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Kratom One

What kind of Kratom products Kratom One Vendor is offering?

Nine years ago, two friends joined hands in making natural substances available for users in the United States. Keeping quality and efficacy as a priority, the vendor was named Kratom One.

This shop operates from Santa Barbara, California, and provides excellent features that make it a number one choice for many users. We reviewed all the products to ensure that our readers find the shop that resonates with their expectations from experience!

When we log on to the website, it may not be the best layout, but you will like the minimalist approach of fewer tabs. However, kratom enthusiasts who check the company and all about their practices may find the homepage scanty and insufficient.

It is evident from the design that the company did not focus on innovation, marketing, and blogs until recently. All the social media presence and blog posts are dated 2020 onwards.

Here’s a peek inside the shop to see what it has to offer!

Kratom One (2)

American Kratom Association accreditation 

One of the salient features of this shop is that the AKA approves and recognizes the shop for quality products. This quality instantly ranks Kratom One as a good vendor with premium quality products that are safe for use and meet all requirements of the AKA.

Since the FDA does not regulate kratom products, the AKA is an authentic monitor for quality, packaging, efficacy, and laboratory testing so you can sit back and relax after ordering from Kratom One.

The products on the website

The product range at Kratom One is not as vast and attractive as many other vendors, but serious Mitragyna users love the simple products. The kratom strains are available in powder form only, and if you are an innovative user, you can try new ways of eating or drinking kratom!

Many reviewers will not tell you that a small variety at online shops means that the manufacturers sources raw kratom leaves from small-time farmers and harvesters who do not use chemicals and fertilizers for the crop.

Moreover, these farmers pick the leaves themselves to ensure that only the healthiest leaves come to you in the end product! So don’t fret over the limited variety and know that these products are effective from potent and healthy plants.

The blends available at Kratom One include Red Horn, Super Malay, and Bali blends, which mix various Mitragyna strains to enhance efficacy.

The familiar strains available at Kratom One include Maeng Da, Bali, Indo, Malay and Thai variations. We thought the shop could improve by mentioning the leaf vein color in the blends, as the names do not give away the contents, such as Tri Force and White Fire.

Prices, discounts and more

Kratom One offers 100grams, 250grams, 500grams, one kilogram, and two-kilo packs of all the strain powders. You can buy kratom powder within $25 and $360, depending on the strain you choose and the quantity you prefer.

The most expensive kratom powder starts at $46 and can go up to $460. You may find other vendors with lower prices, but the quantity you get will last longer if you choose Kratom One.

The active alkaloids and fresh raw material ensure that the results are magnified and enjoyable. Kratom One has become popular due to the discounts and coupon codes that people enjoy significant price cuts. However, it may be inconvenient for users to buy the coupon and then use it within a limited time to get a discount on their favorite products.

Shipping and return policy

Kratom One ships out all orders at the end of the day, and if your payment has come through on time, the order will be on its way the same day! The shipping time is three days for anywhere in the United States.

If you live in a state where kratom is not allowed, the shop will not complete the order. The USPS priority shipping ensures that you receive a carefully packaged kratom pack without unnecessary delays so that you can begin using the Mitragyna strain for extra stimulation and a boost of energy.

As the website does not reveal complete information, one may find it confusing to return or exchange a product. The 30-day satisfaction guarantee ensures that you can return the product within 30 days of purchase.

You can contact the online vendor to request exchanges or returns, and they guide you through the process. However, we can say that you might never need to exchange as we found the quality great, and the effectiveness of all the kratom powders was terrific.

Laboratory testing and packaging

The products result from a carefully followed process, and laboratory testing ensures the efficacy and safety of each product. Kratom One products are tested for contamination, alkaloid content, and effectiveness in terms of freshness.

The AKA-approved packaging adds the final touch to these premium quality kratom powders, as vacuum-sealed bags are the best way to keep your Mitragyna supply fresh and impactful till the end. Users who buy large quantities say that these bags keep their kratom feed fresh and useful till the stock lasts.

Kratom One

What we liked about Kratom One

Kratom One may have areas to improve, like the website and disclosure of information. However, the products and the quality of kratom powders make this shop a good choice for people who know what they want and do not mind getting the same strains every time.

The price range may seem a bit high, but that is also because the blends and mixes available at Kratom One are a concentrated version of regular kratom powder. If you select one of the blends, paying a little extra makes sense.


Kratom One has offered premium quality products for almost a decade, and the customer base shows that the shop is doing well even if the product range is limited.

Moreover, the business side of the vendor is excellent as you receive well-packed goods within a short time, and the coupon codes and discount schemes are attractive too. Kratom One is a good choice for all users who know what they want from the herbal product.

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