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Gold Label Kratom

Gold Label Kratom Review

Kratom is rapidly becoming a hot topic in the US as well as overseas. But when it comes to purchasing kratom, one can’t be too careful. Oftentimes, the kratom you find locally (or even online) might not be the real deal.

This is why it is always a good idea to read company reviews before purchasing any product. It is especially true when it comes to kratom. In this Gold Label Kratom review, we shall take a look at this vendor to see if they can be trusted.

About Gold Label Kratom

If you do an online search about Gold Label Kratom, it will seem quite difficult to find any company details. Or even a business website. Gold Label Kratom is sold mainly in local stores such as vape shops and gas stations. As well, you can find their products on a few online head shops that carry herbal remedies.

While you can find a few quality kratom products in head shops, we recommend that you mainly purchase your kratom products from a trusted online vendor that specializes in kratom. Head shops carry select products from a lot of vendors, and, as a result, may not always have a large selection of quality kratom products.

In addition, shipping and return policies are different on each of these websites. As they are being sold via a third party, you have no way to get in touch with Gold Label Kratom should you have any specific questions regarding their product.

When it comes to buying kratom locally, one should be wary as well. Most stores that carry limited supplies of kratom products know little to nothing about kratom. Unless you can find a store that is owned and operated by a serious kratom enthusiast, you may not be purchasing high-quality kratom. For this reason, as well as the reasons stated above, it is best to obtain kratom from a site that is dedicated to selling sustainably sourced kratom products.

Gold Label Botanical Kratom Extract is produced by Pure Extract Lab. Pure Extract Lab also doesn’t have an official website. Quite alarming, they also do not have a registered trademark nor are they registered with the Small Business Administration. This alone should make you hesitate before purchasing any products from this vendor.

Another red flag we found while during our research on Gold Label Kratom is that they do not advertise their product in any way. Any marketing left for this brand is left to the wholesale website or the local store in which this product is sold.

All of these facts leave a bad taste in our mouths. A reputable vendor will have a legitimate website that displays their company information. There is no way to get in touch with this vendor should anything be amiss with their products.

Does Gold Label Kratom lab test their kratom?

Gold Label Kratom claims that all of its products are lab testing. However, there is no way to back up this claim. A legitimate kratom company will not only name the company that is used to test their kratom, they will also provide the most recent lab results on their website. Since Gold Label Kratom does not have a website, there is no way to obtain proof that any of their products are tested for impurities and cross-contamination.

A quality kratom vendor will even go so far as to print the batch (or lot) number of the lab reports on their products. This way the consumer can easily locate the lab results. Gold Label Kratom does not put any such information on its labels.

In case you were wondering, kratom is not approved yet by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This fact alone is the reason lab testing is such a big deal when it comes to kratom. There is absolutely no proof that Gold Label Kratom tests any of its products before selling them to the public.

Is Gold Label Kratom affiliated with the American Kratom Association?

Although Gold Label Kratom claims to follow GMP guidelines, they are in no way associated with the American Kratom Association. This, along with the lack of proof of lab testing, is another major red flag for this vendor.

The American Kratom Association works with reputable kratom vendors to ensure that all of their products are manufactured using GMP guidelines. As well, the AKA is fighting to raise awareness about kratom as well as to have kratom legalized throughout the USA.

Gold Label Kratom Products

If you know anything about kratom, you know that there are many different strains of kratom. Green kratom is typically the mildest, while red kratom is said to yield more vigorous effects.

Gold Label kratom does not distinguish between kratom strains. All of their kratom products are simply known as “Gold label kratom. Some previous costumes have found some similarities to gold maeng da kratom, while others have said there really is nothing that makes this brand stand out from other kratom vendors.

Most wholesalers that carry this brand will have Gold Label Kratom capsules. However, you may be able to find Gold Label Liquid Kratom Extracts, Gold Label Kratom powders, and Gold Label Kratom Tincture Extracts sold locally in places such as gas stations or smoke shops.

Again, we advise against purchasing kratom from these types of stores, as most of them tend to be a bit sketchy.
As far as customer reviews, they are few and far between. Reddit is a hotbed for kratom enthusiasts, and we couldn’t find much info on Gold Label kratom on any of their kratom forums.

Final Word on Gold Label Kratom

You should definitely think twice before buying Gold Label Kratom. The fact that they do not have a business website or lab test their products do not bode well for this vendor. In addition, they are not trademarked or registered.

There are dozens of online legitimate kratom vendors that lab tests their products. Any vendor that is affiliated with the AKA is one that can be trusted. You will do well to avoid buying anything from Gold Label Kratom or Pure Extract Lab.

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