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dragon kratom

Introduction to Green Dragon Kratom

As the use of kratom is increasingly becoming more common, people are seeking new strains of kratom to try. As each strain of kratom produces somewhat different effects, it is important to know a bit about different kratom strains before spending your hard earned money.

In this blog, we shall discuss a rare but popular kratom strain known as Green Dragon Kratom. This will help both new and experienced kratom users decide if green dragon kratom is right for them.

The Kratom Saga

Kratom, similar to CBD, is a natural herb that is believed to produce a number of positive effects. These benefits have often been compared to those of caffeine, although some kratom users may beg to differ. Some find it to be calming, while others say that kratom is energizing. How it affects you depends on your biological makeup so always practice caution when using kratom.

The FDA is still not enthusiastic about making kratom legal in the United States as they feel more research is needed. However, locals of Southeast Asia have been benefiting from kratom for centuries.

Kratom leaves are picked from Mitragyna Speciosa trees in tropical forests, mountains, and riverbanks in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and most often, Thailand. These tropical climates provide the ancient tree with the optimal conditions for maximum nourishment.

The leaf of the kratom is chock full of organic compounds called alkaloids. You can find these compounds in potatoes, peppers, and other nightshades, as well as the coffee bean. However, kratom is unique in that its leaves may contain upwards of 80 different unique alkaloids. The alkaloids that give kratom its kick are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

Each strain of kratom contains varying levels of the aforementioned alkaloids, which is the primary way to distinguish the different strains of kratom. Also, kratom strains are named after the hue of the leaves at the time they are plucked from the Kratom tree. Green vein kratom is fairly young, white kratom is at the prime of its life while red vein kratom is the eldest and most powerful.

After being washed and dried, kratom leaves are then finely crushed into a powder or made into varying doses of capsules and exported around the world.

Dragon Kratom

Unlike Malay Kratom or Thai Kratom, Dragon Kratom is so named after the region from which it originates. Dragon Kratom is a hybrid of one or more veins of kratom. For example, white dragon kratom is a unique blend of white elephant kratom and white Maeng da kratom.

Regardless of the vein color, Dragon Kratom is hailed as one of the strongest forms of kratom ever to hit the kratom marketplace. Generally speaking, green vein kratom is said to be fairly mild and ideal for beginners. However, as it is rich in alkaloids and a blend of some of the most powerful kratom stains, dragon kratom should not be your first venture into the world of kratom. While it is less potent that its red vein counterpart, green dragon kratom still packs a pretty powerful punch.

So why is Green Dragon Kratom such a big deal? Let’s take a closer look

Green Dragon Kratom

Like White Dragon Kratom, Green Dragon is a blend of Maeng da and elephant kratom. This carefully orchestrated blend of two of the most popular kratom strains is often elusive and may have a somewhat hefty price tag. Despite this, kratom users hail Green Elephant Kratom as one of their best overall experiences with kratom.

An extremely robust kratom strain, elephant kratom is harvested in the Ketapang forest mountains in Indonesia. Also, a very potent variety, Maeng da kratom is sourced from Indonesia and is rivaled as the best selling strain of kratom currently.

As each strain of kratom is dried under different conditions, Green Dragon Kratom is no exception. It is first dried in a completely dark room before it is once again dried under sunlight to strengthen the alkaloids present in its leaves. This greatly increases the amount of Mitragynine that lies within the leaves, from which Green Dragon derives its many attributes.

Green Dragon Kratom Varieties

Generally speaking, kratom is sold as a powder or convenient, easy-to-ingest capsule. As well, kratom extracts and teas are big-ticket items with experienced kratom users. Kratom in extract form is extremely concentrated, making it fairly expensive and also quite potent. It is best to leave kratom extracts to advanced kratom connoisseurs.

Kratom Powder

Kratom powders have many uses from brewing kratom teas to using it to spice up your favorite dish, from oatmeal to baked goods. Another way to use kratom powder is to add a pinch to your beverage of choice, the most popular being protein shakes and smoothies.

Where to Find Green Dragon Kratom

For both legal and safety purposes, we strongly recommend that you only obtain Green Dragon Kratom from a reliable online kratom seller. This is due to its rarity and also for your protection. Locally purchased kratom may not be pure or authentic. Whereas, trusted kratom online vendors are backed by the AKA or American Kratom Association.

If you find kratom locally, there is a good chance that it is being sold illegally. Also, you can not guarantee that it is of the finest quality.

The AKA, formed about 6 years ago, was set in place to ensure that all kratom sold online by these vendors is inspected for impurities and confused using strict guidelines to ensure safety. If a vendor is associated with the AKA you can rest assured that what you are getting is indeed high quality, naturally sourced kratom.

SA Kratom is one of these trusted vendors. We have a vast selection of some of the finest kratom products sourced from reputable kratom farmers in Southeast Asia. Everything we sell has been carefully tested by a third party lab facility to ensure that it is one-hundred percent free from heavy metals or any other such impurities. Be sure to take a minute to sign up for our informative newsletter in which we offer special rewards and promotions.


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