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Kratom Eye

What Makes Kratom Eye So Special?

Kratom Eye has been providing its services to the kratom community for quite some time. They often considered one of the best kratom vendors on the market and a wide range of customers have been enjoying their services products and services since 2014.

But does Kratom Eye live up to all the hype? Today we will be examining what makes this vendor so special by taking a close look at their origin, products, customer service, and more.

Who Is Kratom Eye?

Kratom Eye

Kratom Eye is located in Fort Lauderdale Florida, where it is considered to be an aromatherapy service appreciated by many in the community. Their goal is simply to provide customers with the highest quality, naturally harvested, thoroughly tested kratom. Products are shipped to the public on the same day orders are made. They promise fresh, high-quality products are delivered to customers with care.

According to online reviews, this vendor also stands out due to its wide variety of product choices. Aside from various strains of kratom powders, Kratom Eye also offers a unique selection of homemade items, including soaps and various kratom alternatives. Additionally, kratom enthusiasts love the in-house exclusives offered.

Reviews also mention that Kratom provides samples, making it a great choice for first-time kratom users that they may not be sure what works for them. Overall, previous users have given positive feedback regarding the vendors’ products and services. Many consumers have experienced extremely fast shipping and high-quality products compared to other vendors. Reddit reviews provide feedback from several regular customers who claim their services are good enough to keep them coming back.

Another notable aspect of Kratom Eye is its excellently designed, user-friendly, informative website. The website provides tabs that customers can access to find important information regarding order tracking, privacy terms and conditions, various products, sales and discounts, specialty products and opportunities, best kratom strains, veins and regions, alternative options, information regarding the different plants, and any company news. The website is pleasing to the eye and easily negatable for new customers.

The company also stands out due to its feature in which customers can create their own custom blends. Customers choose from 3 different kratom categories and a specific amount. After the customer designs their blend, Kratom Eye creates the blend and sends the customized order to the consumer in a single container. This is a rare feature that isn’t offered by many other vendors on the market and is definitely one of the thing things that makes Kratom Eye stand out amongst consumers.

Kratom Eye Products

Kratom Eye


  • Thai kratom
  • Malaysian kratom
  •  Sumatran kratom
  •  Kalimantan kratom
  •  Bali kratom
  •  Borneo & Indonesian kratom


  • Green vein kratom
  • Red vein kratom
  • White vein kratom
  • Yellow vein kratom

Homemade Items

  •  Soap
  •  Kratom alternatives

Kratom Powders

  • White Vein Kratom
  • Hybrids
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

Exclusive Items

  • Red Sumatra
  • Great White
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Green Pangaea
  • Hocus Pocus Super White Vein Blend

Specialty Items

  • Kratom sample packs
  • Stem & vein powder
  • Palo Sant sticks

Kratom Alternatives

Blue lotus

  • Blue lotus flowers
  • 200:1 Blue lotus Extracts
  • 100:01 Blue lotus Extracts
  • 50:1 Blue lotus Extracts



  • Akuamma extract (25% enhanced)
  • Akuamma seed powder



  •  Kava Extract Supreme- 70% Kavalactones
  •  Kava Extract- 40% Kavalactones
  •  Kava Extract- 30% Kavalactones
  •  IncarvilleaSinensis
  •  Incarvillea 100:01 Extract
  •  Incarvillea 20:1 Extract

Customers also have the opportunity to create their own blend.


Generally, customers consider Kratom Eye’s prices to be a bit higher than the average cost on the market. While they aren’t the cheapest option by any means, they also aren’t the most expensive; instead, their prices are relatively average. An average-sized package of powder is below the standard rate ($20 per 28 gram) unless a customer is purchasing in bulk.

Not everyone is super thrilled about Kratom Eye’s pricing, however, on their website, customers can find regularly occurring discounts. Other benefits and rewards are offered daily, such as a 10% discount on specific orders. Customers can also come across free sample opportunities or coupon codes. All forms of discounts are easy to access via the company’s website.

Shipping And Returns

According to several pleased customers and reviews, Kratom Eyes shipping stands out amongst other vendors as one of the best, with free, same-day shipping on all orders over $49.

Social Media Presence

In comparison to other Kratom vendors, Kratom Eye has appeared to maintain a decent social media presence for most of their career, with consistent likes, followers, and interactions from pleased customers. However, on their Instagram page, where they currently have 138 followers, they haven’t appeared make to active posts since 2018. Their Facebook page appears to be just as inactive. However, this may be sole to the fact that their resourceful, user-friendly website provides all the information customers may need.

Customer Service

Kratom eye offers a fully functioning, helpful customer service team that is readily available to assist any customer from Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Customer service can also be reached via email or customers can directly submit a form on the website if they have any questions, concerns, or issues that need to be addressed. According to reviews, this service is extremely helpful and efficient, with most usually receiving a response within an hour.

Kratom Eye can be contacted via:

PO Box 451539
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33345
(786) 258-8153

Final Thoughts On Kratom Eye

Due to their quality products, efficient customer service, fast shipping, a wide variety of products to choose from, and relatively reasonable prices, the vendor has a good reputation amongst many customers. They are considered one of the best vendors in the market and have received several positive reviews.

This vendor definitely does stand out amongst other vendors, and customers rave about the cool, unique features that allow them to customize their own blends and gain access to a variety of interesting, rare products and strains.

Several customers have reported good experiences when purchasing Kratom Eye’s products. If you are an individual looking for high-quality, lab-tested kratom and a variety of products to choose from, you surely won’t be disappointed by Kratom Eye.

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