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Kratom Exchange

Kratom Exchange-An Honest Review

KratomExchange is an online kratom vendor that has been around for quite some time. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have the greatest reputation. In fact, the opposite is actually true. There is virtually little information about Kratom Exchange available online and customer reviews are nearly impossible to find.

This is due to the vendor’s unfortunate name. Apparently, the words “kratom” and “exchange” are used together so often, when searching the vendor online, google struggles to find the actual website or any information specifically regarding this vendor.

This is extremely unfortunate if you’re just simply trying to find the perfect kratom vendor for your next purchase. However, the good news is that, in this review, we will be taking a much deeper look at this company and really breaking it down. After reading all about their products, services, reputation, and more, you’ll know if this is the right vendor for you.

Who Is Kratom Exchange?

As mentioned above, Kratom Exchange is a particularly tricky vendor to analyze due to its overly common name, making it difficult to search. However, fortunately though, with a bit of digging, you can find some information For example, Reddit does have a few different threads that talk about Kratom Exchange’s products. Here, you can even find some customer testimonials. This means that, although finding information can be a bit difficult, you can still get a feel for what they are all about, and we will dive deeper into that in this review as well.

The ultimate question is, what do others say about Kratom Exchange? Would previous customers recommend it? Analyzing a brand’s reputation is a key tool when determining the validity and reliability of a brand.

Well, according to the online reviews, the general opinion is that this vendor is 100% reliable and offers one of the largest selections of some of the highest quality kratom in the industry. In other words, there’s not much to dislike when it comes to this brand. The only negative thing that customers comment on is the lack of convenient payment options.

Products Offered By Kratom Exchange

If this brand excels in any area, it is definitely their product line. Kratom Exchange is currently home to about 23 different strains that customers can choose from. Customers who have tried Kratom Exchange love the impressive variety and find it incredibly convenient that they can find almost anything they could want all in one spot.

Additionally, the products are effectively and conveniently organized. Each product is arranged by color, making it easy for customers to navigate the different strains and find the one that is just right for them.

Something that really makes this brand shine is the types of kratom they carry. For example, customers can choose from a number of the basic, market favorites like Red Thai, White Bentanguie, and Green Elephant. However, they also offer unique, rare products that are much harder to come by on the market.

For example, customers can also purchase Batak, Nirvana, or a unique, exotic blend of red and white strains that is specific to Kratom Exchange and not offered anywhere else on the market. While these products are slightly more expensive, avid kratom users are often willing to pay the price to try something new and exotic.

Prices At Kratom Exchange

One helpful thing about the pricing at Kratom Exchange is that it is pretty consistent across the board, meaning customers can expect to pay around the same price for each product. This is convenient and can limit overspending or unexpectedly costly orders, which is something customers really appreciate.

Similar to other brands in the industry, Kratom Exchange offers its products in order sizes of up to one kilogram each. This allows customers to choose what size they want, depending on how much they are willing to pay.

While their prices certainly aren’t the cheapest on the market, the brand is diligent about providing customers with as many deals and discounts as possible. In fact, they are known for often cutting the price of items and offering regular coupon codes.

Another benefit is that Kratom Exchange does offer free samples that include three different 10g packs. These packs consist of one white, one green, and one red. This feature has also helped customers save a ton of money by allowing them to test products before making big purchases.

Again, despite the fact that their prices are honestly pretty average, they still work to provide customers with freebies and other promotional offers far more than most other brands. For example, when customers purchase three packs of the same weight, they automatically receive the fourth one for free. They also offer 15-20% discounts on virtually all products after customers make their first purchase. Sure, this is probably to encourage repeat orders, however, it still helps customers save big bucks.

Lastly, any order over $75 is immediately eligible for free shipping. Customers do not even need a code for shipping fee discounts to be applied upon checkout.

KratomExchange Customer Service

Fortunately, KratomExchange provides a number of ways for customers to reach out with any issues, concerns, or questions. They provide a direct contact form on their website, an email address, and a hotline that customers can utilize to receive feedback for any issues. If you live in the area where they reside, they also provide their store address so that customers who wish to talk in person are able to do so.

Despite the lack of information regarding Kratom Exchange, it is safe to assume that they offer great customer service. When looking at customer reviews, no one had anything particularly negative to say about the brand as a whole, including their customer service. Some reviewers even claim this brand offers some of the best products and services in the industry.

Final Thoughts On Kratom Exchange

Overall, It’s safe to say that Kratom Exchange is a reliable vendor that you may want to check out next time you’re in the market for some quality kratom.

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