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Kratom Country – Are They The No. 1 Choice To Make Your Next Kratom Purchase?

Kratom Country has been providing their services for quite some time. They have managed to establish somewhat of a reputation amongst the kratom community and they claim to be the best online spot for high-quality, fresh, natural kratom. However, the real question is, do they meet all these claims? Are they really as great as they say they are? And are they the number one choice when making your next kratom purchase?

In a vast industry full of vendors claiming to offer the highest quality products and optimal customer service, these questions can sometimes be difficult to answer. In this review, we will be taking a closer look at various aspects of this vendor. After diving deeper into the company’s product quality, prices, customer service, and more, you’ll have the details to help you make your decision.


Kratom Country, a US-based online kratom vendor, was established in 2014. This vendor stands out from the rest in a very unique way. Unlike several other online vendors, Kratom Country focuses on providing only one product, and that is high-quality mitragyna speciosa powder, otherwise known as kratom powder. In the online industry, it is very common for vendors to offer a wide range and variety of product types. However, Kratom Country is serious about perfecting their main product, so they don’t feel the need to complicate things with flashy new products. Some customers love how simple and consistent this brand is, while others see this as a lack of product variety.

In the kratom industry, lack of business transparency, ineffective web design, or low-quality customer service is all red flags that customers have to keep an eye out for. However, fortunately, the only red flag regarding Kratom Country is the lack of information provided on the website regarding the origin and location of the brand. For example, on their “About Us” page on the website, they state they are from “K country.”

While this may not bother all customers, some are concerned. In an industry full of scams and gimmicks, customers value brands they can trust, and they want to know exactly who and where their products are coming from. However, thankfully, this is the only aspect lacking in business transparency. For the most part, the brand is informative and honest about the products they are provided and what each consists of.

kratom country


All kratom powders provided by this vendor are sourced from India, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. While their product line is quite limited, consisting only of kratom, they do offer an impressive variety of strains. Some of their most popular strains include Indo, Green Malay, Vietnam, Maeng Da, Kali, and Premium Bali. They also offer Ultra Blend Kratom Capsules, Vietnam Kratom Capsules, Kali Maend Da Kratom Capsules, and Thai Crushed Leaves.

In other words, if you’re someone who is simply looking for some quality kratom powder, and you don’t want to sort through a variety of specialty products to find what you want, Kratom Country should have just the right thing for you.


Customers are pleased with the prices offered by Kratom Country. In comparison to other vendors, most of their products are offered at reasonable prices. However, this applies to their smaller portions only. If you’re looking to buy in bulk, this vendor may not be the best one for you. Their bulk items, or kilos, are incredibly expensive when being compared to those offered by other brands. However, as mentioned above, their ounces are pretty affordable, so how much you pay depends on your product preferences.

kratom country

Additionally, their powders and sample packs are offered at affordable prices as well. Customers can also save even more money by using the various discounts regularly offered by Kratom Country. Customers can receive 10% discounts on sample packs, various coupon codes, and free shipping. They also regularly offer holiday discounts.


Payments can be made via cashier’s checks, e-checks, or money orders. However, they do not accept Zcash, Venmo, Monero, Bitcoin, or most other cryptocurrencies.


Customers also appreciate the convenient shipping and return policy offered by this brand. Kratom Country offers free USPS shipping. They also offer FedEx shipping options. Customers can expect to receive their products within 4-6 business days if they use the standard, free shipping option. If they wish to receive their products sooner, they can of course pay extra fees for expedited shipping.


Most customers have positive things to say regarding this vendor’s customer service policy. Customers can easily get in touch with Kratom Country and receive quick answers to questions or concerns that may arise. They provide various methods of contacting them on their website. Customers can reach customer service representatives by sending an email, giving them a phone call, or filling out a direct contact form available on their website. Several customers report positive experiences with kind, professional, and knowledgeable customer service representatives.


According to online reviews, opinions towards Kratom Country appear to somewhat vary. For example, some customers have commented on the inconveniently high prices of bulk items. However, you can also find various positive reviews regarding the product quality, convenient shipping policy, and excellent customer service. One self-proclaimed kratom fan even called kratom country one of the best vendors he’s tried in a while. Previous customers have reported overall positive experiences with the brand. One reviewer claims their quality, finely ground kratom was delivered quickly and discreetly.

This same reviewer did comment on the slightly off-color of the product, claiming it was a bit lighter than they were used to, however, this didn’t appear to affect the quality of experience. While, inevitably, not all comments are positive, most customers report similar, positive experiences.

If you’re in the market for bulk kratom, you might want to look at vendors that offer high-quality, bulk kratom at affordable prices. However, if you’re in the market for average amounts of crushed leaves or kratom powders, this is a great spot for you. Products are affordable, conveniently shipped, and high quality.

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