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GOLD Maeng da kratom

Get the Scoop on Gold Maeng Da Kratom

As there are quite a few strains of kratom that are readily available on the kratom marketplace, one might be a bit overpowered when it comes to their final choice. Advanced kratom users are constantly searching for the strongest strain on kratom. Gold Maeng Da ticks many boxes when it comes to benefits and potency.

For those who are unfamiliar with kratom in general, we shall briefly touch on its origins and drying process. Maeng da kratom is one of the most desirable strains of kratom available today, and gold maeng da is no exception. For this reason, it can be quite hard to find and is often out of stock on some of the top kratom vendor’s websites. But once you have sampled gold maeng da kratom, you might not want any other strain.One of the reasons gold maeng da is so revered is due to the fact that the process in which it is harvested is quite time-consuming. This is due to the high presence of natural compounds that exist in this particular strain. Keep reading to find out more about why gold maeng da kratom is considered “the cream of the crop.”

Behind the Scenes of Gold Maeng Da

Birthed from kratom trees in tropical areas in Thailand, gold maeng da kratom is not only picked at an optimal point in its development. It is also dried via a unique method and blended with other veins to create a one-of-a-kind powerful variety of kratom that users are willing to spend more on than other strains of kratom.

Kratom leaves must be cultivated under extremely warm and humid conditions, with the appropriate amounts of both rain and sun. It then must be harvested at the exact right moment to benefit from the high level of alkaloids present within its leaves. The leaves that are used to make this exotic blend of kratom are white vein and green vein kratoms, picked at the ideal peak in their growth development.

These green vein and white vein kratom leaves are each dried separately under natural light. The leaves are to remain moist a bit before they are completely dried to allow the alkaloid levels to develop to their full potential. The leaves are moistened and dried several times before the drying process is complete.

A special organic and natural solvent is used to dampen the leaves at each stage of the drying process. This further amplifies the potency of the alkaloids contained within the leaves. The drying time for gold maeng da kratom is roughly ten days, most often in a greenhouse type environment or in some cases, in direct sunlight.

After the green vein and white vein kratom leaves are dried, they are mixed together and ground into a fine powder. Some varieties of gold vein kratom blend the veins after they have been ground, while others before. Either way, gold color is achieved, hence the name gold maeng da.

Alkaloid content in Gold Maeng Da

Gold Meang Da

If you are new to the exciting realm of kratom, you might be asking what exactly are alkaloids and what do they have to do with gold maeng da?

Alkaloids are naturally occurring compounds that are present in the leaves of the kratom tree. They are also found in everyday foods such as potatoes and tomatoes. They are even present in chocolate, coffee and tea. Alkaloids have an often pleasing effect, which is why these items are favored by many.

Kratom trees have an extremely high alkaloid content. The two most powerful of these are 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine, which make kratom unique. Gold maeng da is said to have an exorbitant amount of these alkaloids, mainly 7-hydroxymitragynine, due to its cultivation, drying, and blending process.

Gold Maeng Da Applications

Similar to its red, white, green, and yellow vein counterparts, gold maeng da may be consumed in an assortment of mannerisms. Some prefer to take the capsule form of kratom, as it is easy to swallow and is said to be fast acting. The dosage has been pre-portioned so there is no second guessing the degree of potency. Also, if you shudder at the bitter taste of kratom, capsules are probably your best preference.

Kratom powder is also a mainstream way to partake of kratom. As it can be used as a food or beverage additive, many kratom regulars use it to brew teas or add it to their favorite baked goodies. As well, it can be added to your favorite beverage of choice or even sprinkled in your hot breakfast cereal.

Less common are kratom extracts, although they seem to be rising in popularity. The process in which they are formed is a labor intensive task, however, so the price may be a bit steep for some. As such, kratom extracts are recommended for more experienced kratom audiences.

The perks of kratom are not assured as the way in which each user experiences said benefits can fluctuate. Kratom is not yet endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore is either illegal or banned in some regions. As such, there are also age restrictions in place. It is also important to point out that one must not abuse kratom and should adhere to the recommended dosage on the packaging at the time of purchase.

Where to buy Gold Maeng Da

For the reasons highlighted above, it is essential that gold maeng da must only be obtained from a reliable kratom dealer. For the most part, one should only purchase kratom from an online seller that is approved by the AKA, which stands for American Kratom Association. The AKA has strict guidelines on the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of kratom.

SA Kratom is one of the most trusted kratom vendors currently online. Our fine selection of high quality kratom is naturally sourced from the best kratom farms in Southeast Asia. Check out our premium assortment of high superior quality kratom powders and capsules today!

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