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Kratom Taste Like

What Does Kratom Taste Like? Is It Possible To Improve Its Taste?

What does kratom taste like‘ is the most searched term these days. But before you learn that, read what is so special about this herb. Also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, this all-natural herb is one of the most popular herbal supplements available in the market these days.

This natural supplement can be taken or consumed in many ways. Each way of consumption or form of Kratom has its pleasure and effect on the human body. However, if you don’t like its taste in one state, you can switch to the other without compromising its effects.

What Does Kratom Taste Like?

Kratom, being highly effective and beneficial, has one downside: it doesn’t taste good! It’s that one reality that everyone agrees upon and admits. The taste of tree leaves is not as good as someone might have imagined before actually consuming it. Its flavour is neither sweet nor sour; rather, it has an earthy taste and quintessentially has a tanginess of herbs. T

herefore, its rustic flavour doesn’t go well with many people who prefer altering its taste in one way or the other. They follow many steps to modify Kratom’s actual taste and make it a little bearable for themselves. Hence, you can also make the substance edible through the various mix and match schemes without compromising on the substance’s essential qualities.

Kratom Taste Like

Describing Kratom’s Real Taste

If you have never consumed tree leaf powder ever in your life, you must be curious to know what Kratom tastes like. In its truest sense, Kratom, no matter which strain it is, tastes bitter and earthy. It is surely not one of the best things to taste. Once you put it in your mouth, you would want to throw it away Рespecially true for the powder immediately. The basic forms of Kratom and their tastes

The three most famous forms in which this all-natural herb is consumed throughout the World are:

  1. Capsule
  2. Powder
  3. Tea


People who are not customary in consuming items with a very thick and solid taste go for the capsule version of Kratom. Though there is virtually no difference between the composition of the substance or its effect on the body, the form surely makes Mitragyna Speciosa bearable or unbearable.¬†The capsule form of Kratom is mostly preferred owing to the ease with which you can consume it. With a simple glass of water or juice, one can gulp it down the throat. This way, he doesn’t feel the taste of the substance.

The capsule option appears best for those whose taste buds are not strong enough to tolerate the taste of powdered Kratom or the tea. Popping up a capsule doesn’t make one want to puke. Even if it is stuck in the throat, all you need to do is to drink a glass of your favourite fresh milk after popping the capsule. It won’t affect the results of the herb in any form or manner.

The capsules of all the strains of Kratom are available. Whether you choose the red, green or white strain, you can get your hands on its capsules quite easily. You need to ask your shopkeeper or the kratom vendor of your smoke shop, and you will get the capsule readily!


Surely the toughest way to consume tree leaf powder is in its powder form. It is especially difficult when Kratom is only the dried rot leaves with nothing combined with it. The powder is the purest form of Kratom and surely the most bitter one. No matter how you have it, it will somehow taste quite strong. A lot of consumers prefer having it with fresh juices to mellow down its bitterness.


Another form in which Kratom is consumable is tea – the popular way to tone down the bitterness of the tree leaves – done by mixing it up with water. A hot brewing mug of Kratom tea can give you great warmth on a chilly morning. At the same time, it doesn’t taste as bitter as it is. Hence, it is one of the most preferred ways of consuming it. No matter which strain of Kratom do you want to finish, you can have it in the form of tea.

Nonetheless, if it still tastes bitter to you, you can add some tea enhancer to it. Enhancers will help in the concealment of the bitter taste of tree leaf powder. Some tea flavours that give Kratom a good taste include the Citrus Kratom tea, Masala kratom tea and Fruit kratom tea. When you mix an additional flavour with Mitragyna Speciosa, its bitterness turns sweet, and it becomes quite pleasant to drink.

To make Kratom tea that tastes good, you can choose whichever strain of Kratom you want and take a small portion of its leaves. The leaves should be no more than 1 to 2 grams, which is enough for two cups. Once you have taken this quantity of dosage, you need to steep the leaves. For that, fill these leaves up in tea bags or a mesh strainer and place them right inside steaming hot water. Let it stay there, boiling, for a few minutes. Make sure to give it enough time to spread its flavour and taste all across the water.

This will let all the alkaloid content have enough time to become a part of the tea. Now, add your favourite extract to it, such as lemon, whole fruit or raspberry. Simmer it for a few more minutes, and your tea is ready! Pour it in your mug and drink it while it’s hot! Note that the more you let the tea leaves stay in the water, the stronger the taste. Hence, keep the duration checked, considering your taste and preference!

