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Kratom on Social Media

The Censorship of Kratom on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have been established to encourage and enhance the marketing of any business and customer loyalty. The primary purpose of these platforms is to gain profit for many companies. They provide only marketing facilities and don’t offer services or products. They work efficiently with companies who sign in and make accounts, a potential product to sell to other customers or businesses.

The leading social media platforms are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, integral etc. The giant social media platform, Facebook, now lists among the five most prominent tech companies in the United States.

These tech companies have been grown for the past few years. During pandemics, these companies have elaborated well, putting the small businesses at the side. These are beneficial for many firms and products, but these may be uncomfortable to some companies; kratom on social media is one of them.

When you try to find Kratom on Social Media, you will be shocked to see very few accounts or pages related to Mitragyna. The reason behind this is not that the people don’t like it or don’t care about it, the plant is trendy worldwide.

The reason behind it is different; let’s figure it out, As we know, the FDA does not regulate this natural compound, and it always has to face controversial phases many times, so Kratom’s business and products are not allowed to promote on many platforms.

Even FDA sometimes sends warning letters to those companies who do not follow the legislation and limitations regarding the marketing. Almost all social media platforms are privatized, so they have the right to restrict any content they find inappropriate. So they do not allow relaxed marketing of ketum as FDA does not approve it.

Kratom on Social Media

Censorship Of Kratom Pages By Social Media Platforms

Many Mitragyna companies have been working all over the world, especially in the United States. They have their business accounts that have been suspended, and some have been deleted permanently, making the companies helpless. When this happens, they have to start from the beginning again.

Although the account holder companies are licensed from the FDA and sell legal substances and supplements, it is with these plant-based companies and the CBD companies. Facebook marketing pages of CBD have been suspended all the time, though it is legal in all 50 states of the US.

As far as kratom marketing is concerned, there are many pages and groups related to mitragyna, but they have to face disapproval by all platforms. So most of the pages privatize to channel to make their pages sustainable and functioning. It’s a pity that many pages have been permanently deleted.

Restriction Of Kratom On Social Media

Now let’s see what these restrictions on the marketing of kratom are, or being a kratom writer; what I am not allowed to say includes,

  • Publish or write medical claims about mitragyna as the point of fact. For instance, kratom companies cannot say “mitragyna cures or heal this or that, to sell their product.
  • Publish or write therapeutic or homeopathic claims about mitragyna. The marketing restrictions around this fact are looser now than in the past. Businesses related to kratom have become more articulated about the potential health outcomes of this herb without making authentic medical claims.
  • Suggest to customers and consumers how much kratom they should ingest, as per dosage or otherwise. All these kinds of dosage-related questions must be directed to the American Kratom Association (AKA) or asked from your doctor or health professionals. According to kratom experts, this is the most harmful and delicate kratom restriction because various mitragyna companies with experts can suggest the precise dosage form and amount for beginners and regular users.

Future of Kratom on Social Media Approach

The most important, reliable, and legal group supporting kratom is The American Kratom Association, AKA, in the whole world. Its most significant achievement is recently launching a successful social media kratom profile without any suspension.

It is a rightly directed step towards opening a new era for mitragyna. The information provided by AKA is the premiere and trustworthy, including laws, legislations, recommendations, and advocacy.

Here we will give you links to each social media page. To support kratom, don’t forget to leave your kratom and play your role in making easy availability for this miraculous herb; let’s take a look,

  • Facebook… American Kratom Association
  • Twitter… @TheKratomAssn
  • Reddit…
  • YouTube… American Kratom Association
  • Linkedin (yep. Here tool)… American Kratom Association

Kratomtopia.Com: A Censorship-Free Kratom Forum

A new forum recently has been launched about kratom and Ethnobotanical compounds, named This is a social media platform with all its uniqueness and incredibility. Most importantly, it is a censorship-free forum, unlike other outlets, which have heavily censored mitragyna related pages.

The subscribed member of can discuss anything about mitragyna freely; not only this, but they can also talk about CBD, Hemp, Cannabis, and other thousands of Ethnobotanicals without any restriction, and also can share their information.

There will be no fear about the blockage or deletion of any account. It is a most effective and reward-giving platform, as it offers many deals to its users. The users are rewarded by liking the posts and registering for the link. For instance, after selecting the center, the user has been awarded 1 gram of ketum, and the roll has been rewarded with 10 grams of ketum.

When any user has collected 30 gram, 100 gram, 250 gram, or 1000 gram of speciosa, they can choose their favorite strain offered by the kratomtopia, including White Thai, Red Bali, Green Maeng Da, and Yellow Vietnam. All orders are sent free of shipping payment. Isn’t it interesting that you get your favorite herb without any cost? Remember, this offer is valid only in the states of the United States.

Kratom on Social Media

There arises a question that why krtomtopia was needed???

The answer is simple because of an unprecedented level of censorship against kratom and other herbs of natural origin. Most groups, pages, and accounts made in the advocacy of ketum have been deleted or suspended by popular social media platforms. It is highly degraded and untoleratreable. Users got disappointed by the anytime deactivation of social media platforms overnight.

Therefore, this was the need of the time to make such a platform where these herbs can be discussed freely, and users do not fear being deleted, suspended, or deactivated.

We recommend that the valuable customers and users of kratom and other ethnobotanical compounds visit, subscribe to it, clear your confusion freely, and don’t hesitate to ask any question there; make yourself informed by the precious experiences of kratom experts. Play your role in making this miraculous herb known to all the world’s people. is the right platform for kratom lovers.

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