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Klarity Kratom

Is Klarity Kratom A Best Place To Buy Kratom?

When determining the validity of a kratom vendor, it is important to consider the quality and trustworthiness of that vendor. As a result, customers ask themselves questions such as what do previous customers have to say, how transparent are their business practices, how great is the quality, or how much do they charge? However, in a vast industry full of companies claiming to be the absolute best, finding the right answers to these questions can sometimes be a bit difficult.

However, don’t worry. In this review, we will be taking a much closer look at Klarity Kratom and, hopefully, we can help you find the answer to these various questions.

Who Is Klarity Kratom?

Based in Las Angeles California, Klarity Kratom functions as a well-reputed kratom brand that has been providing its kratom products to over 500 stores. In fact, Klarity Kratom is considered to be one of the largest and most versatile kratom distributors in the industry. Some avid kratom users even consider this distributer to be the most reliable one as well. This vendor has been an active member of the kratom market for quite some time, and, as a result, they are pretty well-known within the industry, and most consumers view them in a positive light.

However, this vendor does stand out in the fact that it doesn’t have an eCommerce website. In other words, there does not have an interface in which they can interact with individual customers. Basically, the average individual kratom user cannot make purchases on an online website from Kratom Klarity. Instead, this vendor specializes in bulk sales and caters specifically to online shops and stores.

However, despite their nature, many customers have still had the opportunity to try products from Klarity Kratom.

Despite their mostly positive reputation, however, there are several negative aspects that cannot be ignored. For example, while they do offer many options when it comes to quantities of kratom, they do not provide many options when it comes to strains, which can be a bummer for customers who love variety.

Additionally, despite the fact that many customers seem to believe this vendor offers quality products, customers can be sure exactly how safe and natural the products are. This is due to a lack of lab testing results available to customers.

Products Offered By Klarity Kratom

Klarity Kratom specializes in capsules and powders. This is a huge upside for the company because many vendors in the industry prefer these two popular forms. They also allow customers to purchase a range of different-sized orders. Customers can choose to purchase anything 8,40,75, to 100, 150, 300, and 500 counts. This wide variety of product sizes allows customers with various needs to find what they are looking for in this one spot.

Overall, customers report positive experiences with these vendors’ products, and they love the wide range of options available.

However, one thing that customers appreciate less is the fact that KlarityKratom only offers two strains. These strains include Meang Da Kratom and Red Bali. These stains are, however, one of the most popular strains within the market so many customers are still pleased with the product line.
A downside, however, is the fact that Klarity kratom neglects to provide any information regarding the lab testing of the products or their GMP compliance.

In an industry full of scams and gimmicks, customers are leery of vendors that neglect to offer any sense of business transparency. This is the one aspect that has turned several customers away from this vendor.

Customers do appreciate Kratom Klarity’s quality packaging. Customers have described the kratom powder packaging as attractive, simple, and effective. Additionally, the capsules are shipped in tightly sealed plastic bottles and bags. Their primary colors are green and white, keeping things simplistic and appealing. Additionally, basic, important information about each product is placed on the packaging. Effective packaging allows for safe shipping and quality delivery.

Despite the lack of business transparency, several online reviews seem to point to the general assumption that their products are of high quality. This vendor actually has a great reputation in regard to product quality. With hardly any negative reviews, most customers appear to believe that Klarity Kratom is reliable and trustworthy.

Products Offered By Klarity Kratom

As mentioned above, this vendor is a wholesale vendor that specializes in selling for resell purposes. As a result, specific prices for products are not available on their website. However, considering their incredibly high reputation and several positive, online comments, it is safe to assume that their prices aren’t incredibly unreasonable.

Customer Service

According to the general online opinion, Klarity Kratom offers great customer service. On their informative, well-designed website, customers can find all the information necessary to reach this vendor. For example, they provide their address, their email, and their phone number. Additionally, customers can fill out a direct contact form to receive answers to any questions or concerns they may have.

Several positive reviews from previous customers report convenient experiences with kind, professional, and knowledgeable customer service representatives. Customer service representatives can be reached any time during the company’s operation hours, (Monday-Friday, 9 am-6 pm.)

Shipping And Returns

As mentioned above, Klarity Kratom does not have an e-commerce website. As a result, customers cannot access any information regarding shipping or returns. However, most customers agree it is safe to assume that they probably use USPS shipping methods.

KlarityKratom Social Media Presence

Unlike most online kratom vendors, Klarity Kratom has worked to establish an active social media presence. They even have accounts on three different social media platforms. Customers can find this vendor on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a huge upside that creates a sense of business transparency. The Instagram link provided on their website does not take customers directly to the Instagram page. However, customers still appreciate the effort put into establishing a social media presence.

Final Thoughts On Klarity Kratom

While Klarity Kratom does appear to have a decent reputation, the negative aspects mentioned above cannot be ignored. According to their quality products, excellent customer service, and high reputation, I wouldn’t advise completely avoiding this vendor. However, take precautions when making your purchase.

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