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Herbaldom – A Right Place To Buy Kratom?

Herbaldom is an online kratom vendor created by the current owner, Andrew. After previously working in the industry for another seller, he recognized the problems within the industry and felt inspired to create his own well- ran, effective online kratom business.

This vendor claims to offer excellent customer support, and high-quality products without any gimmicking marketing strategies and full transparency. Does Herbaldom live up to this promise? In this review, we will be examining various aspects of this vendor to help you decide if it is the right place for your kratom purchases.

Who Is Herbaldom?

As previously stated, this vendor is independently owned. On the website, the owner claims to prioritize full transparency and customer satisfaction above making a profit or expanding as a company.

Herbaldom claims to provide high-quality, simple products without all the flashy descriptions and market pulls. Their website includes simple descriptions of products without flashy marketing words and phrases such as “super” or “premium.” Instead of wasting time with these gimmicky strategies, this vendor does appear to prioritize transparency and simplicity, making it easy for customers to access products and make their purchases.

Additionally, Herbaldom claims to prioritize optimal product accuracy and quality. In other words, if a mistake is made with an order, they promise to do everything in their power to make it right. They value customer service and customer transparency, by putting extra effort into keeping customers informed about what they are ordering and the status of their order after delivery, thus creating a sense of trust with their customers.

While they are still one of the smaller vendors in the market, Herbaldom is slowly gaining popularity amongst kratom consumers and most reviews report that Herbaldom may just be as good as they claim to be. One thing that stands out about this market is its excellent quality control policy.

Customers have also commented on this vendor’s consistently high-quality products and the variety of unique strains they offer.

Although they have several good qualities, like any kratom vendor, they aren’t perfect. Some customers have commented on the limited range of kratom strains in comparison to other markets, as well as the lack of discounts and coupons. However, despite the disadvantages, many claim it is still worth checking out.

Herbaldom Products

Herbaldom offers a variety of products that customers love, and many believe they have a good balance of staple favorites and unique, rare finds. A variety of strains are offered; however, different strains go in and out of stock. Their most popular three strains include Green Maeng Da, Yellow Hulu Kapuas, and White Horn Kratom.

They are generally most recognized for their Green Maeng Da, in particular, with it being one of the most popular kratom strains in the industry. Herbaldom offers a wide selection of Green Maeng Da products.

Customers also rave about the Yellow Hulu Kapuas, a strain of kratom that quite difficult to come by in the industry, and, when customers do find it, it is often in such high demand that it is out of stock. However, Herbaldom prioritizes this product, making it accessible to customers as often as possible.

Additionally, customers appear to love the White horn kratom, a rather unique and exotic strain of kratom that isn’t entirely easy to get your hands on. Reviews reveal that this product is so popular, it brings customers back to Herbaldom every time. This product sets Herbaldom apart because it is so rare to come by that even some of the biggest markets in the industry do not offer it.

Herbaldom Prices

Herbaldom prices are all over the board, meaning there is something for buyers with all different types of budgets. Their affordable products are notably cheap in comparison to other vendors, with their other products typically falling in line with the general prices of similar products on the market.

In other words, products aren’t crazy expensive and if you are looking for exceptionally cheap options, they are available. They offer a wider price range in comparison to other leading vendors, making it accessible for all different types of consumers.

Shipping And Returns

This vendor offers the same shipping on all orders placed before noon PST on Friday. They ship Monday through Friday. However, they do utilize USPS shipping, so no shipping occurs on USPS holidays.

All products are packaged securely with generic, standard, protective packaging. International shipping is available; however, it is the consumer’s responsibility to understand the legal terms of kratom in their location. First-class international shipping is predicted to take 7-14 days to be delivered.

while priority shipping typically takes anywhere between 5-9 days.

Orders are always shipped with a tracking number, and, after placing their order, customers receive a confirmation email when their order has been shipped.

Herbaldom does claim to consider returns under certain circumstances, however, they feel confident in their products and services and ensure that they do everything in their power to get it just right the first time. An in-depth explanation of return guidelines is provided on their website. In short, they do offer returns but there is an extensive process that customers must complete for returns to be valid.

Customer Service

Harbaldom appears to have a positive reputation regarding customer service, with several customers reporting positive experiences with kind, informed, and helpful customer representatives. According to several reviews, their customer service is quick and effective, providing fast responses and adequate help. Customer service representatives are professional, kind, and extremely helpful.

Customers can contact Herbaldom by responding to their order email. However, if customers need to contact Herbaldom before making a purchase, they can fill out the direct contact form provided on the website for immediate feedback to any questions or concerns.

Herbaldom Social Media Presence

Similarly, for many vendors in the market, Herbaldom doesn’t appear to have a strong social media presence. However, this is pretty common in the Kratom industry and hasn’t appeared to hinder the reputation of this vendor in any way.

Final Thoughts On Herbaldom

Overall, reviews appear to be generally positive, and several customers even go as far as recommending this vendor to others. Some of the biggest stand out of this vendor that has given them their well-reputed standing is their rare strains, affordable prices, customer service, and product quality.

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