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Is Kratom Kaps A Trustworthy Vendor?

When several different vendors say they are the absolute best, it can sometimes be hard to choose the right one. However, there are understood criteria that an online business must adhere to in order to build a high reputation amongst the industry.

In this review, we will be breaking down Kratom Kaps, a wholesale vendor that is designed for bulk sales for resale, rather than individual retail sales. After this review, you will know everything you need to know about this vendor including their product quality, product variety, prices, customer service, origin, and more.

Who Is Kratom Kaps?

As mentioned above, Kratom Kaps is a wholesale vendor. In other words, this vendor is designed specifically to be sold for resale. Products are only sold in bulk to companies and consumers that plan to resell them. As a result, Kratom Kaps operates primarily out of in-store locations such as smoke shops and head shops.

As most avid kratom consumers are aware, in-person shops typically have a negative reputation. However, the real question is whether Kratom Kaps is different than those other head shops. Can Kratom

Can Kaps Be Trusted?

According to Kratom Kaps, they aren’t. They claim to offer the highest quality products on the market. Additionally, they pride themselves in providing sustainable, pure, natural, and Non-GMO kratom products. However, let us look at more about this vendor in order to find out if Kratom Kaps is really as great as they claim to be?

While there are a few positive reviews present here and there online, most customers appear to be displeased with the products and services offered by this vendor. However, it is difficult to determine the validity of these claims when Kratom Kaps is only a wholesale vendor with little online presence.

Products Offered By Kratom Kaps

When compared to other online kratom vendors, Kratom Kaps does not offer an exceptionally wide range of product choices. However, they do focus on perfecting four strains and ensuring that they are offered at the highest quality possible. These four strains are also offered in a variety of different sizes.

Their strains, each available in both kratom capsules and powders, include Maeng Da, Indo, Malay, and Bali.

However, one downside is that the product explanations neglect to include any information regarding the specific vein that they are. This lack of important information is often frustrating for customers. It is especially an issue for new customers or customers that are less experienced or know less about kratom.

Prices At Kratom Kaps

Because Kratom Kaps is a wholesale vendor, they do provide a suggestion for the retail price of each of their products. However, the retailers that purchase from Kratom Kaps do not necessarily have to follow these suggestions.

They ultimately have the freedom to sell their products at whatever price they think is reasonable. In the online market, it is quite common for vendors to offer products at incredibly low prices for a sacrifice of quality. However, prices can also be too expensive, so it is important to customers that the prices are products are reasonable.

Additionally, Kratom Kaps does not offer any coupon codes or discounts. This is because of their direct work with wholesalers. However, customers can still find deals and discounts for their local head shops and smoke shops. Customers just have to try harder to access deals and specials.

Customer Service At Kratom Kaps

When a vendor operates primarily out of head shops, it can be difficult to determine the exact quality of Kratom Kaps customer service. This is because of their lack of work with the public. However, some online reviews reveal some controversy regarding the customer service, shedding some insight on this brand.

One reviewer reported an experience where they did receive a response, but their question was left unanswered, and it was extremely unhelpful. It is impossible to determine whether this claim is true, however, a few other reviewers report negative experiences.

Social Media Presence At Kratom Kaps

To no surprise, Kratom Kaps does not appear to prioritize an incredibly active social media presence. This is relatively common amongst online kratom vendors, who do not usually prioritize a strong online presence. However, they do have a slightly active Facebook page. It isn’t much but it is still more than what many other vendors possess, even those that aren’t wholesale shops.
Their Facebook page currently has 343 likes.

However, their recent post has little to no interactions. For example, their last post made all the way back in 2019 only has one like. In other words, they do have a Facebook presence, however, they do not appear to be very active.

While this doesn’t appear to have too much of a negative effect on their reputation or really much of an effect at all, it could help the brand establish more trust amongst customers if they worked to improve their business transparency. A decent online presence may even help do so.

Shipping and Returns At Kratom Kaps

A huge downside of this vendor is that it is incredibly difficult to find any real information regarding the logistics of Kratom Kaps products and services. This includes the quality and logistics of their shipping and returns policies. This is a huge downside.

Customers want to purchase kratom from vendors that they feel they can trust. This lack of information provided is a huge negative aspect of this vendor.

Final Thoughts On Kratom Kaps

Based on all the information provided above, unfortunately, Kratom Kaps appears to be another one of those head shops that just can’t be trusted. The products just aren’t worth the hassle that customers have to go through in order to simply receive kratom products.

Wholesales can be tricky to really nail down, meaning that you won’t ever really know the truth unless you test out the products yourself. However, based on all several online reviews, customer testimonials, and sketchy stories, this vendor is simply not worth it.

If you’re in the market for some high-quality kratom without the hassle, it is safe to say you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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