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kannibal kratom

Is Kannibal Kratom Your Next Kratom Stop?

Kannibal Kratom advertises itself as a botanical connoisseur’s specialty. This vendor, unlike the others, does not have a great deal of backstory supporting it just by browsing their webpage. They state that their goods are directly from Borneo’s rainforests.Furthermore, the brand declares to deliver high-quality items on track with some of the greatest in the world.

Thanks to their generations of knowledge and insight. With so many claims from this vendor, it can be misleading if the customers say the exact opposite. It is why there is one fact we are searching for: Is this vendor’s brand worth your money?Today, we’re going to dive deeper into their website and what tree leaves lovers have been saying about this vendor. Let’s look into the specificities about Kannibal Kratom so you may know how to answer this question.

What is Kannibal Kratom?

Kannibal Kratom works as a wholesale retailer. Since 2016, this seller has been in business and has been a popular choice at smoke shops across the United States in previous years. According to their logo, they are accessible in Austin, Texas. They do have their official website; however, orders from the general populace do not get accepted.

The About section seems more of a discussion about the origination of tree leaves than a Get to Know Us page. Everything they state about their firm is that they have been a group of Mitragyna Speciosa professionals with years of expertise in the industry. They provide very little information about the items they sell.

Kannibal Kratom

What Products Do They Have?

Kannibal Kratom offers an utterly simplistic and uncomplicated product range. On their website, they provide two different categories of items. Only the Bali and Maeng Da strains get provided by this vendor. If you glance at it, there is not enough detail on their web page about how much they supply their things. Nevertheless, with some digging, you may locate websites selling such products. They offer quantities of 14, 42, or 70 kratom capsules.

Kannibal Kratom does not seem to have the extensive range of powder selections that most leading botanical suppliers provide. Numerous suppliers sell 1 kg or more of Mitragyna powder in bulk. Whereas, when it comes to this specific vendor, they only sell 30 grams and 60 grams.

Each kratom capsule only includes 0.6 grams of raw Speciosa powder, which is not much considering the typical user takes 2-6 grams each dosage. On Reddit, you’ll find that some individuals believe their items are too powerful for their palates. Other consumers, on the other hand, have commended the products.

Are Their Prices Reasonable?

On the webpage, all users get is a photo of their 2-strains and a questionnaire. This form is for acquiring further information about making an order with this vendor. The Maeng Da Capsules are for $34.99, but a website has reduced them to $29.99. This site also supplies the 70 counts of Bali Strains for $24.50.

In addition to the reduced pricing, several internet retailers have been offering Kannibal Kratom‘s goods for the customers. Their 30g powder costs $20, while their 60g powder gets priced at $25. The 70-count capsules, on the other hand, cost $39.99. Kannibal Kratom also offers 14 and 42-count bottles, but they are not available anywhere.

Does Kannibal Kratom Offer Any Discounts?

Kannibal Kratom does not give any discount coupons because it is a wholesaler. As a result, anybody interested in purchasing all-natural herbal supplements from this business should check for any available discounts at their preferred Mitragyna speciosa retail outlets.Since they have products accessible through resellers, they could contact you if you require more amounts of Mitragyna.

It implies that if users prefer to buy in bulk, there is a good chance they will reply and get you the best deals possible – so that one can cut down on the cost. If consumers want a more practical alternative, they should opt for buying through other retailers. With the help of these distributors, they will be able to purchase modest quantities immediately. However, it is advisable to do some of your homework beforehand. With its help, you may know what you are getting yourself into.

What Do People Say About this Brand?

Kannibal Kratom does not seem to represent any of these social media sites and does not attempt to contact clients who are unhappy with their products. When a corporation has a poor customer image, it is typically a harbinger of things to come. Even though the company boasts of being professionals with decades of expertise in the Kratom industry, it appears that they have yet to create an influential name.

Any business that wants to attract customers might want to get as much material about itself out to the public as possible. The vendor’s webpage seems a bit suspicious. Further than their statement that they have years of expertise in the sector, there is no other data written concerning them. One Reddit user described their Maeng Da as having a mix of red and white veins. “I was not impressed.” However, individual encounters differ, and another Reddit user claimed that their Kratom “worked like a dream.”

Is Their Customer Service Good Enough?

Kannibal Kratom has made the biggest blunder of all by leaving their clients in the dark. Some businesses create their Reddit user profile to respond to queries about their merchandise. This vendor, on the other hand, is peculiar. On social media, contacting the business is unbelievably impossible. “I’d be scared there were parts of humans thrown there,” a Redditor added. Users have no idea what kind of quality assurance their goods provide.



  • No extensive range of tree leaf powder selections is available
  • No direct discounts available to the general public
  • A very little information about origin and tree leaves products open on their site
  • They are not available on any social media platforms

Kannibal Kratom, as a firm, is unlikely to meet your expectations. Before buying Kratom online, always do your research; read brand reviews, user’s comments on, and other Kratom discussing platforms.

Kannibal Kratom

Final Words

Considering all the information that we went through, it is safe to say that you can find better vendors than Kannibal Kratom out there – particularly if you’re a more seasoned user who always prefers Premium Kratom from manufacturers that lab-test their product.


Are Their Products Safe For Consumption?

There are no accreditations from AKA or any certifications about if their products have no metals or other substances that are harmful for consumption. So, if you are willing to spend your money, choose a supplier that has some support for its product. There are numerous options for locating top-tier kratom vendors. Good luck with your all-natural herb hunt!

How Do I Order Kannibal Kratom’s Products?

If you decide to purchase a product from a reseller, it is better to call them directly. There is no explanation on their website on how to buy their product. Alternatively, you must use their contact information form to send them an email.

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