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Kratom Source USA – Can We Trust Their Authenticity?

Kratom Source USA is an online kratom vendor that prides itself on a number of different factors, such as their efficient shipping and quality packaging. They also claim to stand out based on the ability customers have to purchase large amounts of kratom in one order. They compare themselves to other leading vendors that only offer bulk purchases at unreasonably expensive prices.

They claim they are different from these vendors, prioritizing convenience, quality, and a bang for the customer’s buck. They claim to prioritize customer satisfaction over simply making a profit, setting them apart from other ill-intentioned brands on the market. However, is this brand really as great as they claim to be? Can we trust their authenticity?

In this review, we will break down several aspects of this brand, including its origin, customer service, shipping, and return policy, affordability, and more. After taking an up-close look at all Kratom Source USA has to offer, you will have a solid idea of whether or not this vendor is the next stop for your kratom needs.


The ultimate question is whether this brand is legit? Do they really offer quality, natural, fresh products? Fortunately, several customer reviews claim that Kratom Source USA is, in fact, the real deal. In the online kratom industry, it is often quite common for vendors to neglect to establish a sense of business transparency. Customers appreciate buying from vendors they feel they can trust.

They want to know what exactly they are purchasing and where it is coming from. Product lab results, sourcing background, and adequate product explanations are all things customer’s value because it gives them a sense of confidence in the vendor and the products they are purchasing. With Kratom Source USA, it is obvious that this brand is intentional about providing detailed information about where their products come from and the different procedures that are followed to ensure the safety and quality of all products.

For example, the brand informs customers that, one of their most popular strains, the Green Vein Borneo, is sourced directly from trees that are seasoned by local, experienced farmers. This level of business transparency is one of the reasons customers love this brand.

Their reputation is especially impressive considering the fact that they are fairly new to the online kratom business. Kratom Source USA originated in November 2016. Despite the lack of time, they’ve had to establish an incredibly well-known reputation, several customer reviews support the general opinion that Kratom Source USA is a reliable vendor.

While there was a time when some customers did question the validity of this vendor, this was a brief period in which Kratom Source USA experienced issues with their credit card processing account. Due to this issue, the vendor was unable to take orders. However, the vendor has recovered from this issue and hasn’t experienced anything similar since. Most customers trust this vendor and have high opinions of their products and services.


Kratom Source USA

Customers love the all-natural, fresh products offered by Kratom Source USA. This vendor also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, reflecting a sense of confidence in their products and services. They currently offer 12 different kratom strains including:

  • Yellow Vietnam
  • Yellow Sunda
  • WhieMaeng Da
  • White Sumatra
  • White Indo Elephant
  • Red Horned Leaf Powder
  • Super Green Malaysian
  • Green Horned Leaf Powder
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Borneo
  • Green Kalimantan
  • Bali Gold


In comparison to other vendors on the online market, the prices of the kratom powders offer by this vendor are pretty standard. They stand out primarily because of their incredibly convenient wholesale pricing. In other words, this a great place for kratom consumers looking to buy in bulk. Customers can receive a large amount of kratom for surprisingly affordable prices, while still providing an optimal quality.

While this vendor does offer deals and discounts, they do it in a different way than most other vendors. For example, many online stores offer sporadic promotional codes or random, seasonal discounts. However, at Kratom Source USA, customers can access a link provided that offers an explanation of how customers can save 20% off of all in-store purchases. This is a convenient, simple way for customers to buy all their favorite kratom products, while still saving money.


All orders are same-day shipping via USPS on all orders placed before 2 pm PST on Monday through Friday. The vendor is completely closed on the weekends, so orders placed on Friday won’t be shipped out until the following Monday. Customers receive an email confirmation once the order has been shipped that allows customers to track their items during shipping.
Additionally, customers can return unopened items within 30 days of receiving their order. A receipt or some form of purchase proof must be included for the return to be accepted.

Once returns are received by the vendor, customers will be notified that the return has been inspected and approved or disapproved. When returns are improved, customers receive their refund via the original payment method used. Customers are entirely responsible for the shipping cost when returning any items. However, if the customer receives a refund, they will also receive money back for the shipping cost.

While it isn’t the most generous shipping and return policy on the market, it is simple, reasonable, and efficient. Additionally, the vendor does an excellent job of explaining this process and clearly communicating everything customers may need to know about their shipping or return policies.


Previous customers have reported positive customer service experiences with friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable company representatives. Their user-friendly, easily navigable website provides all the necessary information needed to contact Kratom Source USA.

Customers can reach this vendor in a variety of ways including:


North Ireland Office:
11 River Street BT34 2DQ
NN127LS Newry
North Ireland
Reg. #N1667891


Alameda das Linhas de Torres 219 3frt
1750 – 144 Lisboa. Portugal
EU Phone: +442031292315



Customers can also fill out a direct contact form available on the vendor’s website.


Overall, based on several online customer reviews, Kratom Source USA is a reliable vendor with reasonable prices, quality products, and excellent customer service. If you’re in the market for some great kratom, I highly recommend checking this one out.

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