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Garuda Kratom- An Honest Review

Garuda Kratom is part of the well-known, US-based kratom brand, Hudson Valley Botanicals, based in Poughkeepsie, New York City. The brand, started by its owner, Scott U, originated in 2017 and has since been serving various customers with their various herbal products and services.

They pride themselves in providing high-quality products that are ethically sourced straight from Indonesia, where they are directly hand-picked by experienced, local farmers.

Additionally, they claim that all of their products are natural, organic, and free of any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

However, there are several online vendors making these similar claims. With nearly every online kratom shop claiming to offer the best products, discovering which ones you can actually trust to deliver quality products and service can be somewhat of a struggle. In this review, we will try and lighten a load of that struggle by introducing you to Garuda Kratom and helping you learn everything you possibly can about this vendor, in order to conclude if it is the right place for your next kratom purchases.

Who Is Garuda Kratom?

As previously mentioned, Garuda Kratom is an online kratom vendor based in New York City. This vendor stands out due to a number of reasons, including their impressively large selection of products, and their reputation for offering extremely high-quality products. Their product line now includes more than 30 different strains and varieties of kratom. Some of their unique products that stand out and draw customers in include their Wild Green Strain or their signature Typhon. They also offer teas featuring the highest quality leaves. They are known for their highly effective, highly concentrated products, as well as the multitude of products to choose from.

According to several online reviews, customers swear by the products offered by this vendor and recommend them to any kratom user looking for some great quality herbal products. Previous customers report positive experiences with reliable products that are incredibly effective.

They are also known for their impressive variety of products, great split kilos, conveniently fast shipping, affordable prices, unique, natural products, specialty blends, excellent packaging, accessible payment options, and convenient refund policy.

However, some downsides that customers have commented on include the lack of lab results available, they do not allow for cryptocurrencies or cash on delivery, and no money-back guarantee. Additionally, their website lacks a mission statement and proper product descriptions. This lack of business transparency is an issue and could cause some customers to become leery of this brand. Customers want to buy from vendors they feel they can trust. While Garuda does still have an okay reputation, it could be slightly improved by fixing this issue.

Products Offered By Garuda Kratom

As mentioned above, this online vendor is known for its impressive selection of products. Avid Kratom users love vendors that provide several options and choices, making it easy for a customer to find what they want all in one stop, regardless of their needs.

Some of their most popular items include strains such as Wild Yellow, Wild Red, White Bali, Typhon, Super Maeng Da, their limited edition Super Wild Green, Super Green, and the sirinBlend Mystery Mix. They also offer various other products that customers love such as Red Sunda, Red Maeng Da, Red JonKong, Red Banjar, Red Bentuangie, and Red Bali. Additionally, they offer a number of green kratom strains including Green MD, Green Hulu, Green OV, Green Ketapang, and Green Aceh.

As you can see, Garuda offers an extensive product line that many customers cannot get enough of.

Prices Offered By Garuda Kratom

When compared to other leading vendors on the market, Garuda Kratom offers quality products at outstandingly affordable prices. They are known for offering decently sized amounts of kratom at below-average prices without the sacrifice of quality.

Additionally, customers can purchase items in bulk as well for a slightly higher price, but they are still affordable. In other words, this vendor makes kratom accessible to nearly any customer that wants great products without breaking their bank.

Additionally, they do offer discounts and coupon codes. Their provided promotional codes can save up to $12 dollars on nearly any and all products.

It is very common in the industry for vendors to sell products at low prices, however, this typically results in lower quality products and a lack of briskness transparency.

However, unlike several vendors in the online kratom industry, Garuda sells products at conveniently low prices, without the sacrifice of quality or sketchy, unfair business practices.

Shipping Policies

All company items are shipped from the United States using the US postal service. This means every package immediately receives priority flat rate shipping. Customers who purchase smaller quantities are encouraged to pay extra for shipping.

One downside of this vendor is that, if customers do experience delivery or shipping issues with their products, it can be difficult to contact customer service representatives. Customers have reported that company representatives take quite a long to respond to emails from customers looking for support. However, most customers report positive experiences and quick delivery in the first place. Additionally, any customers claim their excellent products are worth the wait or any hassle.

Customer Service At Garuda Kratom

As discussed above, Garuda Kratom is not known for having great experiences. I’m fact, their customer service team is even known for ignoring emails. While many customers report very that they had very few issues and didn’t even need to reach out to customer service, this is still a huge downside for a vendor that appears to be excelling in every other category.

Final Thoughts On Garuda Kratom

While this company does lack the desired degree of business transparency, they are still known for their impressive variety of products, high-quality products, excellent, affordable prices, quick and efficient delivery, convenient shipping policies, and great consumer reputation. In other words, if you’re in the market for some effective products at affordable prices, you might want to check this vendor out. According to several customer testimonials, you won’t be disappointed.

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