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Is Kratora A Reliable And Trustworthy Kratom Vendor?

Kreator offers a line of naturally and organically grown kratom leaves, as well as kratom alternatives, and CBD products. Widely known for their efficient shipping, wide variety of products, and high quality, kratora prides themselves in their entirely natural, ethically sourced product. However, is the company as promising as they claim to be?

In this review, we will be further examining Kratora, taking a closer look at the company’s product, origin, and customer service. These insights will help you make an informed decision when making your purchase.

Who Is Kratora?


Kratora has been providing its botanical products since 2013. According to their official website, they have worked with experienced harvesters in Southeast Asia to provide customers with 100% pure organic Kratom.

However, despite their popularity and high customer rating, little information is provided about the history of the company. The website, however, is entirely organized and provides an excellent FAQ section that includes basic, useful information about the product, shipping, and the rewards program. These features make the website user-friendly and easy to navigate.

In addition to the vast array of information provided on the primary website, potential customers can also visit the Kratora Reddit page for several customer reviews, most of which provide positive feedback.

Kratora prides itself on providing pure, high-quality Kratom, an increasingly difficult thing to come across in the booming industry of online vendors. Because of the serious health risk, Kratora prioritizes selling safe, lab-tested products that are FDA-approved by a third-party laboratory.

When compared to other Kratom vendors, Kratora is a bit more expensive. However, the price hasn’t seemed to dim their popularity, with a 4.5 customer rating and a wide fandom of Kratom consumers.

Along with their naturally sourced Kratom leaf, Kratora offers a variety of alternative products including Kratom powders, enhanced Kratom and extracts, variety packs, liquid Kratom, capsules, CBD oil, CBD topicals, Asian ethnobotanicals, African ethnobotanicals, and South American ethnobotanicals.

The rewards program offered by the company is another feature that has lured in a variety of customers. This program motivates frequent buyers who become loyal to the company by rewarding their customers with loyalty points for every dollar they spend. When a particular limit is reached, the points are redeemed. This is just one of the many qualities that customers appreciate about the company.

Kratora is located in Livermore California. Customers can reach the company via email, direct mail, and phone, all of which are provided on the website.


According to several customer reviews, Kratora’s pricing is expensive compared to other brands. However, many of them claim that the high quality of the product is worth the extra money. Their products appear to range from $12- $75, however, prices vary depending on the desired strain and quantity.

Additionally, several discounts are available. When customers subscribe to the company newsletter, they receive notifications and updates on all deals and discounts. Coupon codes can also be used to receive discounts on items. After getting a coupon code, customers can put it into the website to enjoy a variety of deals.



Plain leaf powders

  • Easily navigatable, sorted by country and color

Kratom capsules

  • Contains premium, pure leaf powder
  • All-natural vegetable material
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Lab-tested

Kratom Extracts

  • Stronger concentrate
  •  Same effect, less product

 Liquid Kratom

  • No solvents or petrochemicals

Variety packs

CBD oils

  • Forbidden fruit
  • Pleasant peppermint
  • Paradise punch
  • Tigers blood
  • Confetti cake
  • Tasty terpenes
  • CBD for dogs and cats
  • Flavorless
  • Chocolate sundae

CBD Topicals

  • Gel
  • Moisturizer

Payment Methods

Customers 10 purchase Kratora products via online transactions, credit cards, email transactions, and Dumas pay mobile payments.

Shipping And Returns

All company products are shipped from the US and are available to ship to most areas in the United States and the majority of countries outside of the US, except for a select few they have listed on the site. One of the aspects that makes the company stand out is its fast shipping. Orders received before 3:00 pm eastern time will ship the same day.

According to reviews, the company ensures secure shipping and delivery are consistently done within the given time. Free shipping is offered on orders above $50. Kratora also offers a tracking system that allows customers to easily determine the location of their purchase.

Kratora also offers a 30 day, full-refund, return policy for anyone who is not satisfied with the product. Items must be returned in their original packaging, with 75% of the product remaining. However, according to several customer reviews, both on and off the site, customers rarely request refunds because they are pleased with the product.

Overall, customer reviews regarding shipping seem to provide positive, satisfying feedback.

Social Media Presence

Interestingly, considering their popularity, Kratora has a relatively small social media presence, with little engagement on their Facebook, and equally as much inactivity on their Instagram. However, they do upload content consistently, with 348 Instagram posts and recent content on the Facebook page. However, this lack of social media interaction could be due simply to the fact that customers learn everything they may need to know about the company via their highly effective and organized website.

Customer Service

Overall, customers are satisfied with Kratora’s customer service. The majority of reviews report pleasant experiences and efficient feedback.\

Additionally, the well-designed website addresses many questions that may arise.

However, for any uncertainties, Kratora can be reached via:

Mailing Adress
1141 Catalina Dr.
Livermore, CA 94550


Telephone number
(800) 791- 6370

Final Thoughts On Kratora

Despite its relatively high price when compared to other Kratom vendors, Kratora is currently enjoying a high status from pleased customers across the globe. If you are seeking high-quality, all-natural, ethically sourced Kratora’s products, and don’t mind spending the extra price for the quality, you won’t be disappointed. While their price may not be the cheapest, many have reported positive experiences and applaud the company for its product.

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