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Green Horn Kratom – A Brief Introduction

Green Horn Kratom, also referred to by kratom users as Green Horned-Leaf or Green Horned Kratom is one of the most requested kratom strains. As it is rare, this only contributes to its popularity.

What is it about green horn kratom that makes it such a prized possession? How does it differ from other kratom varieties? Go on reading to find out more about this cherished kratom strain.

Kratom Notes for Newbies

Holistic remedies have been all the rage for some time now and kratom is no exception. While it has only been available on a global scale for around ten or so years, it has been in use in Southeast Asian countries for thousands of years.

Citizens of countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam have been harvesting kratom since time began. The leaves grow on an ancient tree whose scientific name is the Mitragyna Speciosa. Linked to the same lineage as coffee, the Kratom tree contains an abundance of organic matter known as alkaloids. You can find alkaloids in tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and other members of the nightshade family. They are also present in coffee. So don’t be surprised if people are comparing kratom to coffee or caffeinated tea.

Every individual who partakes in kratom may have a slightly different experience. As with any holistic supplement that is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the kratom experience can not be set in stone. Each person must make up their own mind if they want to partake of any form or strain of kratom.

The strength and effects of the alkaloids contained in kratom alter slightly by the age/color of the leaves. As well, the drying process can also modify the intensity of the alkaloids. For example, green vein kratom is often said to have the most minimal effects, while red vein kratom the strongest. White vein kratom is sort of the middle of the playing field.

Kratom is still not legalized in many places so do not purchase kratom if it has been deemed as banned or unlawful in your location. Also, remember there are age restrictions that must be followed.

Horn Kratom

Green horn

Typically, kratom strains are named after the vicinity from which they are cultivated. For example, Thai kratom is grown in Thailand while Indo Kratom hails from Indonesia. This is not the case with Horn Kratom. So named for the shape and appearance of its leaves, horn kratom is grown exclusively in the tropical Eastern Kalimantan forests of Indonesia.

The kratom tree needs very specific weather and soil conditions in which to grow to its full potential. Horn kratom farmers have ample experience harvesting this particular strain..The strenuous growing conditions attribute to the rareness of horn kratom.

Horn Kratom is packed with some of the most powerful alkaloids found in any kratom strain. It is often compared to Maeng Da Kratom, currently, the most popular, but those who use it frequently say it is even more powerful and the effects are long-lasting and fast-acting.

Horn kratom leaves are picked with care and then dried either indoors or out to stimulate the alkaloids contained in the leaves. It is then processed, exported, and sold on the kratom marketplace.

Green Horn Kratom

Most often, green horn kratom is tried indoors and then once again returned to benefit from the sun’s natural rays. This helps heighten the greenish hue of the leaves. It is then either crushed or finely ground into a powder form. We shall take a closer look at ways to use green horn kratom in a bit.

Similar to other forms of green vein kratom, green horn kratom is indeed suitable for beginners. Keep in mind that it still comes from Horned Kratom Trees, so its alkaloid content is significantly higher than some of its green vein counterparts.

Those who are proficient in kratom use often mix green horn kratom with either red horn or white horn kratom (or both) to give it an extra kick. As each vein contains varying degrees of alkaloids, mixing kratom strains is quite common.

Green Horn Kratom Uses

Green horn kratom is customarily sold as gold horn kratom powder or gold horn capsules. However, you may be able to find gold horn kratom extracts from a few trusted kratom websites.

If you do not shy away from things that taste somewhat bitter, you will find kratom powder quite pleasant. Green horn kratom powder is sold in abundance to do its versatility. It can be used as a tasty additive to any food or beverage. As such, many have taken to brewing kratom teas using gold horn kratom powder.

Those who shudder at the thought of anything sour will prefer kratom capsules. Not only are they convenient, but they are also discreet and easy to ingest.

Kratom extracts should only be consumed if you have ample experience with kratom. With a very powerful concentration, extracts cost a bit more but are preferred by those who use kratom quite frequently

Where to Buy High Quality Green Horn Kratom

It is not advisable to attempt to obtain green horn kratom from a local vendor. A lot of people are trying to scam kratom users by selling kratom that is either fake or somehow contaminated. As a precaution, you should only seek to obtain any form of green horn kratom from a respectable online kratom vendor.

How do you tell if a kratom vendor is reliable? Simple! Take a peek at their website to see if they are working with the AKA (American Kratom Association). This is a safety net to ensure that any kratom carried by said vendors is 100% pure and therefore safe.

SA Kratom provides its customers with some of the finest kratom from top kratom farms. We take time to test every one of our products in a third party lab to verify its purity and quality. Check out our current catalog for the best kratom available from any online vendor!


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