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Kratom pronunciation

What Is The Right Kratom Pronunciation?

If you found yourself wondering how to pronounce Kratom, then let us get one thing very clear:

It’s not only you!

Several people out there have the same question. Many people – just like you – have been in awkward situations where their kratom pronunciation of the word Kratom conflicted with others’ pronunciation. Thus, creating a confusing situation.

And that’s true even for ketum enthusiasts and seasoned users. Yup. You read that right.

So, the purpose of this post is to set things right. Here, we’ll walk you through the origin of the Ketum, its possible pronunciations, as well as the right Kratom pronunciation.

Let’s get to it!

Origin of the Word Kratom

Technically, the word Kratom itself originated from Thailand. But that’s not it.

It does have not only Thai roots but also Sanskriti roots. That’s because it comes from the word Kadam in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit itself associates with Hinduism. Although it first originated in India, it eventually spread out to the whole of Southeast Asia. When it did, several accents adopted the language, bending and twisting the Kratom pronunciation of several words. Kadam happened to be one of them. But before we get to that, let’s check out the exact meaning of Kadam.

Kadam is a proper noun. It refers to the Rubiaceae family, which comprises several plants sacred to Hindus. Ketum belongs to this very family.

Hence, we can say Ketum directly means sacred plant.

Kratom pronunciation

Kratom Pronunciation Conflicts

With the origin explained, let us now explore the Kratom pronunciations conflicts that have surfaced over time. As mentioned earlier, it was the spread of Sanskrit across Southeast Asia that birthed newer words. As people of different languages learned Sanskrit, they moulded the language as per their accents. Thus, producing newer words and pronunciations in the process.

Perhaps, the major conflict in Kratom pronunciation arose when the Ketum market began flourishing in the Western part of the world.

Currently, there are two clear divisions in Kratom pronunciation. These include:

  • KRATum
  • KRAYtum

The first Kratom pronunciation has a short sound, while the second one has an elongated sound.

KRATum has an A in it, which resembles the a-sound in hat, cat, and brat. Meanwhile, KRAYtum has an a-sound, which resembles the a-sound in the play tray, and say.

The Right Way to Pronounce 

Now, which of the two Kratom pronunciations mentioned above is the right Kratom pronunciation?


Yup. You read that right yet again.

But then, the question arises. What’s the buzz about? What’s the debate about?

Well, it’s all about our intolerance for alternate approaches. You know both 2+2 and 3+1 is four. But some people would only stick to the variant that makes sense to them. But if you get the idea that both approaches are valid, we’re happy you won’t be adding to the unnecessary buzz.

If we consider the majority, then the majority prefers KRAY-tum over KRAT-um. Even the videos and interviews published by the American Kratom Association comprise the KRAY-tum Kratom pronunciation.

Kratom’s Scientific Name

To resolve the conflict, we suggest sticking to the scientific name of the species instead.

Scientifically, Ketum is known as Mitragyna Speciosa. Its Kratom pronunciation is as follows:

Mit-ruh-JAY-nah Spe-shi-o-SA

Currently, this name has no accent conflicts, and there’s probably no room for conflict even. Although manufacturers market the herb with Kratom only, pronouncing Mitragyna Speciosa instead of Kratom may resolve the right name conflicts.

Other Names for Kratom

Lastly, let us consider some of the alternate and prevalent names of Ketum. Some of the universally recognized alternate Kratom names are:

  • Ketum
  • Biak
  • Keaton
  • Maeng Da Leaves

Some people even recognize Ketum with its strain names, which mainly include Maeng Da and Bentuangie Kratom.

In Indonesia, Ketum has tons of other names, including:

  • Katan
  • Kakuam
  • Krathawm
  • Ithang
  • Graton
  • Thom

Similarly, in Malaysia, Ketum has a lot of names too. These include:

  • Sept
  • Pokok Ketum
  • Kutum
  • Biak-biak

In the Philippines, Kratom gets labelled under the following names:

  • Polapoput
  • Login
  • Mambo

Vietnam recognizes it as Giam, while Myanmar recognizes it as Beinsa and Beinsaywat.

Other lands may have other local names for Kratom. However, those mentioned above are the most prevalent and globally recognized tags for Kratom, Kratom products, and Kratom discussions.

Kratom pronunciation


  1. Why is Kratom so popular?

Kratom is popular because of its numerous benefits. It does not only promise relief to tired individuals but also improvises the overall productivity of every individual. Thus, it is an excellent means of helping your internal mechanism herbally.

Conflicts like how to pronounce Kratom and is Ketum legal also add to Kratom’s popularity. But that’s more on the news than in the hearts. The benefits of this herb have earned it such massive love and respect over three year22

  1. Is Kratom Addictive?

No! Kratom is not addictive.

Kratom indeed contains a certain percentage of addicting chemicals. However, these chemicals will only induce their addictive effects when you consume excessive Ketum. If you consume regular amounts of Ketum, i.e., 2-6 grams once in a week, you’ll experience positive effects.

  1. Where to buy the best Kratom?

There are several reliable physical vendors of Korth all across the States (except in cities and areas where Kratom is legally banned). Hence, the best places to buy Kratom vary from city to city. However, the most reliable names among online Kratom vendors include Kratom Basket, SA Kratom, and Golden Monk. These sites provide top-notch quality Kratom at reasonable rates.

Final Words 

Summing up, we hope you now know all the possible ways of pronouncing Kratom. And we hope all your confusion about how to pronounce Kratom is crystal clear.

So, congratulations! From here on, you can live a life free of Kratom pronunciation fear. We’d be really glad if you could share this information with the rest of your Kratom pals and set them free too! Good luck.

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