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Kratom is also known as Mitragyna speciosa is an herb known for its potential benefits on the human body. The main component responsible for the effects of Kratom is the alkaloid concentrated in the leaves, barks, and trunk of the Kratom plant. These include Mitragynine (MG) and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-HMG) that are found in the highest quantity.

Now that people are getting more aware of the impact of alkaloids on a body they are looking for sources rich in them. Kratom herb is one such example that is also completely natural and free of fatal side effects.

While previously people used to chew the Kratom leaves directly, Kratom companies have now introduced various forms. These can either be ingested or applied like Kratom vape, powder, capsules, tincture, Kratom soap, etc.

Finding a reliable Kratom vendor is a tough job, especially when there are so many of them dealing in the buying and selling of Kratom products. One name that pops up whenever we look for an authentic Kratom company is Golden Rule Botanicals.


Golden Rule Botanicals, a Kratom vendor based in Arizona was founded by Brandon Bird in 2013. The keen interest of its founder in Ayurvedic herbs was the sole reason behind starting this brand. As he got to know of the benefits of the Kratom herb, he wanted to launch the best products for the customers.

The three prime goals behind everything were;

  • Improve the mental health
  • Reduce self-harm in the society
  • Provide a natural product for self-care

They prioritized quality over quantity and thus rather than providing a very vast range of Kratom products they chose those Kratom strains that were highly potent and beneficial. To ensure that the customer is highly satisfied from their experience they made sure that they provided them with the best.



The increased demand for Kratom has eventually led to multiple Kratom companies being launched in the national and international markets. Despite all the ongoing competition of these vendors, Golden Rule Botanicals has been on the top ever since.

The factors that have contributed to the success of Golden Rule Botanicals include the following.

✔ Best quality of Kratom products

Various natural products for the well-being of the human body

Different blends of Kratom strains

Economical prices with frequent discounts

Free samples

In-person pick up option

14 day refund policy

Option for splitting order

Extensive lab testing

4.9 star rating on Google reviews

Fast shipping

Can contact the owner directly


Golden Rule Botanicals is known for its exotic Kratom blends that can only be bought from its stores. As different Kratom strains are mixed together to create a blend surely something unique and different is created. Also, the impact on the body is completely surreal.

Some of the most popular Kratom blends at Golden Rule Botanicals are;


Spearmint #2 (Inverse) Green Indo and White Thai
Three Wise Men Green, Red, and White
Pink MD Red and White
Clone MD Green and White
Balendi Green, Red, and White Bali
Kama Sutra Green, Red, and White
Wintermint White Thai and Indo
Father’s Helper Red Malay, Green Malay, and Red MD
Double Mint Green Indo and Green Thai
Spearmint Thai and Indo



Along with Kratom products, Golden Rule Botanicals also has other numerous herbs that are believed to have positive impacts on the body. These include;

  • Mumijo Shilajit
  • Kanna Extract 100:1
  • Brakshun or White Mumijo Shilajit
  • Hirsuta
  • Super Detox
  • Chamo-rama (Rest & Relaxation)
  • Sore no More Sore-No-More (Inflammation Tonic)
  • Immuni Tea (Immune Tonic)
  • Man-Oh-Manna! (Energy Elixir)
  • Love Is Real (Romance Blend)
  • Ayurvedic Iron Man (Energy Elixir)


Though the packaging of the Kratom products at Golden Rule Botanicals is minimal. It surely has a modern and stylish touch to it. In particular, they have skipped the plastic packaging and focused on a more sustainable one to contribute towards making a better world. In addition, they have a beginner’s kit which includes 8 different strains weighed at 5oz for each, priced at $32.

The Kratom packages are available in pre-made sizes with prices as the following;

  • 1 ounce – $8
  • 2 ounce – $16
  • 4 ounce – $29
  • 8 ounce – $48
  • 12 ounce – $63
  • 1 pound – $78
  • 1 kilo – $148

On the other hand, the other botanical at Golden Rule Botanicals are sold as;

  • 10g – $15
  • 50g – $25
  • 100g – $40

Last but not least, Kratom splits are priced at;

  • 8oz/ half pound price – $41
  • 16oz/ pound price – $66
  • 18oz/ half-kilo price – $72
  • 36oz/ kilo price – $120GOLDEN RULE BOTANICALS


  1. Coupon Code

To attract the customers and make sure they keep on ordering from Golden Rule Botanicals, it keeps on introducing new codes and discounts. An ongoing code is BIRD20 which gives you a 20% off on any order. In addition, ECHECK25 offers a 25% discount for those paying from an e-check. Lastly, those who subscribe to their Bird Box Plan, get 30% off.

  1. Shipping Policy

Golden Rule Botanicals is known for its speed shipping. All their products are shipped via USPS Ground and processed within 24 hours. Also, the customer gets tracking information of their order to make sure that the order is delivered without misplacing.


Considering the facts stated above, Golden Rule Botanicals should be the first choice of kratom vendors. Certainly, they are the best in all terms. From top-notch products to excellent customer services, they get you covered with it all.

Golden Rule Botanicals has gained the trust of its customers in all these years through its dedication and passion. As the owner is aware of the benefits of Kratom it wants other customers to make use of it too.


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