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Kratom 5280

Kratom 5280 – Sincere Review

Those familiar with kratom can attest to the fact that high-quality kratom is not as easy to come by as one would think. There are a lot of shady vendors online, so it is wise to know a bit about a kratom vendor before buying any of their products.

In this Kratom 5280 review, we shall give you unbiased feedback about this kratom seller. You can then use this information, in addition to your own research, to make an informed decision as to whether Kratom 5280 is a vendor that you can trust.

About Kratom 5280

Located in Pine, Colorado, Kratom 5280 prides itself on selling kratom that is directly and sustainably sourced from the best kratom plantations in Indonesia. They claim that their kratom is 100% pure and is always fresh.

Kratom 5280 Website

For a company that claims not to be “gimmicky”, Kratom 5280 website has quite the opposite feel. They talk about how their kratom is sourced from only the best plantations. And they go on about how they hermetically seal their packaging. However, they neglect to provide proof of lab testing on any of their kratom products.

They do provide their company address and telephone number. As well, they also offer the link to their Twitter and Reddit accounts. You have to dig around the website a bit to find out about their policies on shipping and returns. We feel that an update is needed to make their site more user-friendly and current.

Kratom 5280 Customer Service

The hours of operation for Kratom 5280 are Monday through Saturday 10 am until 5 pm MST. They can be reached via their direct telephone number, as well as their Reddit page and Twitter. However, they do not have a contact form on their website. Any orders for Kratom 5280 are placed via email.

Again, we feel that if this vendor wishes to stay competitive on the kratom marketplace, that they should make some changes to their website. Payments must be mailed in. While they are primarily a local vendor. Kratom 5280 does ship its products, so it would only benefit them to upgrade to an online payment system to increase their customer base.

This being said, their customer service has only received positive reviews. Customers are satisfied with the way Kratom 5280 customer support handles any inquiries. Most state that they are pleased with the response time and the way the company resolves any issues. One complaint which seems to be a running theme is that their prices are considerably higher than compared to other kratom vendors.

Kratom 5280 Shipping

Kratom 5280 ships their orders in discrete packing. All orders are shipped via USPS Priority 2-day shipping. Shipping fees are included in the pricing, however, a 4.9% Colorado sales tax will be applied to all purchases. Customers are provided with a tracking number once their Kratom 5280 order has been shipped.

Kratom 5280 Returns

We could not find any information on their website regarding customer returns. Upon reading customer reviews, we found out that Kratom 5280 will accept returns and exchanges on a case-by-case only basis. You must contact their customer service team to have the return approved. It appears that they only accept returns on damaged or unopened merchandise.

Does Kratom 5280 Lab Test Their Products?

In their “About Us” section of their website, Kratom 5280 goes on about how their kratom is sustainably sourced and hermetically sealed. They claim that all of their kratoms are pure, premium grade.

However, nowhere on their website could be determined whether Kratom 5280 subjects their kratom to lab testing. There is no way they can guarantee that their kratom is in fact pure unless it has been thoroughly tested by an independent third-party laboratory facility.

For those who are unaware, Kratom is not approved by the FDA as of this writing. Therefore, similar to many herbal supplements, kratom should be consumed with caution. One of the ways to ensure kratom is safe for human consumption is lab testing. Kratom 5280 has taken the liberty to provide the appropriate warnings on its website. However, it doesn’t bode well for them that their products are not lab tested.

Is Kratom 5280 Affiliated With The American Kratom Association?

In addition to the lack of lab testing, we are disappointed to say that Kratom 5280 is in no way affiliated with the AKA. The best way to tell a good kratom vendor from a bad one is by their association with the American Kratom Association.

The AKA overlooks all of their vendors to be certain that these vendors are complying with GMP guidelines. Kratom 5280 is not on the list of current AKA vendors, nor are they on the list of those kratom vendors awaiting approval from the AKA.

Kratom 5280 Products

Kratom Powder:

  • Bali Kratom
  • Red Horn Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • White Horn Kratom
  • Green Horn Kratom
  • Wahyu’s Best Kratom
  • Malaysian Kratom

Kratom 5280 Payment Options

One of the main drawbacks of Kratom 5280 is that you have to email them in order to place an order. Currently, they are not an e-commerce friendly site. Payments are made via money order and mailed to “Rocky Mountain Nootropics” (see website for address). Apparently, if you are unable to pay via money order, you can contact them directly to see what other payment options are offered.

Kratom 5280 Coupon Code

We could not find any coupon codes for this vendor. This can be attributed to the fact that they do not currently accept online payments. They have run special offers from time to time, so keep checking back to see if they are offering any discounts on their kratom powders.

Final Word On Kratom 5280

Customers have left many positive reviews about Kratom 5280 kratom powders. While they currently only sell about 7 kratom strains, they have been labeled as high quality by previous customers.

However, without lab testing and AKA affiliation, we feel you might benefit from going with another vendor that meets these criteria.

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