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Kratom Stem and Vein

What is Kratom Stem and Vein?

Kratom Stem and Vein is something new to your ears, we know. But let us tell you, it’s nothing new to your eyes. And if you call yourself a Kratom enthusiast, it may not even be new to your taste buds.

Strange, we know that too. So, we’re here to get you comfortable with the whole concept.

Before we get to the depth, let us clear two questions that might be driving you nuts – right away:

Is it part of the plant?

Yes, it is.

Is it a separate strain?

Yes, it is.

Now, how do these two contradicting pieces of information go together? Allow us to explain.

In the post below, you will find complete and detailed answers to the whats, hows, and whys of Kratom stem and vein.

Let’s get started.

Kratom Stem and Vein

What are Kratom Stem and Vein?

Technically, the Kratom stem and vein are exactly what the name says. These are the parts of the plant!

If we dig deeper to understand the anatomy of the Kratom plant, then the real significance of the stem and vein of the plant will come to the surface. Anatomically, the Kratom leaves comprise of three components:

  • Vein
  • Stem
  • Fat tissues

When Kratom gets harvested for manufacturing Kratom capsules, gummies, tea, and other edibles, only the fat tissues of the leaf get extracted. The fat tissues of a Kratom leaf comprise the maximum amount of alkaloids. And thus, yields the best effects.

Hence, during the harvesting process, farmers wait for the leaves to dry to further devein and destem the leaves. Once the farmers separate stem and vein parts of the leaf from the fat tissue, it gets packed and processed separately.

Note that the overall length of a Kratom leaf is about 14-20 cm that roughly makes 5 to 7 inches. In terms of width, the leaf measures 7-12 cm. That roughly makes 3-5 inches. Across this length and width, there are aboutb12-17 pairs of veins.

For an idea, here’s an image of red vein kratom leaf:


Do you see the red thin horizontal structures branching out from the central red stem? That’s exactly what veins are! And the stem part is the mid-rib of the leaf.

The color of the stem and vein system determines the density and types of alkaloids present within the leaf. For example, the picture above has a red veinous and stem system, which brings it the name of Red Vein Kratom.

Similarly, there are two other types. These include:

Each of these has separate chemical properties and effects. Hence, they get recognized as separate Kratom strains. When fat tissues are extracted from these leaves, they further get processed under vein labels. Meanwhile, the stem part and vein part is sold separately.

Why would you want to use Kratom Stem & Vein?

From the analysis above, it is evident that the Kratom stem and vein are by-products of the Kratom leaves. If these are not the real deal, then why would you want to use Kratom stem and vein?

Well, Kratom enthusiasts reportedly use Kratom for three primary reasons. These include:

  • Unique Aroma
  • Diversity of Alkaloids
  • Cheap Pricing

When powder of stem and vein gets combined with the regular Kratom powder, the resulting combination is a rich and diverse one. It comprises several alkaloids and thus has a great impact and effect. The resulting aroma is also arresting.

But more than the diversity of effects, what interests certain Kratom users is the cheap pricing of these Kratom components. Although they yield the same result as original kratom powder, they come at about half the price. So, for those who seek budget-friendly Kratom options, Kratom stem and vein is an ideal pick.

Kratom Stem & Vein VS Kratom Leaf

Is Kratom stem and vein better than kratom leaf? Nope. Not yet.

Although Kratom stem and vein may be available at cheaper rates, we cannot rank ut better than the original Kratom leaf. That’s partially based on user experience and partially on the lack of enough scientific evidence.

There are two cases in which we’d say Kratom stem and vein is a better pick than the rest:

  • Case 1: You are unable to decide which Kratom strain to pick. Kratom Stem and vein can be a light and easy start.
  • Case 2: You look forward to trying or manufacturing Kratom soap and incense. Kratom vein and leaf work best with that.

Other than that, go for the original!


 Q. What is white Kratom used for?

White kratom comes in handy for an additional boost of energy. It improves the length of your attention span and strengthens your focus. It’s one of the best picks for improved social performance as well.

Q. Are there any withdrawal effects with Kratom stem and vein?

No! Like Kratom, there are no Kratom stem and vein withdrawal effects as long as you don’t misuse it. When a user consumes them excessively and inappropriately, a Kratom user might experience withdrawal effects.

Q. Is Kratom stem and vein a separate strain of Kratom?

Yes! That’s exactly what we explained above. If you happened to have skipped onto the FAQ section, then scroll back up and check out details in the first section, i.e., what is kratom stem and vein.

Kratom Stem and Vein

Final Words

Now that you know what Kratom stem and vein are, we hope you try it out with the right mindset. We hope that when you try it meets your expectations.

But as we part, there’s one thing we’d like you to know for good. Kratom world is a roller coaster ride. And as a Kratom user, you should brace yourself for the thrilling experience. Just when you feel like you know what Kratom stem and vein is, and now what more new stuff could there be, that’s exactly when a new, intriguing Kratom phrase or term will pop up in front of you.

But don’t you get baffled again. We update this platform regularly for you. You can log onto our website and gulp in all that you need to know about the new startling term!

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