vendor’s consistency. Just some of the strains available on the website include the Superwhite kratom strain, red premium Borneo strain, red Bali kratom strain, Green Maeng da, Red Maeng da, Green premium Borneo strain, and many more that have customers raving.

The list goes on and on, with several more unique products available on their main website.

Pricing of EC Botanicals

While they aren’t at all the cheapest market in the industry, EC Botanicals also does not charge incredibly high prices. Compared to some vendors, the rates of kratom powders ad capsules at EC Botanicals is even a bit lower. For example, when compared to other markets, the prices of their capsules are extremely low.

EC Botanicals isn’t exactly known for its incredibly low prices; however, many customers claim that the high-quality products make up for it. Some reviews even defend their pricing, claiming that it is simply a result of their priority to sell the best quality products to their customers. Customers can also get access to several deals and discounts to show that they care for their customers and want their products to be as accessible as possible.

For example, customers can receive coupon codes, some of which award the customer 10-15% discounts on a variety of products.

Additionally, customers receive points every time they make an order that can be used on later purchases. The number of points can range from 26-90, making it easy for customers to make purchases without breaking the bank, a quality that many kratom buyers love.

Payment Methods

Customers can pay for products through a number of different methods including cryptocurrency, Zelle, Venmo, apple pay, eChecks, and cash app. An extremely helpful feature is the page dedicated entirely to explaining all payment methods that can found on the main website.

Shipping and Returns

Another thing customers tend to love about EC Botanicals is their comparatively fast shipping. One online review even said that EC Botanicals is so devoted to high-quality service, they have never delayed orders. In other words, everything is shipped and ready to go at the same time, immediately after the order is placed.

This vendor ships products using USPS mail, and customers typically receive their orders within 1-3 business days.

This vendor does accept unopened returns and offers full refunds as long as the items are returned within 30 days of the time they were delivered. According to their website, returns are not resold but instead trashed after being returned. Customers can anticipate receiving their refunds within about four weeks of the time they returned their package; however, many customers have reported receiving their refunds even faster than the predicted time. If a customer is looking to return an item, they must reach out to the company via email and work with a representative to figure out the logistics.

Social Media Presence

Similar to many other kratom vendors in the industry, EC Botanicals doesn’t appear to have a very active social media presence; however, this hasn’t appeared to hinder their reputation as a well-trusted kratom vendor.

Customer Service

Customers rave about the excellent customer service provided by EC Botanicals. A steady increase in happy customers has given this vendor a reputation as one of the most customer-focused businesses in the industry. There must be some truth to this considering EC Botanicals has been able to maintain a high reputation.

Customers have reported positive customer service experiences with kind, professional, and well-informed company representatives who were quick and efficient about answering any questions or concerns.

EC Botanicals can be contacted via:
They operate from 8 am-5 pm Eastern time and promise to answer after-hour calls as quickly as they possibly can.

Final Thoughts

Overall, EC Botanicals is loved by many customers who rave about the variety of quality products, fast shipping, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service. If you’re in the market for some great kratom from a well-trusted source, you might want to check this one out!

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