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Kratom spot

Is Kratom Spot Really The Best Spot For Kratom Purchase?

Kratom Spot is a vendor located in San Fernando Valley California. They serve a number of local communities, including Orange country, Los Angeles, Glendale, and more. Since 2013, they have sold entirely pure kratom and continue to provide their services to the US and several other parts of the world. They claim to prioritize the customers more than anything else, and they state that they are one of the most service-minded, customer-oriented vendors on the market.

However, is Kratom spot really as great as they claim to be? In this review, we will be taking a deeper look at the company’s origin, customer service, and reputation to determine if this really is the best spot for your next kratom purchase.

Who Is Kratom Spot?

Kratom spot

Authentic Kratom operates entirely online, without any walk-in purchases. They operate on weekdays (Monday-Friday), from 8 am-5 pm pacific time.
One thing that makes this vendor stand out is its wide variety of products. Customers can choose from 40 different strains of pure kratom. They also work to make the products affordable by offering several discounts.

Kratom spot does seem to have a reputation amongst the kratom community, with more than 3,000 customer reviews. According to their website, these reviews are authentic and written entirely by customers, with no edits or revisions by the company.

Kratom spot products are available in a variety of forms. Customers have the option to purchase powders, extracts, or capsules. Based on several positive reviews, KratomSpot has a high reputation amongst the kratom community and is loved by many consumers.

Another thing that makes Kratom Spot stand out is its efficient shipping and quality customer service. As one of the most well-known online vendors in the market of kratom, they have been nationally recognized as one of the leading kratom sellers in the industry.

Reviews also mention that their kratom is high quality and natural, entirely free of any chemicals. Many claim that this vendor is a great one-stop-shop for a variety of consumers, considering their wide range of products and their willingness to sell in bulk. This is a rare occurrence in the market and is another aspect that makes Kratom Spot stand amongst other vendors.

Additionally, Kratom spot claims to produce ethically sourced, sustainable kratom. They are committed to providing customers with products that are thoroughly lab tested, fair trade, harvested at just the right time, and completely natural, with no added chemicals.

Their website is well designed, informative, and user-friendly. It provides all contact information, in-depth explanations of products and services, and an FAQ section where consumers can find answers to commonly asked questions.

Several online reviews claim that Kratom spot offers some of the highest quality kratoms in the business. All kratom is sourced directly from Southeast Asia. They also incorporate the use of advanced technology, in order to ensure that they are providing customers with the highest quality kratom possible. The technology is used to put the kratom through various checks to ensure its safety and quality.

Kratom Spot Products

Kratom spot

Notable products

  • ¬†Maeng Da powder
  • Ultimate White Vein Borneo
  • ¬†Ground powders
  • ¬†Gelatin-free capsules
  • ¬†Extracts
  • ¬†Capsules
  • Colors
  • ¬†Red
  • ¬†Green
  • ¬†White


When compared to average price ratings amongst other vendors in the industry, Kratom Spot offers its wide range of products at reasonable prices. Consumers should be aware that rare capsules and extracts will cost more, as well as rare strains. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that Kratom Spot does list its products at more affordable prices than others.

Additionally, customers receive 100% of their money back if they are unsatisfied with their purchase.

Discounts are also regularly provided in order to ensure that prices are affordable for interested buyers. Customers can sign up to receive regular discount codes. They also have the opportunity to redeem money on specific items. Additionally, discounts on future carts are awarded to buyers that purchase in bulk.

Payment Methods

Many former buyers appreciate how simple it is to purchase items from this vendor. The well-organized, detailed, user-friendly website makes it easy for shoppers to browse the array of products and chose items they want to purchase. Methods of payment include standard credit card types such as Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. However, they do not allow payment with PayPal.

Shipping And Returns

Products are sent out via resealable, air-tight packaging. This ensures that freshness is maintained during the process of shipping. Same-day shipping is offered on orders placed on Monday-Friday by 3:00 pm Eastern time. On all orders $50 or above, customers also get the luxury of free shipping.
The vendor does provide a 100% back money guarantee for customers who are unsatisfied. For efficient processing, customers are responsible for addressing all refunds to the customer care portal.

Social Media Presence

There are a few social media accounts under the name Kratom Spot, however, it is unclear which one is associated with the vendor we are reviewing. Perhaps they would have more of a presence if they included links to their accounts on their website.

Customer Service

Overall, customers seem to be pleased with the friendly service and efficient feedback. With a fully operational, 24/7 customer service chat, consumers can receive answers to all their questions and concerns within no time. Several reviews report that the customer service team is helpful and smart, obviously possessing a wide range of knowledge about the company and any issues that may arise. Along with solving logistical issues or simply order questions, customers love that the team can also aid new buyers in deciding what strain would work best for their needs.

Kratom Spot services can be reached via:

Customer Service
1100 West Town and Country Rd
Suite 1250
Orange, CA 92868

Final Thoughts On Kratom Spot

According to various kratom enthusiasts and several customer reviews, Kratom spot is one of the best options if you are looking for high-quality, natural, and affordable kratom. The superb customer service, variety of products, and fast shipping are all factors mentioned by fans who support the vendor. If you are in the market for some reliable kratom, this site may be worth checking out.

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