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Should You Buy High Quality Kratom from HCK Wellness?

For years, HCK Wellness has claimed to provide customers with high-quality, natural kratom products. According to their website, they offer customers nothing but top-tier, supreme-quality leaves. However, are they really as great as they claim to be? What do other customers say? Is this the right vendor for you?

In this review, we will be taking a much deeper look at this company. After hearing all about their product variety, product quality, customer service, shipping and return policies, overall reputation, and more, you should have the facts you need to decide if this vendor is the right one for you.

Who Is HCK Wellness Review?

HCK Wellness is a seasoned vendor that has been operating for quite some time. However, that doesn’t exactly mean they have always been well-trusted ones. In 2016, the company suffered when authorities raiding their Texas location. As a result, they received a lot of unwanted attention from the industry. Unfortunately, they lost nearly all of their CBD and kratom supplies. However, they worked hard to rebuild their business and reestablish their reputation.

However, despite their recovery, some kratom consumers continue to avoid this vendor. Some customers claim they are simply afraid that something similar to the raid will occur again. As a result, they are hesitant to invest in the company.

As far as reputation goes, they seem to have a pretty decent following from most customers. Many previous customers rave about the products and services offered by this brand. While naturally there are some critics, the general consumer reputation is relatively positive.

Products Offered By HCK Wellness?

HCK prides themselves in their collaboration with small farmers in Indonesia. Their website even provides different photos of the specific Mitragyna speciosa plants that are farmers grow to produce the kratom used by HCK Wellness, as well as photos of the farmers. In an industry full of scams, gimmicks, and slightly sketchy online vendors, it is reassuring that HCK offers this sense of business transparency. This can help customers that are still leery about this vendor gain at least a little bit more trust for their products and services.


However, because they only source products from small, local farmers, they do not have the largest range of product options. They do, however, offer two strains that previous customers claim are high-quality and reliable. These two strains include Super Green Borneo and Kali Red Vein. The Kali Red Vein is so popular that Kratom Chronicles gave it the title, the best strain of the year 2017. Although some time has passed since 2017, customers still have great things to say about this product.

Additionally, they pride themselves in offering nothing but pure leaf powder that is completely free of any veins or stems.

While kratom quality can vary depending on the product type and form, it is safe to assume that most products offered by HCK Wellness are of decent quality. Several customer reviews report quality, effective products.

Pricing Of HCK Wellness

They only offer two order size options for each of their two strains. They do keep things simple and convenient, with both the Super Green Borneo and the Red Kali costing the exact same price.

However, when compared to other leading vendors in the online market, HCK Wellness products are on the more expensive side. Part of this is due to the fact that they do donate a portion of their profits to the small village of farmers that grow their kratom. Despite the higher price, this is a reflection of ethical consideration and fair business practices.

Additionally, they make it a point to make several coupon codes and discounts easily available on their website. They also offer free shipping, and birthday deals or discounts such as freebies. If a customer is ordering on their birthday, all they have to do call or text HCK Wellness and let them know that it is their birthday.

The customer will then be sent a completely free birthday gift. Also, if customers take the extra time to read through the lengthy text on their homepage, they will discover that HCK also offers discounts for those that are unwell.

While the products are a bit expensive, HCK Wellness appears to offer several opportunities for customers to purchase products without completely emptying out their bank accounts.

Customer Service At HCK Wellness

According to several online reviews, HCK Wellness offers great customer service. One Reddit reviewer even said HCK Wellness offers the best customer service on the market. Several others had positive things to say regarding this vendor’s business practices and customer service. Not only do they offer efficient customer feedback from friendly, professional, and helpful representatives, but they also go out of their way to please customers in other areas. For example, HCK Wellness is known for sending out what they call “celebratory YouTube videos” to people who purchase their products and achieve their personal goals.

In other words, customers can easily tell that this vendor prioritizes more than just making a good profit, and they actually want to add value to the lives of their customers.

While they do not provide specific return information on their website, they do state that if customers are not pleased with their products, all they have to do is simply reach out to HCK Wellness and they will do their best to resolve the issue and ultimately please the customer.

HCK Wellness Social Media Presence

Unlike most online kratom vendors who neglect to establish an online presence, HCK Wellness does appear to somewhat prioritize maintaining an active social media presence. They currently have 182 Instagram posts and 159 Instagram followers. While this isn’t a huge presence, it is still more than the average vendor and it still works to establish some sort of business transparency and intentionality.

Final Thoughts

While they are highly regarded for quality products and excellent customer service, their pricing is a bit high for the average kratom consumer. However, if you are in the market for some great kratom, and you are willing to spend the extra money, this definitely isn’t a bad vendor to check out for yourself.

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