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Is Krabot Really The Best Option For Purchasing Kratom?

Krabot is a highly reputed, online kratom vendor that offers products ranging from powders and capsules to teas and extracts. The fairly new company operates out of Chino Hills, California, and has gained a high reputation on various social media platforms. The company is entirely legal, and several online reviews report positive experiences with this vendor.

However, is Krabot really the best option when purchasing kratom, and if they are, what makes them so great? This review will take a closer look at this vendor’s customer services, products, pricing, social media presence, and more to help you decide if Krabot is for you.

Who Is Krabot?


According to several Reddit reviews, Krabot has excellent products and quality service. Customers can choose from a variety of pure, natural products sourced from Southeast Asia, the most popular region for quality kratom growth. The biggest stand out for many customers is Krabot’s high-quality products at extremely affordable prices.

As a leading Kratom vendor, Krabot has a generally high reputation amongst avid kratom buyers. Most customers report optimal satisfaction with very little negative feedback, giving the company a high standing within the online kratom market. With their products in high demand, they have an efficient, kind, professional, and readily available customer service team that works quickly to address any consumer questions or concerns.

Their website is well designed and provides an extensive list of their unique strains, sizes, and forms of products. Aside from a lack of background information provided about the vendor, the website includes several helpful bits of information regarding aspects such as customer service contact, returns, discounts, package tracking, payment information, store locations, terms and conditions, shipping, and handling, and COVID-19 guidelines.

The website also includes an FAQ section that can be utilized by customers to find answers to many common questions. The website is extremely informative and makes it easy for visiting customers to get a sense of what the company is and what they stand for.

Unlike many kratom websites, Krabot seems to openly acknowledge our wordy state and they appear to work towards keeping employees and customers safe and healthy. Additionally, their website features 340 pages full of several customer reviews regarding specific products offered by Krabot.

Krabot Products


Krabot doesn’t just offer the standard kratom powders and leaves, instead, their product line features several different flavors of teas, different soaps with flavors including cocoa and coffee. Customers can also purchase finely ground kratom, blends and capsules, and kratom isolates. Products are available in nearly all forms.


  • Split Kilo powder
  •  Krabot blends
  •  Sample packs powder
  •  Kratom powder
  •  White vein
  •  Red vein
  • Green vein


  • CBD
  •  Sample packs capsules
  •  Kratom 1,00 mg capsules

Capsules are available in 1000 milligrams (about the weight of a small paper clip).


  •  Kratom Isolate
  •  Kratom Extract


  •  Hand sanitizers and mask
  •  Kratom soap
  •  Maeng Da kratom


Compared to other typical kratom prices, Krabot prices do rest more on the expensive side. However, many customers say the quality explains the higher prices. The products are beautifully and aesthetically packaged, with an elegant feel to them that customers adore. As a result, many customers have claimed to not mind the high prices.

Some of their products are more affordable than others, with powders typically costing less than most capsules. Their unique strains and specialty products are the highest-priced items. However, despite some items being more expensive, customers on a budget can still find something on Krabot.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made via Zelle, cryptocurrency, Echeck, and personal check or money order. Customers can visit the “How Do I pay Tab” section under the supports tab to find detailed descriptions of how to pay using each distinct payment type. The payment process appears to be fairly simple and there have been no customer reports of issues regarding payment.

Various deals are offered on their website to soften the blow of the high prices. For example, one coupon code offers a 40% discount on any product. These said coupon codes can be found on Krabot’s social media pages, as well as their official website.

Shipping And Returns

Krabot does allow for returns and a detailed, photographic description of exactly how to return items can be found on their website. Customers simply log in to their Krabot account, visit the orders tab, select their order, click on the “request return” form, chose the quantity of your order, provide your reasoning for the return, and submit the return request. The customer then waits for further instruction while the return order is processed.

Free shipping is available for domestic customers who can receive their orders within a fast amount of time of a few hours. Customers can also track their orders via a code provided by the company.

Additionally, free shipping is also offered for all orders over $75. An additional shipping fee is applied to international customers. International orders typically take about 3 weeks to be delivered and no shipping occurs on weekends.

Social Media Presence

Compared to most kratom vendors, Krabot does have a steady social media presence. Their Instagram page has 48 posts and 4,198 followers. Their Facebook page has 3,579 likes; however, they have not made any post since 2020 and interaction is lacking, with only 4 likes and 1 comment on their last post.

Customer Service

Previous buyers confirm that Krabot has top-notch customer service, giving it the positive reputation it has been able to maintain. Consumers have reported effective interaction with kind and informed company representatives. Customers can also seek help via live chap options and helplines available on the website. They also provide an FAQ section or options for customers to contact them via their official website and social media pages.

Krobot LLC
PO Box 40
Chino Hills CA 91709

Business hours include 9 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday Pacific Standard Time.

Final Thoughts On Krabot

Krobot is a highly reputed, well-trusted company, whose products are enjoyed by several kratom enthusiasts who report optimal satisfaction in the product. They provide a wide variety of high-quality, beautifully packaged products and create an easy, enjoyable experience for all buyers. If high-quality kratom is what you are in the market for, it may be a good idea to check out this vendor.

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