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Is Kratom Infusion A Reliable Kratom Vendor?

Finding the right kratom vendor can be a bit intimidating, as there are so many online kratom retailers claiming they have the best kratom on the market. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands looking to find an online kratom seller, you need to be sure you can fully trust your vendor of choice.

In this Kratom Infusion Review, we will closely examine this vendor to see if they have what it takes when it comes to kratom sales. Then you can use our unbiased feedback to decide if they are the right kratom seller for you.

About Kratom Infusion

Situated in New Orleans, Louisiana, Kratom Infusion claims to be the kratom company for serious kratom connoisseurs. Founded in 2001, they are constantly striving to find the highest quality kratom by seeking out only the best kratom farmers. They invest a great deal of time, money, and effort into growing kratom that is grown and dried under optimal conditions. This way they can ensure their clientele that they are selling kratom of the finest quality.

Kratom Infusion stresses that they sell only the highest quality kratom teas, powders, and capsules. Reviews from former customers attest to this fact. However, upon first glance at their website, it appears that they are out of stock of all merchandise. We can only hope that they restock soon to meet the demands of their loyal customer base.

Kratom Infusion Website

When you first land on the Kratom Infusion website, it looks quite impressive. However, as we begin to explore the site, you will find that certain pages are left with incomplete information, such as their privacy policy, shipping method, and return policy.

In the “About Us” section, Kratom Infusion spends a great deal of time stressing that they go to extreme measures to ensure that they are selling only the best kratom. They also have an information page that talks about different kratom strains and other aspects of kratom.

Since we could not find the business hours, we have a feeling that Kratom Infusion may no longer be operating. Many kratom vendors seem to abandon their websites. They could be forming a new company, rebranding, or simply out of business. We were able to locate some of their products on another website. But similar to the Kratom Infusion website, they were out of stock for any items from this vendor.

Kratom Infusion Customer Service

There is no physical address listed for Kratom Infusion, but we were able to find out that they are (or were) based out of Louisiana. They do provide a telephone number and a contact form on their website if you need to get a hold of their customer service department.

According to past customer reviews, Kratom Infusion at one time was known for its outstanding customer service. They went above and beyond to meet their customer’s needs. We can only wait to see if they are perhaps revamping their site or rebranding their product, as we were not able to reach out to anyone from this vendor as of this writing.

Kratom Infusion Shipping

There is little information on the Kratom Infusion website about their shipping. They basically state that due to a “sudden spike” in orders, that there will be shipping delays. As far as anything else regarding shipping, they ask that customers do not contact them about the status of their order as this will only slow them down. They simply state that they will ship your order ASAP.

Kratom Infusion does not ship to the following areas:

● Alabama
● Arkansas
● Indiana
● Tennessee
● Sarasota County (FL)
● Wisconsin
● Vermont

Kratom Infusion Returns

We could not find any information at all on this vendor’s return policy.

Does Kratom Infusion Test Their Kratom At A Third Party Laboratory?

A trademark of a high-end and trusted kratom vendor is that they provide proof of lab testing. A good majority of vendors on the kratom marketplace have all of their kratom strains tested by a neutral third-party lab facility. This is to ensure that there are no harsh metals or other impurities in the kratom batch.

Tried as we may, we found no proof that Kratom Infusion tests their kratom in any manner. We find this to be rather perplexing, as they go on and on in their “About Us” section that their kratom is the best and most pure kratom one can find anywhere. Lack of proof of lab testing will keep many serious kratom enthusiasts from purchasing from a vendor, no matter how great said kratom supplier claims to be.

Is Kratom Infusion Affiliated With The AKA?

Another way one can tell if a kratom vendor is on the up and up is to see if they are in any way associated with the American Kratom Association. The AKA serves to ensure that any vendor they work with strictly follows their guidelines for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Nowhere on their website does Kratom Infusion even mention the AKA. They are not to be found on the list of current AKA affiliates. Nor are they pending approval for affiliation. This could be another deterrent for those who are considering purchasing kratom from this vendor.

Kratom Infusion Product Line

As we stated earlier, all the items listed on the Kratom Infusion website are out of stock. However, here is a list of the items they did carry at one time:

● Green Indo Maeng Da Kratom
● Red Indo Maeng Da Kratom
● Bali Kratom
● Thai Maeng Da Kratom
● Cambodian Kratom
● White Indo Maeng Da Kratom
● Sundra Kratom
● Malay Kratom
● Vietnam Kratom
● Thai Kratom
● Kratom sample packs

Final Word On Kratom Infusion

While at one time Kratom Infusion may have been a quality kratom vendor, it appears that they have fizzled out. We have no idea whether they attend to reemerge in the kratom marketplace in the future. However, there are plenty of other kratom vendors that carry high-quality kratom strains that are lab-tested and naturally sourced. You will do your best to find a vendor that works in conjunction with the AKA.

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