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What is Freezing Kratom?

For frequent Kratom users, freezing Kratom is a promising concept. It adds life to their favorite products, conserves a precious resource, and also saves on money.

How so?

Well, that’s what this post about freezing Mitragyna speciose will cover. We will discuss the concept of freezing Kratom along with its uses, benefits, and techniques below. Let’s check how it goes.

What Freezing Kratom?

Freezing Kratom is a technique or method of elongating the shelf life of Kratom. Usually, Kratom stays potent for about three months, which is too short if you don’t consume Kratom frequently. However, with the freezing kratom technique, you can make your Kratom last for up to one year or 11-12 months.

Fundamentally, Ketum cells are comprised of two major alkaloids:

  • Mitragynine
  • 7-hydroxy mitragynine

When you freeze Kratom, the cells that make up the herb undergo a process called lysis. According to this process, the cell membrane ruptures, and the contents of the cell get released. By doing so, the process brings out the alkaloids stored in the Kratom.

It releases all the alkaloids and prepares a stronger and long-lasting version of the herb. About why you’d need this, read on further to find out.

freezing Kratom

Uses & Benefits of Freezing Kratom

Technically, freezing Kratom assists Kratom users with three highly-essential needs:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Pleasure

Yup. You read that right. Freezing Kratom helps you save money by preserving expensive Kratom powder for longer durations. Say, for example, you purchase Kratom powder from a premium brand. And you’d like to use this one only once every two weeks. Then, you can conveniently store it with the freezing Kratom technique. Or else, by the end of the three months, you might find yourself trashing half a packet of unused Kratom because you ran out of time, and it expired!

Using this, you can also purchase Kratom in bulk quantities and store them. Remember, bulk purchases will cost you much less than individual packets.

Similarly, it saves time for you. Once you have the prepared frozen Kratom stored at your place, you can take it whenever you like. You need not rush to the store when an urge or need arises.

Plus, since Kratom is still in a grey area legally, it saves you from suffering when the spells of illegality come up. There are times when the state suddenly decides that Kratom usage is illegal, and you won’t find your favorite brands in the store. That’s also when freezing Kratom will come into use!

Lastly, when you freeze Kratom, you enrich it with alkaloids. No alkaloids remain hidden within the cell walls. Instead, as you prepare it, all get pushed out. You get to ingest all alkaloids present and experience effects to their maximum degree.

Methods of Freezing Kratom

Now, let’s get to how. How do you freeze Kratom?

Well, there are various methods. The most popular methodology of freezing Kratom is the red bubble technique. This dedicated technique results in the formation of a highly potent red bubble. The technique makes the whole of your Kratom reserve last longer and also brings you a concentrated Kratom extract that you can toss in your orange juice and gulp it up. We will discuss it in detail in the section below.

Other than that, you can freeze Kratom in a vacuum-sealed bag as well. Store your Kratom in such a bag and when reopening it, allow it to get to room temperature. If you don’t give it enough time, the humidity of your environment could come into contact with Kratom and destroy its freshness and potency.

What is Red Bubble Technique?

The red bubble technique refers to an apparently simple but chemically complex method of freezing Kratom. It is widely recognized as the only means of freezing Kratom since it involves the practical freezing process.

But we must not forget, the purpose of freezing Kratom is to extend its lifespan. And so, any other method that elongates the life of this herb is also categorized under the same domain.

Back to the red bubble technique, what you have to do is mix Kratom with water. It will settle at the bottom of the cup or container. Now, could you place it in the freezer? The water molecules inside the Kratom leaf powder will freeze. Thus, causing the cell walls to burst open and releasing all the alkaloids stored inside.

Alternatively, you can try an even stronger approach to the red bubble technique. Boil Kratom powder in a pot or pan. Add some citric acid and then use a milk frother to mix the acid and powder gradually. Lastly, freeze the Kratom. Alkaloids are released in each stage of this process. First, alkaloids get extracted when you boil them. Further, they are extracted when you mix acid with powder. And more of them are released when the mixture freezes and water molecules within the cell explode.

Once your mixture is frozen and ready, allow it to melt a little, and drink it in a slushy form. You might want to mix it a bit with something sweet because the taste may not be very pleasant.

Theoretically, the red bubble technique crushes Kratom to a molecular level and maximizes its potency. When we consume Kratom directly from the packet, some alkaloids get passed out from our bodies undigested. They stick to the cell walls, which are tough to digest even for the strongest HCL in our stomach.

freezing Kratom

Some Quick Tips

Lastly, here are a few quick tips for freezing Kratom in better means:

  • Use half a cup of water for every dose of Kratom.
  • Use 160 grams of citric acid and two teaspoons of orange juice.
  • Blend the mixture until it’s muddy and pasty.
  • Store Kratom in a dark place. Avoid exposing it to UV light.
  • Split Kratom into small batches when freezing it via the red bubble technique.

Remember, like every other thing, precision is necessary. The more careful you are with handling, the better experience you’ll have.

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