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Vietnam Kratom

Green Vietnam Kratom – All You Need to Know!

Vietnam kratom is said to be one of the most pleasing and effective kratom strains. Similar to other kratom varieties, Vietnam kratom is available in different strains. These include Red Vietnam, White Vietnam, Yellow Vietnam, and of course, Green Vietnam. The latter is the most popular type of Green Vietnam Kratom.

In this blog, we shall provide helpful information about Green Vietnam Kratom, as well as its other varieties. This should help new users make an educated decision about which type of kratom is their ideal choice.

Kratom Through History

While it is true that kratom has only recently become a hot topic globally, its existence is no stranger to South Asian locals. For hundreds upon hundreds of years, this sacred herb has been an integral part of their everyday culture.

At one time, natives would simply walk out to the fields, pick fresh kratom leaves and pop them in their mouths. In order to benefit from kratom, one would simply chew on the freshly picked leaves. This is still believed to be the best way to ingest kratom. However, over the years, many new methods of kratom consumption have been introduced. We shall highlight these later in this writing.

Grown exclusively on the Mitragyna Speciosa Tree, kratom leaves are full of natural alkaloids that contribute to its supposed benefits. It is quite difficult to pinpoint these exact benefits, as kratom will provide each user with a different experience. As we all have different bodies, we do not experience kratom in the same fashion.

This could be one of the many reasons why the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is hesitant to give their final blessing to kratom. As more and more research is being conducted on the benefits of kratom, however, many more people are turning to kratom as part of their everyday herbal routine.

As it is not legal in every state at this time, anyone considering kratom should investigate its legality where they are currently located. And even if it is legal statewide, your local township might have an individual kratom ban in place. Another factor to take into consideration when buying kratom is that there are age guidelines. Please keep all of these factors in mind while attempting to purchase kratom.

The alkaloids present in kratom are similar to that of the coffee plant. However, kratom is unique in that the alkaloid makeup is higher than that of coffee and other foods which contain these powerful organic compounds. Unique to kratom is a high content of the alkaloids 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine. Along with as many as 80 other alkaloids, these are the fuel from which kratom gains its many benefits and effects.

Vietnam Kratom

Kratom is sourced naturally from many regions in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. So, one would be able to determine that Vietnam Kratom is harvested in Vietnam.

That is indeed the case with Vietnam Kratom. Unlike Thai Kratom, which is sourced from both Indonesia and Thailand, Vietnam kratom is grown exclusively in Vietnam. Similar to Thailand, it was illegal to grow kratom in Vietnam for a time. However, both countries have recently legalized kratom and have begun to export high-quality kratom to reputable online kratom sellers.

Vietnam kratom is mainly grown in the Au Giang Province as well as along the banks of the Mekong River.

Most Vietnam Kratom is grown near the Mekong River as well as the Au Giang Province. The tropical weather conditions unique to this country make it a prime location for the kratom leaves to grow. The soil is rich in nutrients, which further enhance the alkaloids contained in Vietnam Kratom. In fact, Vietnam kratom is said to have at least 25% more alkaloid matter than most other strains of kratom.

Green Vietnam Kratom

Green Vietnam Kratom

So how is Green Vietnam Kratom different from Red, White, or Yellow Vein Vietnam Kratom? If you have ever tried kratom, you are well aware that any green vein kratom variety is the mildest strain of kratom. This is due to the leaves being harvested at a very young age, which means they contain a lower proportion of alkaloids. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Red Vietnam kratom comes from the most aged leaves, thus it is extremely rich in alkaloids.
As well as each strain of kratom having a different makeup, each vein color of kratom is dried differently. Most red kratom varieties remain outdoors in direct sunlight to charge the leaves. However, to maintain its greenish hue, Green Vietnam kratom leaves are first brought inside to dry for at least a week. Still somewhat damp, they revisit natural lighting to complete their drying process.
Green Vietnam Kratom is sold in many forms. These include the popular kratom capsules and kratom powder. However, you might be able to locate those vendors which sell whole or crushed dried kratom leaves, kratom teas, or kratom extracts.
If you have deep pockets and are experienced with kratom, kratom extracts are a great option. They are highly concentrated and quite strong. Beginners, however, might wish to stick with kratom capsules or powders until they feel comfortable with how their bodies handle kratom intake.

Green Vietnam Kratom

Where to Buy Vietnam Kratom

As it was only recently again made legal, Vietnam kratom might be hard to come by. You might be able to find it locally, in a smoke shop, or in other such specialty stores. However, when doing so, you take the risk that might either be fake or tainted. The best place to buy 100% pure kratom is from an online vendor.

This is the better situation as reputable online sellers will have ties with the American Kratom Association, or the AKA. This organization was established in the last ten years to watch over kratom sellers. This prevents them from selling products that are contaminated and do not follow good production methods.

SA Kratom is indeed associated with the AKA. Thus, all of our products have been fully tested by a third party to ensure the absence of cross-contamination. Feel free to pursue or store the latest and greatest line of Kratom products!



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