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Kratom OG

Kratom OG – Is This Vendor The Right Place For Your Purchases?

Kratom OG is a US-based kratom vendor. All of their products are sourced from Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. They do have fulfillment operations located in the United States, however, their kratom is sourced directly from trusted farms overseas.

Based on several positive online reviews, OG Kratom has a high reputation amongst various kratom users, based on its wide variety of high-quality products, efficient shipping, affordable prices, and unique options.

However, does this vendor actually live up to all the hype? In this review, we will be examining several aspects of this company to help you decide if this vendor is the right place for your purchases.

Who Is Kratom OG?

Located in America, OG Kratom has been offering fan-favorite kratom powders and capsules since their origin 8 years ago. This vendor has worked hard to establish its high reputation within the industry, and there are few avid users who aren’t aware of this vendor. Many customers rave about their unique variety of product options and high-quality customer service. They continue to revamp their unique options and strain variations.

While the overall opinion does appear to be positive, customers do have a couple of concerns. For example, many customers are turned off by the lack of quality control information. Many customers want to buy from vendors they feel like they can trust, and providing this type of information can make many customers feel better about purchasing from this vendor.

Additionally, several customers have commented on the lack of accessibility available on the website. For example, customers have full access to a list of products, however, in order to actually purchase items, consumers must directly email the vendor, which can be a tedious process to those who are looking for a quick, immediate purchase.

Kratom OG Products

OG Green MD

Kratom OG offers Maeng Da, Elephant, and Bali, all of which are highly popular products on the kratom market. However, they are most recognized for their gold and yellow vein kratom powders. Customers also love their line of Elite strains.



• Bali Gold
• Complex 1
• Complex 2
• Chocolate
• Green Aceh
• Gold Magic
• Crushed Aceh
• Elite Elephant
• Green JongKong
• Green Asia
• Green Paragin
• Green Ketapang
• MD Ultra
• Kalbar Premium
• OG Red Thai Maeng Da
• OG Green Maeng Da
• Pink Elephant
• OG White Maeng Ga
• Pink Sandia
• Premium Gold Maeng Da

Their line of bestselling leaves includes:

• Yellow magic
• Supergreen
• Premium White
• Pink JongKong
• Pink Aceh
• OG White Maeng Da
• Green Gayo
• Green Mountain
• Green Banjo
• Green Bota
• Green Aceh
• Dark Coffee
• Bali Gold
• Elite Elephant

Their most popular strains include:

• Superwhite
• Kratom OG Complex 1
• Kratom OG Red Dragon
• Kratom OG Elite Elephant
• Red Bentuangie

Their Elite Elephant is quite popular and fairly unique in the fact that it is not made up of a single strain. Instead, it is a combination of Green Elephant and Green Bali. Additionally, customers have had great things to say about OG’s Complex 1 blend.

This blend is a mix of White Vietnam, Red Bali, and Bentuangie and one customer review said the quality was incredibly high. Additionally, this same customer reported that OG offers some of the highest quality Red Bent in the kratom industry. This same reviewer also complimented the Super Green Malay strain. Overall, customers appear to be impressed by the variety of products and pleased by the quality.

KratomOG Pricing

Compared to other vendors in the market, OG Kratom stands out due to its lower-priced, high-quality items. One customer review says it is clear that the company values the customer above making a profit. They were even described as one of the cheapest vendors in the market that also provides trusted, high-quality products.

Along with affordable prices, customers can access promotional codes provided on the company website and can receive 40% on various products. Customers appreciate how easy it is to find deals.

Payment Methods

Payment options include credit card payments and more in states where purchasing kratom is legal.

Shipping And Returns

Kratom OG ships products from their home base in New Jersey to various regions in the United States where Kratom is legal. This market uses standard USPS shipping so, depending on their location, customers typically receive their purchase up to 7 days after placing their order. This vendor’s products are also in high demand, meaning, depending on the item purchased, orders may take longer to arrive.

They have also included a warning on their home page regarding processing delays. Due to high demand and an abundant amount of orders, the processing time is estimated to take anywhere between 2-7 business days.

KratomOG Social Media Presence

There is little information about the social media presence of Kratom OG. This is fairly common within the kratom industry and doesn’t appear to concern too many potential customers.

KratomOG Customer Support

One area that customers don’t love as much about OG Kratom is its customer support. Without any contact information available on their main website, customers had found it difficult to access quick answers to any questions or concerns. Customers who have spoken with the customer service team report positive experiences with kind, helpful representatives. The customer service team operates from 11 am to 8 pm Eastern time.

However, customers have reported waiting up to seven hours for an email response. Overall, it appears that, despite their relatively high reputation, customers are not too pleased with this vendor’s customer service, with some describing it as a frustrating process.

Overall, there is a mix of reviews of customer service, however, in general, the majority of consumers think their customer support could use a revamp.
OG Kratom can be contacted at:

Final Thoughts On Kratom OG

Despite their slightly poor customer service, many customers love and recommend this vendor and several positive reviews can be found online. With their variety of high quality, reliable products, and affordable prices, customers get access to great kratom without breaking the bank. If you’re in the market for some unique, highly-reputed kratom, Kratom OG is definitely worth checking out.

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