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Eden's Ethnos

Is Eden’s Ethnos A Really Great Vendor As It Claims To Be?

Eden’s Ethnos is an online kratom vendor based in San Francisco. They pride themselves in have close links to the agricultural sector. They have been an active member of Trade key, one of the world’s biggest trade outlets since 2016. They offer a wide range of ethnobotanicals, including kratom and they claim to offer high quality, effective products, and reliable service. However, are they really as great as they claim to be?

In this review, we will be taking a deeper look at several aspects of this company. After learning more about everything from product quality and variety, to customer service and shipping and return policies, you will have all the information you need to decide if this vendor is worth your time.

Who Is Eden’s Ethnos?

As mentioned above, Eden’s Ethnos is an online herbal store located in San Francisco, California. The general customer opinion towards this vendor seems to vary, with several different comments regarding various aspects of the brand. For example, some customers scold Eden’s Ethnos for their comparatively high prices, while others praise them for their top-tier customer service. However, in this review, we will be taking a deeper look at these speculations and talking about the truth behind this vendor’s products, services, and business practices.


Most previous customers report positive experiences, excellent customer service, and high-quality, effective products. However, there are also some pretty notable downsides that pop up when taking a closer look at all this vendor has to offer. Unfortunately, these downsides are ones that cannot and should not be ignored. We will take a closer look at them further along in the review.

Products Offered By Eden’s Ethnos

This company sells an impressive variety of herbal products. Their product lineup is interesting in the fact that it combines different brands, concentrates, overviews, and leaf sorts into one page. Some customers may feel that the products are unorganized and scattered.

Along with kratom, they also offer other well-known herbs such as Salvia, Moe, Kava, and Ayahuasca.

Eden’s Ethnos really stands out when it comes to their kratom options. This vendor offers one of the largest, most extensive product lineups on the online market. This means that, regardless of what customers are looking for, they can probably find it here. Some fan-favorite strains include the Green Sumatra kratom, Malay kratom, Borneo kratom, red kratom, and white kratom strains. Customers can also find several types of Maeng Da products including Thai, Vietnam, and Riau.
However, that isn’t all. They also offer several different kratom blends. These include Golden Reserve, 20X pitch, and Ultra Enhanced Indo.

Their impressively large variety of products is one of the main reasons for their high reputation. Customers love the different options and the fact that they can conveniently find nearly every product they want in one spot.


Despite their impressive lineup, however, Eden’s Ethnos does neglect to include any important information about products. For example, they do not include any lab test results or any other proof of purity and quality.

Several online reviews from previous customers do support the assumption that the products definitely aren’t the best in the industry, however, considering their prices, they also aren’t the worst.

Pricing Of Eden’s Ethnos

While they certainly do not offer the cheapest prices in the industry, their prices aren’t unreasonable either. Instead, most customers describe their prices as average when compared to most prices in the market. In the kratom industry, vendors that sell their prices for too low of cost can sometimes have a bad rep. Oftentimes, incredibly low prices mean a sacrifice when it comes to quality products and fair business practices. That is why, while most aren’t thrilled at the prices offered by this vendor, many customers aren’t too bothered.

Eden’s Ethnos Customer Service

Most customers aren’t too impressed with this vendor’s unorganized, slightly dysfunctional website. In the online kratom industry, it is important for a vendor to possess a well-designed, user-friendly interface that makes it simple for customers to make their purchases. As a result, many customers hope that Eden’s Ethnos will make up for their poorly designed website with excellent customer service. Unfortunately, they do not manage to do that.

They do not offer any way for customers to reach the company in case of any issues or concerns. The only way to contact the vendor is to fill out a direct contact form available on their website. However, with this being the only means of communication, one might assume that it would often take an inconvenient amount of time for a customer representative to get back. However, according to several online customer reviews, this actually isn’t the case at all. Several past customers report surprisingly quick responses and pleasant experiences with kind, professional, and extremely helpful customer support representatives.

They claimed they had a legal excuse for the lack of contact information available to customers. Due to an impending kratom band, they claim they currently aren’t currently able to provide an extensive amount of contact information on their website. However, the fact that they are still working with what they have and attempting to quickly respond to customers in need is still quite impressive. Unfortunately, though, research suggests that this “ban” they speak of doesn’t exist at all. This is all pretty sketchy and has turned some potential customers away from this brand completely.

Final Thoughts Eden’s Ethnos

Eden’s Ethnos is a well-known brand within the online kratom industry, and they definitely do not have a bad reputation. However, they do lack immensely in business transparency and this is a crucial aspect for a vendor to possess to be considered reliable and trustworthy. Additionally, their shaky excuse for the lack of contact options is also a bit concerning and can cause customers to question the validity and trustworthiness of this vendor. While most online reviews aren’t incredibly negative, I still wouldn’t recommend this vendor to those who are new in the industry. However, if you do decide to purchase from this vendor, just proceed with caution.

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