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Inland Botanicals kratom

Inland Botanicals kratom review

Inland Botanicals kratom sounds like America’s own online shop for kratom, but how many customers will believe that since there are so many choices nowadays? We try new vendors and review old ones only to allow readers to make the best choice.

When we tried Inland Botanicals kratom products, the difference was evident, and we will share the experience in-depth for you to decide if it’s the best kratom shop online for you or not.

Logging on the website

The website of Inland Botanicals kratom is easy, and the layout is simple. Old-timers and people who cannot call themselves tech-savvy can move around and select their choices, although it may be slightly tricky for you to read the light-colored text!

Overall, the website is easy, and you will find everything within a few clicks!

The products on display

Inland Botanicals kratom has a wide variety of Mitragyna strains, and all of them sound interesting as there are the usuals and some exotic names that will entice you to try. The product line ranges between yellow, white, red, and green vein strains for Maeng Da, Thai, Hulu Kapuas, Bali, Indo, and Borneo.

A few different blends include the gold kratom, IB blends, and Bundles packs. The IB Blends have exciting names like Solar Flare, The Bulgarian, Green Lantern, Counting Sheep, and Yellow Brick Road. If you are a creative buff like me, you will understand that counting sheep is probably linked with insomnia, leading to people counting sheep as they lay in bed. Similarly, the Yellow Brick Road is the way to see the wizard of Oz!

Quality of products: From the forest to your doorstep

Inland Botanicals kratom gets the fresh, healthy kratom leaves from Southeast Asian farmers practicing harvests at the right time to ensure excellent alkaloid quality.

The manufacturing processes are careful, and each product is tested in a laboratory to ensure safety for customers. The number of alkaloids, the content of each alkaloid, and screening on heavy metals and chemicals make Inland Botanicals kratom products reliable.

The packaging of all the products is vacuum-sealed and cap-locked so that the contents are fresh till the end!

What is the price range? Payment methods?

The prices of all the kratom products depend on the size and not the strain. This uniform pricing makes it easier for customers to try out different strains without worrying about the cost. The various sizes available are between 10grams and one kilogram, and the price range is between $3.50 and $110. Inland Botanicals kratom allows customers to pay through bank cards.

MasterCard and Visa are acceptable and add to shopping convenience for all of us! You can pay with Echecks, or ACH too. The prices are compatible with other online shops, and the results are pretty exhilarating, so if you compare the price with the effects, it’s all worth it!

Deals and Coupons

Inland Botanicals kratom offers discounts from time to time. Be sure to keep a check on the website, and if you have subscribed to emails and newsletters, there are some exciting gifts for you too! Social media presence allows potential customers to check out discount deals and get an infiltrated view of customer reviews! The Facebook page for Inland Botanicals kratom is an excellent route to finding discounts and deals on the website.

You can get Inland Botanicals kratom Gift Cards and enjoy discounts with them! This is a great way to treat your friends if you already got your kratom feed in order!

Shipping and Returns

For any returns due to change of choice, or accidental ordering, customers can visit the returns center on the website and request a return. You will have to enter your order number and email address, and the online vendor will ask you what you want to return from the order. Once you request this exchange or return, the shipping guidelines come to your mailbox, and you can follow them to get your money back or get a different product.

The returns are allowed within 30 days of purchase, and the package must be sealed and unused. We have noticed a consistent returns policy among many online shops, and Inland Botanicals kratom efficiently provides convenience for all customers. If you avail of a gift card and want to return the product, it might not be possible as the reduced price from the gift card was for one-time use.

Inland Botanicals kratom offers USPS first class, priority mail, or express shipping. You will receive your order within a week of ordering. This time might sound more to some customers, but it is because of the payment methods too! If you choose a fast payment method, your order will be on its way instantly too!

Affiliates and Wholesale programs

Inland Kratom’s confidence in its products is evident through the affiliate program that invites vendors to become IK vendors! You can join the program and earn a 10% commission on each referral to the website. You can keep directing people to the website, and on each order, you get one-tenth of the total earning.

For kratom wholesale, interested individuals can fill a form on the website and get 100% satisfactory kratom products for their new business as vendors!

Customer reviews

On the Facebook page for Inland Kratom, you see reviews of customers that make it feel like a family that shares their experiences and good thoughts. Customers rave about the products and excellent service and often appreciate the company owners for their mission and delivery of superior products.

You can find out a lot about any vendor from social media pages and interactive platforms like Reddit. We saw good words about the products, the results, and the vendor’s services that made the experience worthwhile for numerous customers. Our team also found the high-quality products to be a great addition to the kratom market. You should give this shop a shot and decide for yourself!


Inland Botanicals kratom is not a new name in the kratom market, and we set out to find what it has to offer. The product range is excellent in quality and price, and the vendor provides unique service features to make the experience worth a second try!

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