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Joe Rogan kratom

The Joe Rogan Kratom Experience- Did Kratom Help Him?

A famous comedian, actor Joe Rogan kratom, once in a podcast, explained how he got into the world of Ketum and started using them. He further told the fantastic results he got from using kratom capsules every day. So let’s not wait and get digging into this article.

A Quick Introduction to Kratom

Kratom is a botanical extract that we get from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa. This plant of Asian heritage is found in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asia. Ketum is supplied in several forms like tea, liquid, and, most popular, powder form.

People use kratom as a coffee replacement or as a natural herb for health benefits. However, there is still research ongoing about kratom and its effects, and till then, it’s useless to make any claims. Other than that, people find kratom relaxing and a beneficial health product.

Joe Rogan Kratom

Joe Rogan and Kratom

The first query that pops in our mind is how a known actor and stand-up comedian started to talk about kratom? Well, the answer is simple. In a conversational podcast, where he was discussing health-related topics with Chris Bell, he told him how a particular situation led him to use kratom.

He told Chris that he had been suffering from severe knee aches for a while, and there was nothing to help it. He learned about using kratom from a friend and how much it helped him. This was the time when he decided to use Ketum.

To his surprise, kratom worked wonders on his knee ache. He said himself that kratom helped in reducing the knee ache with time. And with time, he became fond of it.

What Kratom Did Joe Rogan Take?

Joe Rogan told and showed the type of kratom he uses. It was urban ice organics kratom capsules, each of 750 milligrams. He also said that the packet instructs him to take two capsules daily. However, he once took eight pills a day which he doesn’t recommend to new users.

Urban ice organics is a kratom manufacturing brand that sells high-quality strains of kratom in different forms. Their variety is restricted. Nonetheless, you can find high-quality kratom sorts in powder, toss and wash form, liquid, and capsules.

Their products have proper packaging. Each product is tested carefully, and quality checked to give the best results to customers.

His main emphasis was on getting kratom from trusted suppliers who manufacture quality Ketum of a gold standard to affect the body and mind significantly.

Joe Rogan Remarks on Kratom

On another podcast, he openly supported kratom usage due to its benefits. He disagreed with calling it a relaxant and promoted it as a relaxant. He added that the two capsules of urban ice organics kratom capsules have an effect more like a cup of coffee.

Not getting mismanaged

Other than that, it also helps him in managing his knee ache. He also added that, unlike relaxants, Ketum doesn’t leave you high and discoordination or trembling. Instead, a person is as active and present as his daily routine but with a more tension-free brain.

Energizing body

In his experience, he saw people taking kratom in the gym, and it’s true. Many people think that kratom is an energy booster and provides them with a lot of energy to perform heavy weight lifting exercises and increase stamina.

Works Well as an Athlete

He enjoys martial arts and a variety of physical activities. And during this training, there are high chances of injuries. He confidently testifies that kratom helps manage body injuries and aches even though there is little solid research-based evidence.

Joe Rogan took even six capsules of kratom for many days due to his knee issues. After usage for several days, he concluded that there was no overdose and despite consuming it on high levels, he still worked and managed to perform his daily routine tasks without any health issues.

His usage recommendation

According to¬†Joe Rogan kratom¬†using opinion, he advises the beginners to start with a normal range. Secondly, he says firmly to follow the recommended dosage that comes on the kratom’s package.

Kratom Availability

Kratom has been made legal in various states and hence easy to get. The one thing that matters most is the quality of kratom. That’s why one should always get it from trusted kratom-producing companies. You can easily find kratom in different varieties.

Kratom has many strains that a person can get. These come in red vein, Maeng Da, into leaf (white/red/green/infused) kratom, Cbd infused ones. Forms include powder, extracts, capsules and tea, and dried leaves. Now it depends on what type of kratom you want to include in your life.

Joe Rogan Kratom


Final Words

Kratom is a plant extract that is only found in South Asia countries. In recent years, it has gained immense popularity along with people, especially celebrities. One of the famous examples is the Joe Rogan kratom-related podcast, where he exclusively discussed Ketum with his mate.

Also, in many health-related podcasts, he regularly discussed the positive effects of kratom on his body. He admitted that kratom usage was beneficial for him, and he will be using it further.

We hope that you will find this article insightful. If you did, then don’t forget to tell us in the comments. Till then, have a great day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What different ways can I consume kratom? You can have kratom in powder, leaves, capsule, or liquid form. Now it depends on your choice.

  1. Is kratom FDA approved?

Ketum is still under the process of FDA approval. Research on Ketum is still going on, and there are high chances for kratom to get certification soon.

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