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Free Kratom samples

Is it Safe to Try Free Kratom Samples?

Free Kratom samples often tempt you to a point where you lose your rational thought process.

You could try out this super appealing Kratom powder that usually costs $35, absolutely free of cost. It would save you some hard-earned money and bring you a potentially heavenly experience only upon a click of a button. You could give it a try. You could risk it.

How bad can it possibly get? What’s the worse that could happen?

Or wait ‚Ästwhy¬†are they offering you so much for free when they’re running a business? Point to ponder ‚Äď yes.

So, here in this post, we’ll uncover all sides of free Kratom samples. What are they? Why are they? And should you even try them?

Let’s get the answers.

Free Kratom samples

Purpose of Free Kratom Samples

First off,¬†free Kratom samples¬†refer to small packets of Kratom powder that Kratom vendors offer to their first-time customers. On average, most companies offer packets containing 5 grams ‚Äď 20 grams of powder.

The purpose of free sampling is obvious: they want you to be a part of their permanent clientele. However, as a part of the buy and sell industry, they also realize that your decision to try out their products may involve hesitation, feelings of distrust, or lots of overthinking.

A study proves that buyers may hesitate in purchasing because of the following:

  • Brand Consciousness
  • Price Consciousness
  • Risk Awareness

The reviews of your previous clientele may conquer their fears of price and brand. But risk awareness is difficult to tackle.

Back in 2019, the¬†FDA identified several companies¬†that were selling unapproved and inauthentic Kratom products. Although these companies were issued warnings and those who persisted were even closed down, it significantly shook the users’ trust. Up to the present day, users find it difficult to entrust a Kratom vendor (especially new ones) with their health and money.

Now, the industry also realizes that this is an unnecessary fear. And long gone are the days when Kratom that third-party labs didn’t test was sold openly. Today, most Kratom vendors offer authentic and tested forms of Mitragyna Speciosa.

So, to push you across this unnecessary stage of purchase, companies offer free samples. They aim to give a head start to your purchase process. Along with giving you a headstart, companies also aim to build themselves a reliable reputation.

Reasons You Should Go For Kratom Samples

You now know why do companies offer¬†free Kratom samples. But why should¬†you¬†entrust these? What’s in it for you?

Well, there’s quite a lot. Let us break it down for you.

Technically, trying free Kratom is quite very similar to trying free coffee outside new coffee shops. Both coffee and Kratom have mild effects, which you can afford to experience unless you have some severe medical condition to keep in check.

Trying free Kratom samples enables you to determine the quality of Kratom offered by certain stores. It allows you to determine whether they are offering the right thing at the right rates. And that too before you entrust them with heavy sums of money.

Once you try free Kratom from multiple places and have your respective opinions for each in terms of quality of products, services, and pricing, you can locate the best Kratom store for yourself. In this way, you will not find yourself in the middle of anywhere, trying and testing from scratch every time you wish to get yourself a bit of good Kratom.

Another reason why you should opt for free Kratom samples is because they can help you determine which strain suits you best. And this can especially come in handy for beginners.

Some stores offer free Kratom samples for each strain. Although the quantities become even more limited in such cases, it gives you a good and diverse experience of Kratom strains. You can then determine which strains suit you best and order more of them accordingly.

Plus, sometimes you’d find that the taste of a certain strain may be different from the taste of the same strain that you bought from another store. You might like the second one and not the first one. Similarly, your friend might like the first one and not the second. The point is, they both may be authentic and nice but differ in tastes slightly. So, trying free Kratom samples will bring you experience and command in that regard too.

Is there a Catch?

If you get something for free, there’s one question that follows like an instinct: is there a catch for it?

Well, in the case of Kratom samples, the answer to that question is both yes and no.

There’s no catch if you’re buying from reliable Kratom vendors. However, if the Kratom vendors are doing any of the following, you should investigate a bit further before trusting their free Kratom samples:

  • Asking for shipping charges
  • Asking for a compulsory positive review on their social media pages
  • Asking to subscribe to their monthly or yearly plans

If they are doing so, their goal isn’t only to convert you to a permanent customer. They wish to achieve two goals at once. So, investigate a little further and find out what else is a part of their plan. If all they ask is to subscribe to their monthly email newsletters, then go ahead. It’s a safe deal. But if they’re making you post a positive review irrespective of your genuine opinions, they’re certainly not sincere to customer experience. Withdraw right there!

At times, free sampling is also a marketing tactic. When companies are on the verge of losing the last unsold bits of old batches, they put it up for free sampling. In this way, they won’t have to trash their investment, might gain a customer, and might even get their investment returns if they ask you for extraordinary shipment charges. So, be wary, and always check for the date and batch.

Free Kratom samples


I’m a beginner but do not want to try free Kratom Samples. What do I do?

Well, if you do not want to try free samples, you can go with alternate approaches. Instead of buying bulk packets, you can try out mini packets of Kratom powder or edibles or paid Kratom sample packs. Other than that, you can opt to buy from places that offer a refund and return policy. Some Kratom vendors would let you return the product even if it’s slightly consumed. Hunt them down and try out their products!

Is free Kratom lab-tested? 

By law and common sense, it should be! Don’t let any Kratom vendor let you compromise your safety. Either you’re paying for the Kratom that you’ll be ingesting or not. It should be lab-tested at all times!

Final Words

Summing up, free Kratom samples is a good marketing tactic that works in favor of both the seller and buyer. We suggest the sellers implement and execute this marketing tactic as sincerely as possible as it could boost their client base like none other. And to the buyers, our word of advice is to assess everything thoroughly!

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