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Green Borneo Kratom – The Perfect Choice

In search of the perfect variety of green kratom? Or maybe you have never tried kratom and don’t know where to start? If either of these is the case, Green Borneo Kratom could be exactly what you are searching for!

This article will provide a short history of kratom and then focus on Borneo kratom, most importantly Green Borneo Kratom. This will help you make an informed decision if this popular kratom strain is right for you.

A Bit About Kratom

Mitragyna speciosa is the “official” name of the popular kratom tree. This old and respected tree grows under certain tropical conditions and is indicative of countries in Southeast Asia such as New Guinea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

For centuries, those living in these tropical regions have benefited from the kratom leaf. It is said to contain powerful compounds known as alkaloids. These nutrients thrive under the hot sun and adequate rainfall levels of these tropic regions. Kindred with the coffee plant, kratom leaves hold claim to quite a few pleasing benefits.

Due to being held up for approval by the FDA, said benefits are in no manner promised to any individual as they vary in nature and per user. Because of this, you should consume any form of kratom with utmost caution. Also, take a minute to look online to see if you are able to legally purchase or consume kratom in your area of residence. Also, take care to adhere to age or any other restrictions regarding kratom distribution, possession, or consumption.

The leaves of kratom trees are picked at different growth spurts. For example, red vein kratom is processed from extremely aged leaves, while green vein kratom is picked early on. At each stage of its development, the leaves change color from green to white to red, thus the degree of alkaloids also matures as the leaves age.

High quality kratom is sustainably sourced and processed by kratom farmers and then distributed to reputable kratom vendors. For your safety, it is best to seek kratom from one of these online vendors as local vendors often do not possess a great deal of knowledge about kratom. As such, they might sell you a lower quality kratom or one that is not pure.

Borneo Kratom

As the largest island in Southeast Asia, Borneo is also one of the biggest islands worldwide. While it is mainly owned by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei also hold claim to the tropical paradise.

It is one of the facts that Borneo kratom trees can grow to almost eighty feet tall! Borneo is home to thousands of tropical trees and plants, thanks to its hot and humid weather conditions. These conditions make it the perfect home for the kratom tree to flourish to its full potential.

For hundreds of years, local kratom farmers have tended to these trees. They pick the leaves, allow them to dry either indoors or out, and then crush the leaves to form what we now know as Borneo Kratom.

The Borneo kratom tree is best known for its notable level of alkaloids, including Mitragnynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Along with these powerful natural compounds, Borneo leaves also contain high amounts of 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine, Mitraphylline, and Speciogynine.

Borneo kratom is a big hit with avid coffee drinkers as it has an appealing aroma and flavor. This is why this strain is most often used to brew homemade coffees and teas. It is said to be less bitter than other kratom varieties, which makes it immensely popular.

As well as its pleasing taste, Borneo kratom is pretty powerful, due to its high level of alkaloids. After the leaves have been harvested at their peak age (green, white or red vein), they are then dried using different lighting techniques to further enhance their qualities.

Green Borneo Kratom

The perfect choice for those new to kratom, Green Borneo kratom is the mildest of the Borneo kratom varieties. Picked early along its growth stage, green Borneo kratom is dried first indoors and then outdoors once again to illuminate its greenish hue.

With a smooth taste and delightful aroma, green Borneo kratom is a hot commodity on the kratom marketplace. If you are starting off with green Borneo, keep in mind that its alkaloid content is somewhat higher than other green kratom veins. However, this should not be a deterrent. Red Borneo kratom is the most potent form and should be reserved for those with quite a bit of experience with kratom consumption.

Like every other kratom strain, Green Borneo Kratom is sold online by trusted vendors in many forms. Most popular is Green Borneo Kratom powder as it is used to brew tasty kratom teas and coffee drinks. Also, it is the perfect addition to your morning smoothie, shake or juice.

Those who enjoy the culinary arts may benefit from adding Green Borneo Kratom to some of their favorite dishes. From oatmeal to brownies to muffins, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative cooking with kratom!

Green Borneo Kratom Capsules are also a huge seller. Some prefer coupes for their ease and convenience. Be aware that they will cost more than kratom powder in most cases.

green borneo

Buying Green Borneo Kratom

As mentioned earlier, green Borneo kratom is best obtained from a noted kratom seller online. To determine their authenticity, first, check to see if they are aligned with the American Kratom Association. This will prove that their products are naturally sourced, manufactured using quality practices, and tested for impurities.

SA Kratom has been selling kratom products online for quite some time. We take the time to have all of our kratom inspected by an impartial third party vendor at a dedicated lab facility to ensure that its 100% free from heavy metals and other impurities. Check out our extensive selection of premium quality naturally sourced kratom. Don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter in which we will tempt you with special rewards and promotions. As well, we provide free shipping on orders greater than $50.


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