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Is Imperial Kratom A Genuine Vendor?

If you’re a customer struggling to find quality kratom from a trusted vendor, this may be the right place for you. The kratom industry is full of several different brands claiming to offer the best products on the market, fastest delivery times, or the highest quality customer service out there. It can be easy to get overwhelmed and even easier to fall victim to brands that lure customers in by offering extremely low-priced items at the sacrifice of business transparency and product quality.

In this review, we will be taking a deeper look at a family-owned online kratom vendor, Imperial Kratom. This review will cover everything from a customer product and variety, to delivery, shipping and returns, customer service, consumer reputation, business transparency, and more.

After this extensive review of this well-known brand, you will see if they really are as great as they claim to be and if this vendor is the right place for your next kratom purchase.

Who Is Imperial Kratom?

Imperial Kratom is based in South Carolina but they have a shop in Indiana Land. However, in this review, we will be focusing primarily on their e-commerce website where they sell products to customers from around the world. They are known for their specialty kratoms products such as extracts and capsules. However, they are also known for their edibles and blends.

Their well-designed, user-friendly website provides customers with an in-depth company description. Here, subscribers hear from the owner, Clara, about the company team, their goals, missions, and principles. According to their website, Imperial Kratom can credit their owner Clara for their good reputation and popularity.

Previous customers claim that have interacted with her claim she has made them feel seen, heard and that she strives to treat each customer with intentionality and care. She prides herself in starting this business after growing her own love and passion for

herbal remedies. She now wants to help others that are just beginning their herbal journey. The website also features testimonials from her team members Johnny, the head of production and customer service, and Stephan, in charge of production and sales.

Introducing the team, their specific roles, and some personal information about them creates a strong level of business transparency that many online kratom vendors sometimes lack. By simply visiting their website, Customers know who is working with their products, who they are, and why they are in the business.

However, business transparency and passion aren’t necessarily enough to make a successful vendor. What else does Imperial Kratom have going for them?

Well, to begin with, Imperial Kratom is well experienced. They have been operating for over a decade, and, in that time, they have been able to enhance the lives and routines of over a hundred people. They prioritize quality, claiming to work hard to produce top-tier, natural, kratom products. Additionally, the team appears well educated on the inter-workings of the product itself, the effects it can have, and so on.

Along with the extensive amount of helpful information, their website is convenient and effective in many other ways. The design is simple and appealing, and there are clear tabes at the top of the website, making it easy for customers to navigate the site. Additionally, this brand is great for customers who are new to the kratom scene but want to ease their way in. Present on the home page is a small description of what kratom is.

When customers scroll down a bit on the homepage, they can also find a link to customer testimonials and reviews regarding the company. This exhibits a sort of confidence in their products and services and also allows new users to get a glimpse into the effects before making a purchase of their own.

Products Offered By Imperial Kratom

Imperial kratom offers a wide line of products, including all the classic staple pieces within the industry such as Super Green Malay, Ultra Premium Bali, and Maeng Da. However, customers love that they also offer unique strains like their Imperial Kratom Ultra rare or their Purple Rain strain.

They are also well-known for their various specialty blends, one being the “Triple Threat,” which are CBD-infused caps.


That isn’t all though. Their full, in-house line of specialties including Victory Experiences, Triple Threat, Thriller, Sin City, Purple Rain, Parachute, Napalm, and Nam Thai. They also offer Nom Da, Mellow Yellow, KratoLove, KratoBomb, Hi-5, Happy Hippie, Happy Hippie Extract, Cloud 9, Fantastic 3, and Green Dream. Customers rave about the wide range of specialty, unique products to choose from, claiming that there is really something to satisfy everyone at this vendor.


This brand is known for its reasonable, incredibly affordable prices, however, unlike with some other brands, customers claim they offer low prices without the compromise of quality. Their capsules and powders start at an industry-low and never get too incredibly expensive, achieving the brand’s goal of making kratom accessible to as many people as possible.

This makes the brand stand out even more because they are also a head shop. Headshots are known for inadequate pricing. However, customers claim Imperial Kratom is different.

Customer Service

Another upside of this vendor is that they offer quality customer service. According to several online reviews, customers report positive experiences and quick feedback. Reports claim that customer service representatives were professional and kind and had the means and knowledge to quickly help customers solve any issues. Imperial Kratom is also well organized and efficient, meaning they get back to customers as quickly as possible. Their enthusiasm and passion towards Kratom also mean they have a passion for their customers and are dedicated to providing customers with the products that they think would work best for their needs and desires. They want to see their customers succeed, and they act accordingly, making customers feel valued.

Final Thoughts

Their business transparency, website design, excellent customer service and convenient shipping in return policies, and a wide variety of quality products set this vendor apart from the rest. If you’re in the market for some high-quality croutons from a well-trusted vendor at affordable prices, you might want to check this one out!

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