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kratom Tea

Kratom Tea – A Tasty Way to Enjoy Your Kratom

In a world where everyone is obsessed with coffee, kratom tea is making a surprisingly huge splash! It is true that coffee and kratom are related. Kratom comes from the Kratom tree, which is native to Southeast Asia and under the right conditions; these trees can reach as much as 100 feet tall!

Kratom tea can be purchased online from a trusted kratom website. As well, you may be able to find certain strains of kratom tea in specialty stores near you. However, most often kratom that is sold in small stores is made from the same high-quality kratom that you can find online. Always make sure when you purchase kratom powder, tea, capsules, or other products, that you are getting the real deal. Ask for manufactured information and proof of authenticity.

Kratom Tea

How is Kratom tea sourced?

Kratom tea is sourced from kratom teas, mainly in Indonesia. The kratom tree leaves are picked from mature kratom trees and then dried. Next, they are typically ground into a fine powder or crushed into small pieces.

Historically in Southeast Asia, kratom leaves were simply taken by mouth and chewed. Many still prefer to experience the benefits of kratom in this manner. However, in the United States, kratom is sold in a capsule or powder form, and most recently, as tea.

There are many different strains of kratom as well as veins (leaf vein color, mainly red, green, or white). Each strain and vein provides different benefits. Keep in mind that these may vary by quality of the kratom product as well as the individual consumer.

While part of the coffee family, kratom tea is most often categorized as an herbal tea as it does not actually contain caffeine. Instead, it contains alkaloids which can act as a stimulant. However, certain strains of kratom tea have been said to have more of a calming effect.

Facts about Kratom Tea

The effects of the kratom tea are contingent upon the quality of the strain and vein of kratom which you purchase. As well, they can differ according to how you prepare the kratom tea, as the strength depends on how the tea is prepared and how much kratom tea or kratom powder is used.

Many people are hesitant to consume kratom in tea form as they are worried that hot or boiling water will kill or diminish the alkaloids that are present in the kratom.

However, this is not the case as the level of alkaloids present in kratom are still stable at above boiling temperatures. Keep in mind that everyone benefits differently from kratom so one might find the effects to be very stimulating while another might find it has more of a calming effect.

kratom Tea

How to Prepare Kratom Tea

In the U.S Kratom powder is the most common way that kratom tea is prepared. In some cases, kratom powder is mixed into boiling water to prepare fresh kratom tea. Most often, people are not fond of this method, however, due to the texture and flavor of the kratom powder.
What typically comes to mind when people think of tea, they think of the type of tea that is sold in grocery stores that sells tea bags. They then heat water and place the teabag in the hot water and strain it before drinking.

Kratom tea is sold this way as well. In this manner, the tea is properly stained giving the drinker a more enhanced flavor without the consistency one would find with kratom powder. Contrary to popular belief, this does not affect the quality of the alkaloids in the kratom.

Following are the most popular ways to brew kratom tea:

Kratom Powder

As it is harder to find kratom tea bags locally, kratom tea is most often made with crushed kratom leaves or kratom powder. Keep in mind that you should only purchase high quality, naturally scoured kratom from a reputable kratom vendor.

1. Mix the kratom powder into hot water.

2. Let it seep for at least 10 minutes (Some people prefer to let their kratom tea brew overnight for a stronger flavor).

3. Using a coffee filter or cheesecloth, strain the powder to remove it from the hot liquid.

4. To add more flavor, add honey, lemon or sugar. As well you can add a few drops of vanilla, almond, mint, or another flavor extract. Some even add an herbal tea bag for added health benefits and a burst of flavor.

Kratom Tea Bags

As many people do not have the time or patience for loose tea leaves or powders, they prefer individual kratom tea bags.

1. Simply place the kratom tea bag in a mug

2. Fill the mug with hot water.

3. Allow to steep for up to 5 minutes (tea should be amber in color)

4. Add honey, sugar, flavored extracts, lemon, etc as desired for more added flavor.

Of course, you can brew the kratom tea and allow it to cool if you prefer it at room temperature. As well, you can add ice and serve it as iced kratom tea!

Common Kratom Tea Recipes

Preparing kratom tea with a strainer

1. Boil 4 to 6 cups of water in a large pot.

2. Add the desired amount of kratom tea leaves or powder to the boiling water.

3. Allow to simmer for approximately 15 minutes.

4. Carefully pour the tea through a strainer, clean cheesecloth, or coffee filter.

*Note: if making the tea with kratom powder, let the remnants of the powder settle to the bottom of the pot before you strain them.

5. Add tea, honey, or the sweetener of your choice to the batch.

6. Store any remaining kratom tea in a glass container in the fridge. Serve over ice or reheat when desired.

Preparing Kratom tea without a strainer

1. Heat 2-4 cups of water in a kettle or pot.

2. Carefully measure 1 tsp of powdered kratom.

*Note: the more water you use, the more the flavor of the tea will be diluted

3. Pour hot (not boiling) over the kratom powder into a large glass container (most commonly one that has a pour spout).

4. Stir until mixed thoroughly with no remaining clumps of kratom powder.

5. Add honey, lemon, or other flavors to enhance the tea.

6. Allow cooling a bit before drinking.

Preparing Kratom Tea in a Coffee Maker

1. Place the desired amount of kratom powder in a coffee filter.

2. FIll the coffee maker with the desired amount of water.

3. Turn on the coffee maker and watch the magic happen!

*Note: If you have a Keurig and a reusable k-cup, you can fill the k-cup with a teaspoon of kratom powder (or more, to your desired taste and strength) and proceed as you would regularly with your Keurig machine.

Preparing Kratom Sun Tea

1. Fill a large pot or glass jug with water (room temperature)

2. Add about 7 to 10 kratom tea bags (or kratom leaves or powder) to the water.

3. Infuse with the lemon, orange, mind, or another flavoring, if so desired.

4. Let the container sit in the sun for a minim of one hour (5 hours maximum), stirring occasionally.

5. Serve over ice, add sweetener if you prefer.

How to Store Kratom Powder

If you are using kratom leaves or kratom powder to brew your kratom tea, you want to make sure to store the kratom leaf powder properly. Stale kratom is not pleasant to the taste and it may have adverse effects.
Store the kratom powder in an airtight container to keep it from spoiling. It is best stored in an environment that is cool as well as free of oxygen, UV light, and humidity.

You can store the kratom powder in one or two day supplies in small plastic bags to prevent the entire batch from being exposed to the elements, therefore compromising its taste and altering its benefits.

Vacuum seal the bags to ensure freshness. If this is not possible you can insert a straw into the concern of the bag and then suck out the air. Seal the bag tightly before you do so. You can store the bags of kratom powder in a glass, opaque plastic, or tin container.

You will find that you may have to experiment with different strains and veins of kratom to find the right kratom tea to tickle your taste buds. As well, you may find that you prefer one method of brewing your kratom tea over another. In time, you will figure out exactly how to prepare your tea, according to your personal tastes regarding the strength of the tea.

In addition, you may wish to add flavors such as cinnamon, honey, citrus flavors such as orange, lemon, or lime, extracts such as almond or vanilla, or other sweeteners. The sky’s the limit when it comes to making the perfect cup of kratom tea!

You can count on SA Kratom for high-quality kratom in a wide array of veins and strains! We use naturally sourced kratom in all of our products and we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase! So sit back, brew a cup of hot kratom tea and relax!

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