Choco Kratom tea

There is a possibility that the above-explained method of Kratom tea preparation won’t go well with your taste buds. Add some cocoa powder to the drink and enjoy the cocoa flavour with tree leaves if this happens.

Mixing juices with Kratom

Another quite famous method of consuming tree leaf powder is by mixing it with juice. Rather than gulping down the capsule, you can have the powder and drink it with your choice of juice. An acidic juice breaks the alkaloids in the most potent manner possible. Once the alkaloids break down, they absorb into the body and show their effectiveness quite soon.

Tips to Improving the Kratom Taste With Juices 

Some most popular juices that people consume their Kratom are:

  1. Lemon juice: Being acidic, it helps in breaking down the Alkaloids easily. However, it would help if you were clear about one aspect. What you need to mix with Kratom is pure lemon juice and not lemonade. It is because lemon juice is much more acidic; hence it helps in the breakdown of Alkaloids easily. At the same time, it doesn’t hide the flavour of Kratom, rather gives a tinge of sourness to it. Some people love having it in this strength, while others can’t bear it. If you are one of the latter, you can mix some sugar syrup to it, and it would taste much better to you.
  2. Orange juice: Another citrus juice that you can have with Kratom is orange juice. It is something that most of the tree leaves lovers to opt for because it can break down the alkaloids in Kratom easily. The acidic nature of this juice also reduces the earthy flavour and helps in mellowing down its taste to a great deal. As its potency is high, it works at quite a fast rate. All you need to do is take a glass of orange juice and mix some amount of your preferred strain into it. Drinking it would surely make you feel better.
  3. Lemonade: Apart from lemon juice, lemonade also can break down the alkaloids. However, this option is not as famous as the other two. Its taste is a little less saury compared to the orange juice and the lemon juice. This is because it is far less acidic compared to the other two. However, if nothing else is available, it is always a good way to conceal the bitterness and earthiness of the actual Kratom flavour.


Kratom tincture

Another option available to the consumers when consuming the tree leaf powder is having its tincture. These are the extracts that come in liquid form. Their preparation includes keeping the leaves of Kratom submerged in ethanol for several weeks. If not ethanol, any other kind of alcohol can also be used in this regard. What happens here is that the organic compound present in the Kratom breaks down. It doesn’t affect the potency of the alkaloids but still offers a concentrated form of Mitragyna Speciosa. Hence, this liquid Kratom is much easier to consume than tea or actual powder. If it’s still not easy for you to consume, mix it up with your food, and it will masque the flavour.

Kratom Smoothie

Are you a fan of smoothies? Mix your favourite strain of Kratom in a smoothie, and you won’t have to deal with its bitter taste and earthy flavour at all. Any smoothie that is of your liking is good in this regard. All you need to do is prepare your daily drink as you do and add a hint of Kratom powder to it by the end. Mix it well and drink it as usual! You won’t be able to spot any difference.

The best part? Adding Kratom to the smoothie won’t affect its taste in any manner. However, it won’t be as effective as it is when mixed with acidic juice. This is because, in the smoothie, it finds it a bit difficult to break down!

Kratom Gummies

The new and latest form of the all-natural herb comes in gummies. They are small, sweet, and save a lot of time for a person who gets wasted on powdering the kratom leaves or making a tea out of them. You only need to open the jar, take out a gummy and consume it. It’s as simple as that!

However, there is a possibility that not every strain that you like will have a gummy made of it. Hence, you will have to compromise on the kind of Kratom sticky that’s readily available for you. The gummy taste will be sweet, and the usual earthy and bitter taste won’t be there!

Kratom Taste Like

Premium Kratom Vendors Near You

SA kratom, Golden Monk, and Kratom Basket are the leading¬†kratom vendors¬†today. If you’re looking for quality tree leaf powder and affordability together, visit their website now!

Final Thoughts

So,¬†what does Kratom taste like?¬†As discussed above,¬†there are many ways to mellow down the bitterness of this herb; you should choose the one that goes well with your stomach and doesn’t affect it. Considering the strength of your stomach before choosing one of the above ways to hide the bitterness of tree leaf powder is a must!


Can you mix Kratom and coffee?

Yes, both can be mixed but do follow the mixing advice given by experts to make your kratom drink experience joyful.

What is the best kratom dosage?

There’s no best dosage of Kratom; it depends on your age, gender, weight, the experience of using tree leaf powder, and many other factors. 2-4 grams is generally for new users; however, for experienced people, the kratom dosage might go up to 6 -8 grams or even more.

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