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Elephant Kratom

What Makes Green Elephant Kratom Special?

There are dozens of kratom strains available from respected online kratom vendors. It’s basically just a matter of determining which strain is right for you. It might take a little research and even some experimenting with various varieties before you find your favorite.

Green Elephant Kratom, although quite rare, is a highly coveted kratom strain by those who have been enjoying kratom for some time. For those who are considering green elephant, we can provide you with some insight into this particular strain in the article below.

Kratom Overview

Perhaps you have stumbled upon this article as you are not sure exactly what kratom does or where it comes from. If you already know the history of kratom, you can proceed to the next section. Otherwise, keep reading for a brief lesson on the story behind kratom.

Despite the fact that it has only recently become a worldwide sensation, kratom has been in existence since the dawn of time. Kratom trees grow in forests, riverbanks, and mountainous regions of Southeast Asia. This ancient tree needs humid weather and adequate levels of rainfall to blossom to its full potential.

Within the leaves of this powerful plant are compounds that occur via Mother Nature known as alkaloids. These alkaloids are the secret ingredients from which kratom derives its superpowers. It must be pointed out, however, that not everyone will sense these gains in the same fashion. This is why we must warn you that kratom is to be consumed at your own choosing. As such, please stick to the suggested dosage so as not to risk any harmful effects as with any supplement.

Kratom leaves are part of the same tribe as coffee beans, hence why many coffee drinkers are finding kratom to be especially beneficial. In the U.S., Kratom is presently withstanding approval from the FDA, so you might find that it is illegal in some areas. Take the time to read up on current kratom regulations, including age restrictions, before you attempt to purchase kratom.

Elephant Kratom Strains

To further explain, each strain of kratom varies in the level of alkaloid content. Aged kratom leaves have red veins, while the most youthful leaves are green. The older the leaves, the stronger the effects of the alkaloids. White vein kratom is referred to as the intermediate vein with somewhat moderate results.

Forging ahead, there are other strains of kratom available, mainly yellow and gold, although some vendors carry other varieties. Gold and yellow kratom leaves are most often a combination of either red, green, or white vein kratom. As well, the color of the vein may change during the drying process. Some leaves are dried indoors while others out, and some kratom farmers dry kratom leaves both indoors and out to further nurture the effects of the kratom leaves.

Normally, kratom is named after the region from which it was harvested. These include Malay Kratom (Malaysia), Indo Kratom (Indonesia), and Thai Kratom (Thailand). However, Elephant Kratom gets its unique designation from the shape of the leaves, similar to elephant ears.

Deep in the mountainous forests of Ketapang, Indonesia, farmers take extreme care in harvesting elephant kratom leaves. Not only do these leaves need the right environment to grow, but they also are dried under very specific conditions. Each vein of elephant kratom is dried using different techniques to create unique and highly effective stains of elephant kratom.

Red Elephant Kratom contains the highest amount of alkaloids, Green Elephant the mildest kratom strain, and White Elephant is a delicate balance of both.

Elephant Kratom Types

Elephant kratom is held in extremely high regard by kratom considered as it is said to contain the highest degree of alkaloids, crucially Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

Given the above information, one can ascertain that green elephant kratom is sourced from green vein kratom. Therefore, it is said to be the most lenient of the elephant kratom strains. This makes it a suitable variety for beginners. However, as it is indeed part of the elephant kratom family, green elephant kratom still packs a somewhat powerful punch, so use wisely and perhaps start off with a smaller dose until you know how it affects you.

In order to foster the amount of alkaloids in green vein elephant kratom, the leaves are dried indoors. Natural light would only advance the age of the leaves, turning them first White and then red. To keep its bright green hue, green elephant kratom dries indoors under ultraviolet light. Green elephant kratom is often said to have the smoothest taste and texture of the elephant kratom strains, another reason it is preferred by many.

Green Elephant Kratom Consumption

Those who have never tried kratom are probably quite curious as to how one would consume green elephant kratom. Similar to every other strain of kratom, the green elephant is sold in multiple forms, including capsules, kratom powder, extracts, and teas.

Kratom extracts are best left to advanced kratom users as they contain exceedingly high contractions of alkaloids. Not to mention, they tend to cost quite a bit more than other forms of kratom, especially cherished green elephant kratom.

Kratom teas are quite popular these days. You can purchase either crushed or dried kratom leaves to brew your own kratom tea. As well, kratom powder can be used to brew homemade kratom tea. More and more vendors are starting to sell their own special blends of kratom tea in the most popular strains.

Kratom powder can not only be used to make tea but can also be added as a supplement to any beverage from coffee to shakes to fruit juice. Many kratom users also spice up their favorite recipes by adding kratom for an extra kick.

Green Elephant Kratom Capsules are the biggest seller as they are sold in predetermined levels so that you can regulate your kratom intake. They are highly favored due to the experience and discretion of kratom in capsule form.

You can rely on SA Kratom for high quality kratom that is naturally sourced from the best kratom farms. We offer a vast array of kratom products and often offer rewards for our loyal customers!

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