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Krave Kratom – Does Krave Kratom Meet Buyer’s Expectations?

This vendor claims to offer the highest quality kratom in the online market. However, in a vast industry full of vendors claiming to be the absolute best, it can sometimes be overwhelming to determine if vendors really are all that they claim to be. However, there is a general understanding of basic criteria that a vendor must meet in order to be considered reliable and trustworthy.

Does Krave Kratom meet all of these expectations? Do they stand apart from other vendors? Is this vendor worth your time? In this review, we will be answering these very questions to help you make an informed decision regarding your next kratom purchase.


Since their origin in 2016, this vendor has been operating under the popular, California-based marketing firm, Ashlynn Marketing Group, Inc. This online, wholesale kratom vendor offers a range of products, including capsule, powders, and various kratom strains. They pride themselves in offering the highest quality kratom leaves, resulting in top-tier products. However, the lack of specific information including lab results. Customers who purchase products can’t even be sure that products have been tested for safety and quality. In an industry full of scams and gimmicks, this a huge red flag to many customers.

According to several online reviews, the public opinion of this review appears to be generally negative, with several customers commenting on the ineffectiveness of the products offered by this vendor. While it is natural for opinions to vary, and they certainly do, the number of negative opinions definitely outweighed the number of positive comments regarding Krave Kratom.

krave kratom


This vendor offers regularly stocked kratom concentrate, capsules, and powders. Some of their most popular powders include Maeng Da and Bali. However, in comparison to other leading vendors, customers aren’t too impressed with the variety of products offered by Krave Kratom.

Avid kratom users value a vendor that offers a large selection of quality products to choose from. Krave Kratom doesn’t exactly live up to this expectation, making it a bit difficult for them to establish a high reputation amongst customers.

Additionally, customers cannot make any purchases in bulk. Instead, the highest quality of kratom powder you can order in one purchase is 250 grams.

Another downside is the preparation of Krave Kratom’s capsules. The capsules are manufacture using gelatin caps. In other words, if you’re in the market for vegetarian or vegan products, you certainly won’t find it here. However, they do have a wider selection of capsules in comparison to their other products, such as the powder.

Despite their lack of variety in capsules and powders, Krave Kratom does offer specialty products such as shots and tinctures. However, the vendor does not provide any proof that these products actually contain true kratom extracts.

krave kratom


In an industry full of vendors that prioritize making a profit by selling low-quality merchandise at low prices, it is important to consider when prices may be too low. In other words, incredibly cheap prices can sometimes represent low-quality products, mediocre customer service, or unfair business practices. Krave Kratom is one of these vendors that appears to offer affordable products.

At first glance, Krave Kratom offers a larger number of products for a cheaper price, compared to other leading vendors. However, in the end, due to the mark-up charges common with many smoke shops, you actually may not be getting as great of a deal as you think you are. Overall, customers aren’t outraged at the prices, but other vendors do offer better deals.

Unlike several online vendors, Krave Kratom has an active Facebook account. Even better, when customers visit this account, they can receive deals such as 10% off of any products. Additionally, when customers visit sites like “Coupon Follow” or “Coupon Sock,” they gain access to various coupon codes. All of these resources are great for helping customers on a budget save a bit more money when making their kratom purchases.


Although customers aren’t entirely pleased with the products and ethics of this company, there are several positive reviews regarding Krave Kratom’s customer service. Several online, customer reviews report positive experiences and quick feedback from professional, kind, and knowledgeable customer service representatives. Although there are a lot of areas in which this vendor can and should improve, great customer service is a pretty powerful redeeming quality.

Customers who have any questions or concerns can contact Krave Kratom by email, phone, or the direct contact form available on their primary website.


One other redeeming quality of Krave Kratom is its incredibly convenient shipping policy. This vendor ships via USPS. Despite their lack of variety in their product line, as well as the lack of business transparency, customers do appreciate this brand’s shipping policy and excellent customer support.

Another factor that makes this vendor stand out is their entirely free shipping on all orders.


As mentioned above, Krave Kratom does have an active social media presence and they even use their Facebook page to interact with customers, keep customers in the loop, and even offer customers deals and discounts.
In a vast industry full of scams and gimmicks, customers value vendors that offer a comfortable level of business transparency and at least attempt to connect with their customers. Krave Kratom’s effort to establish a social media presence proves that they value doing just that.

Krave Kratom also mentions on their website that when customers follow them on Instagram, they will receive access to several special offers.


Based on the things discussed in this review, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this vendor. Their lack of business transparency, unimpressive product variety, and relatively low reputation amongst consumers are all reasons why you might want to see what else is out there. Although they do offer good customer service and efficient shipping, Krave Kratom still does not meet the other criteria to be considered a well-trusted, credible vendor.

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